The experience

Another ridiculously packed weekend for Team Phipps started with a birthday party for Grace’s friend’s child.  We had planned on making our way to Sweet Tomatoes after the party on a suggestion.  It sounded familiar but I couldn’t quite recall where it was.  We’d hoped it would be in the navigation system but it turned out to be too new.  So I suggested Cavalli’s Pizza which I knew to be near by. It had won best Pizza By The Book in D Magazine for 2008.  As we were about to exit for the restaurant, we noticed we were driving right by Sweet Tomatoes!  I knew I’d seen it somewhere.  We decided to stick with the back up plan so it would be pizza for lunch.

Cavalli's Pizza


We walked up to the counter for service as Mina went directly to find a seat so she could begin coloring. Benji had other plans to run around the restaurant.  Luckily we were currently the only guests.  After a little indecision we decided on the the Quattro Formaggi with sun-dried tomatoes and the Margherita with prosciutto.  We thought the kids could split with us.  The lady at the counter noted they had chocolate milk for the kids so I went for that to keep them happy while we waited on our pizza.

Mina was busy drawing some very fine artwork while Benji was busy running around.  Once the chocolate milk arrive Benji was ready to sit.  Soon, however, he was spilling it all over the table and splashing it everywhere with his hands.  I told him bad and tried to get him to stop but he simply found that hilarious. Apparently, so did Mina and she proceeded to ask how to write “Ben is bad and Papa said no” in her princess diary.  Luckily our pizza arrived soon.

Ben is Bad

That's a picture of Benji in his seat with chocolate milk on the table

We began to eat but Benji just pulled of the ham and spilled the sauce and cheese everywhere.  Meanwhile, Mina tried picking off the basil leaf from her slice.  We made her eat it as her vegetable.  She first tried to eat it alone.  I told her it would be better if she left it on the pizza.  After a couple of bites she got the point and put it back in the sauce on her slice.

We had nearly finished up and Benji began his chocolate milk terror activities once more.  I reached to stop him too quickly and nearly flipped the table.  Luckily we averted the fiasco and finished up so we could leave before we could cause any more damage.

Bad New Benji

Benji's mood for lunch

The food

Margherita PizzaQuattro Formaggi PizzaThe pizza here is above average.  You can get a variety of traditional Neopolitan pizzas or build your own with a variety of fresh toppings.  My Quattro Formaggi pizza had some very flavorful cheeses. The gorgonzola was just sharp enough.  Not the most potent gorgonzola but that would have been too much for this pizza and over powered the other flavors.  Their sun-dried tomatoes were great.  Grace’s Margherita pizza has some sweet San Marzano tomato sauce and they definitely didn’t skimp with the added prosciutto topping.  The wood-fired crust gives it a nice baked flavor.  They also have a variety of baked sandwiches that sounded tasty as well as some salads to choose from.  They also serve Lavazza coffee which is fantastic if you’ve never tried it.

The service

This is counter service but they are very helpful in deciding you order.

The kids

Wouldn’t call this a kid friendly restaurant in general.  It is pizza so they get plusses for that.  They don’t have any activities but the food does come out timely enough.  It is a casual atmosphere but I’d avoid it with kids during workday lunches as it does get crowded and you probably wouldn’t feel comfortable with the kids.  It was wide open on the weekend, which worked out great.  I’ll call it average on the weekend and a bit below on the weekdays for lunch.

The rest

If you have the chance, check out them cooking your pizza.  They are quite skilled at moving it around to get the correct doneness of the crust all around.  Very neat.

Wood fired oven

Grace also got a shot of my pizza after I had fully seasoned it with crushed pepper.  She thinks it’s ridiculous.  You may too.


Lastly, Team Phipps once more forgot the good camera so you’ll be left with camera phone shots.  Need a tattoo on my arm to remind me.

Total cost: Around $20.  Grace is asleep and I can’t find the receipt in the dark.

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