The experience

Today is a busy day for Mina.  About the time I picked her up from her after school activity, Ogre called to say that he was on his way home from Irving right at rush hour.  His initial plan was to meet us somewhere.  I told him that when I left Lala’s house, Benji was asleep.  I think he thought that the plan would be to leave Benji where he was presumably asleep and then he’d meet Mina and me.  Well, that wasn’t my plan.  When I called to tell him that we were on our way to get Benji, he was at the Tollway.  It took me 15 minutes to drive over and get Benji where I found a huge powdery mess in Lala’s living room.  Apparently he just spilled and billowed powder all over the living room.  Great.  By the time we were on our way and I was able to get a hold of Ogre, he was already in Wylie.  I told him to find a restaurant and we’d follow him there.  We ended up at Chiloso.  Ogre told me it was a “burrito place.”  Fair enough.  Or would it be??

Mina could see Papa through the window as we walked up, I held open the door and both of the kids went running towards Papa, “Papa!” they exclaimed.  I looked up at the menu and Ogre and I positioned ourselves in line while the children were up and about, but staying close.  I ordered first. Street tacos sounded good, but they were $7.20! Everything “major” was $7.20.  I figured I must be getting  a lot of food, so when Ogre asked what to get the kids, I said that we’d share.  Ogre ordered a burrito.

I watched them make the burrito for the person in front of me.  It was ridiculously huge.  I think it’s bigger than the super-monster.  Watching her try to roll that sucker was almost awkward.  I thought it looked awful. I would never be able to eat one of those.


We ordered and paid up and headed to our table.  I looked at my three street tacos.  I gave up all the chicken meat from my chicken taco (1/2 for Benji, 1/2 for Mina) and half of the pork taco (for Mina).  I saved the beef one for myself.  We also ordered queso and tortillas for the kids.


Mina made herself a taco with the meat I gave her.  I used one of the baskets as Benji’s “plate” and poor Mina had to use the aluminum foil that the tortillas came in.

While Ogre and I were unimpressed that we could not find cup lids or straws in this place, Benji was pleased because he now could drink like a big boy.


Mina ended up breaking her styrofoam cup.  We opted not to get her another since dinner was almost over anyway.  Ogre and Mina finished up their dinner, Benji ate some of the chicken and queso with chips, and I ate my one beef taco and called it a day.


The food

This is a Freebird’s knock-off, plain and simple.  Oh, and bad.

IMG00386I orderd the street tacos.  3 come in one order.  I ordered one chicken, one beef, and one pork. They were all bad.  The meats were overcooked and dry.  The corn tortillas fell apart.  The pork was accurately described as rubbed with coarse pepper.  It was really disappointing because it tasted like it was, well, rubbed in coarse pepper…coarse black pepper and that’s just not tasty. 

IMG00387Ogre ordered the burrito.  He put chicken, beans, and “spicy stuff” and various other stuff.  Ogre said that the chicken was good because it was “lime-y.”  (Mine wasn’t limey, so I think it might have been his sauce or something).  He thought that it tasted good, but wasn’t one of the better burrito joints.  He thought it was better than Qdoba.  I countered to him that they don’t have those here (they have them in Nashville), but he says they do. (?)

We also ordered queso, which was not very good.  The worst queso I’ve had in recent recollection.  Ogre had guacamole and said that it was average, not good, not bad. 

No kids menu.


The service

Counter service.


The kids

No kids menu, nothing to really make into a kid’s item.  Laid back restaurant.  You’d be fine hear eating with your kids if you bring something for the littler ones or shared.  If you have a “growing boy” to feed, this is a good choice.

I will not be returning here either (that’s two restaurants in a row!!).  I liken this to Freebird’s (the gold standard) and Chipotle (not my fave, but head and shoulders above this place).  I just didn’t think it was “worth it.”

The total: $23.17

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