The experience

Chuy's PlanoToday is a day that my husband has been waiting for since the early start of our Feeding Fiasco.  When he heard it was opening right before his birthday, he declared that we’d be eating at Chuy’s -no discussion.  Which, actually, is fine by me, one of my favorite dishes of all times hails from Chuy’s.  We have not eaten at Chuy’s for over 3 months anticipating this day and because of “The Rules.” But here it is, Ogre’s birthday and here we were, the Phipps, our parents, and our Dusty at the new Chuy’s – Plano location! 



There was an expected wait as we required a table for nine, but we sat down within 10 minutes of arrival.  Our server brought out a couple of salsas and 3 baskets of chips and Grandpoo immediately noted and told our server that there’d need to be about 8 more of those salsa bowls for the table.  I also requested “the other” salsa, which is currently my favorite.  So, our server went off to do that and when he got back, I started with our demands: we’d need two queso compuestos and I’d need 2 small empty bowls for the kids, and then we put in our drink order. 

The problem with having a favorite restaurant and a favorite dish is that you know what you want, so you just have to sit there and wait.  I played with Benji, who was coloring with Lolo, and ate chips. 

What's in Lolo's Pocket?

Dancing Benji


We also had present opening to keep us somewhat occupied. Ogre got a nice bottle of Barbaresco and will be getting marigolds with Mina.  Grandpoo got Ogre some wind chimes, which is present for him, but also for the kids who love all the wind chimes at Grandpoo’s house.

My new wind chime


Too bad I didn’t have my drink yet.  It took quite some to get drinks out, it was this long drawn out process.  First he brought some waters and my parents’ drinks, then a little later, they brought out the kids’ drinks, Oma had to remind them about her tea and finally, I got my Mango margarita.  The guys that ordered the regular margaritas at the other end had to wait even longer for their drinks!

Thankfully, the queso showed up, but unfortunately, the bowls did not.  Benji was not pleased with this and started to get irritated.  We tried to dip for him, but he does not enjoy that.  I told Ogre to order some tortillas in hopes that this would appease the Benj.  That took quite some time to accomplish, as well. 

We finally got the bowls for Benji to dip in, but Benji had other ideas…Benji Drinking Queso


Unfortunately, right when I gave him his tortilla, he either pinched his arm against the table or was bit by something because he screamed and grasped his arm, which eventually developed a whelp.  Lala made Lolo take him out of his highchair and hold him and he felt much better after that, but would not be returning to his high chair.

Benji wants out


I asked the waiter where the Stuffed Sopapillas were.  Normally (or I guess I should say at the other restaurants) they are with the Burritos as Big as Yo Face box.  The server told me that there are some things that are not on the orginal menu and they will probably have them later.  He made it seem like there was no chance in hell that I was getting the Stuffed Sopapillas and Ogre thought maybe it’s because they didn’t have the right kind of oven or something.  Disappointing, but I thought the Deluxe Chicken would be a good compromise.


Mina loves mayoMina asked us when we were discussing the Stuffed Sopapillas and Burritos as Big as Yo Face:  “Are they even as big as Grandpoo’s face?!?!!” 




I suppose sometime during that whole debacle we ordered dinner.  Again,  a little slow coming out of the kitchen, but Mina was busy coloring, Benji was content to be with Lolo, and the rest of us were munching on chips and queso.

When dinner came out, the servers stood there with your dish and just called out the name of the entree and set it down before whoever claimed it.  Hope you’re paying attention.  I was content that my Deluxe Chicken Enchiladas were tasty, but disappointed that I did not get my Stuffed Sopapillas with Roasted Chicken and Deluxe TomatilloSauce -extra on the side.  Oma and Grandpoo told me that they would have ordered that, too, after I’d raved about it for 10 minutes before realizing that it was nowhere to be found.

I sat Benji on my lap while we ate and he enjoyed eating off my plate even though he had  a plate of his own.  I don’t know if he was actually enjoying the Deluxe Tomatillo sauce, but he did stick his finger in my enchilada numerous times and ate quite a bit of rice and beans.  Mina, on the other side of the table, was reportedly eating very well also.  I’m glad I didn’t have to watch her dip her fries in mayo because that is completely unnecessary and well, gross.

Fingerprints in Mommy's food

Can you see all of Benji's finger holes? Yuck! Only a mother could love that!


Benji stated to get antsy again and my mom relieved me for a little while so I could finish eating, and then he started getting too wiggly so I took him back and then wanted to hand him over to Papa, but Grandpoo decided to take him so I could settle the bill.

I asked the server to bring me the manager so I could ask about the Stuffed Sopapillas as I was still amazed that I couldn’t get these and wondered when I’d be able to.  A lady came over and told me that I could have ordered them, they’re just not on the menu.  “You could get them anytime you want!” she cheerily replied.   I could feel my jaw clenching and my temples pulsing.  Anytime, except tonight.  I was pretty frustrated after hearing that because with this blog, I can only easily eat her ONE TIME THIS YEAR!!  ONE TIME AND I HAD AN INFERIOR DISH!  I think she could tell I was on the verge of pissed because she asked me if I wanted to speak to a manager.  Tip.  That’s me going over the edge.  It is a pet peeve of mine to have servers that just ask another server to head off a customer (that’s what I thought anyway).  I waited about 10 minutes and when the server returned with the bill I requested the manager again and the server said, “Didn’t she come by?”  I replied, “That wasn’t the manager.”  He told me that she was his trainer.  Whatever.  He still lied about it.  The manager finally did come over and we discussed the situation and left on pretty good terms. 

I’m just thankful that Ogre’s dinner experience wasn’t spoiled.  He seemed to enjoy his dinner, the company, and one of his favorite restaurants that is now only minutes away!

Papa loves Mina


The food

I’ve never had anything bad here.  I love the Tex-Mex here because it is very distinct.  I don’t know how to describe it, but it definitely has a different feel than other Tex-Mex meals.  If you put a Chuy’s dish in front of me, I’d know it was Chuy’s.  I can’t say that about many other Mexican restaurants. 

First, I’ll talk about the salsas.  They have two kinds, but up here in Dallas, I’ve noticed that they don’t give you one of them unless you request it.  It’s the more tomato saucy one (almost ketchup-y with carrots).  I actually like that one better, it’s still spicy, but not as spicy.  There is also one that’s more fresco, but it’s finely chopped and it’s good, too.  I tend to alternate which I like I better depending on my mood.

Queso CompuestoNext, if you come here, you have to order the Queso Compuesto -queso with a scoop of guac, beef, and pico de gallo.  Awesome.  Best queso I’ve ever had.  Ever.


Deluxe Tomatillo EnchiladasI ended up ordering the Deluxe Chicken Enchiladas and asked them to make it with flour instead of corn tortillas in a lame attempt to make it as close to the Stuffed Sopapillas, I so dearly love.  The Deluxe Tomatillo sauce is ridiculously good.  Cream with just the right amount of tang.  I order extra on the side.  The chicken is shredded and well-seasoned.  And the rice and beans are a perfect compliment.  Benji liked my rice and beans, also!

Lolo and Oma ordered the same thing I did, but with the normal corn tortilla.  I know Oma thought highly of it, but I’m not sure about Lolo, I forgot to ask him or look to see how much he’d eaten!


Chicken FajitasGrandpoo ordered the Chicken Fajitas and repeatedly commented on how good these were.  This says a lot because he doesn’t just throw those words around nilly-willy!


Steak BurritoOgre ordered the Steak Burrito.  He ordered the same thing last year for his birthday.  He says it’s always loaded up with beef and it’s spicy, which he likes.  He orders lots of things off the menu and I’ve never heard him complain about any of his entrees.

Lola ordered the Chicken and Beef Combo Fajitas and she thought they were really good, or so she said.  Sometimes I’m not so sure if she’s just saying that.  She seemed to eat her requisite small amount of food, so I think I believe her this time!

Baja TacosDusty ordered the Baja Fish Tacos and he wanted Ogre to try them, which is always a good sign that he likes a dish.  Ogre did not try them and I wasn’t sitting on that side of the table, so that’s all I know about that!


Mina's cheeseburgerAnd last, but certainly not least, Mina ordered a cheeseburger and liked it a lot.  We know that she liked it because she ate well over half of it and the burger was big! 

The kids menu has your usual Tex Mex fare -enchiladas, burritos, quesadillas, tacos or you can get a burger or nuggets for $3.95 and it comes with free dessert and drink!


The service

I realized at the end of dinner, that our server was in training.  Service was mediocre at best tonight.  He was certainly a nice enough guy, but the tempo of drinks coming out was painfully slow.  The food came out pretty slowly, too.  Maybe the kitchen getting used to things, also? Our server kept forgetting about things we asked for and I could probably go and on and on, but I feel like I’ve complained enough tonight.

I can deal with a new restaurant working out issues, a menu not being complete because a restaurant is new, but to hear that I could’ve had what I wanted, but the server did not know that?!!?  Frustrating, very frustrating.  THEN, for me to request a manager and not be told upfront that the person I’m talking to is the server’s trainer.  That’s a pet peeve of mine.  I’ve had this happen before and I don’t like it. (This should probably go in the rant section).  Anway, when the real manager came forward, she seemed genuinely sorry about the service and the mishap with my (and possibly Grandpoo and Oma’s meal) and made sure that we’d be back. 


The kids

Definitely one of the more kid friendly restaurants.  It’s bright, it’s loud, it’s funky!  They have coloring for the kids and a kids menu all their own. It’s a mini version of the “adult” menu and they have a good selection. 

Well, we did come the first week it opened because we we’ve been counting down the days and Ogre wanted to come here specifically for his birthday, so I have to cut them some slack for “growing pains”, new servers, etc, etc. 

We’ll be back again and again, regardless of the service because, well, it’s a favorite.  Like many restaurants I’ve experienced, nothing compares to the one down in Austin on Barton Springs. 

Try this one out!  At Chuy’s the food and the atmosphere are excellent.  I can’t predict how your service will be, but the manager tonight tells me they’re “working on it”!

The total:  $135.19 (7 adults, $44 worth of margaritas)

What did Guidelive say?


Rants, Raves, and Ramblings

I know, I know, I ranted enough IN the post, but here we go again with another restaurant that should’ve receveived 5 stars for being a kid friendly restaurant that still serves excellent food.  The problem with that sentance was the “serve” part.  Service wasn’t good enough for me to feel good about telling y’all that you’re going to have an awesome experience.  I hope the manager is right and that service improves, let us know what you experience if you go!

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