The experience

So first off, if you read this one once before it was different.  Its not a trick.  Grace had written this the first time but then our server went down and we lost it.  So here is my version.  Mina was out late with my parents on her usual Wednesday night so when Mina got home she had already eaten.  She wanted to stay home and play with Dusty so we obliged and just took Benji nearby.  Our nearby choices are getting pretty slim so we settled on one in the car that we had thought of before, Cheddar’s in Garland.

Benji was instantly amazed by giant rotating fan in the main dining room.  He also spotted the fish so while Grace was being led to the table I took him to go see the fish.  There was lots of “Hi fishy!” and “Wow!” for the fan.  I finally told him we had to go back and sit with mom.  Unfortunately she seated us in a different room but Benji could still see the fan from the booth and was happy  to show it to Mommy.


We quickly got down to business of ordering our food.  Benji was busy looking through the drink menu before he turned his attention to the salt an pepper shakers. We had to take those away and he wasn’t pleased.  He did get distracted by the baby across the aisle from us but they left.  We she returned with our drinks she had forgotten Benji’s water.  He wasn’t happy.  She said she would bring it.


The waitress came back with our croissants but not Benji’s water.  And to add to it the new ketchup bottle was a big hit with Benji and soon he wanted it open.  But she hadn’t brought plates.


She finally brought us the good and we were able to calm Benji down temporarily until he decided he wanted our drinks.  Then he decided he would climb all over me to try to get behind me and out of the booth.  I had to distract him by tickling him with my 5 o’clock shadow.


We had a bit of adult conversation since Mina was not around to keep the conversations going her direction.  Benji was getting a bit antsy so we played a game where he’d basically slap me and then laugh hysterically.


The food arrived not too long later and Benji quickly turned his attention to eating. The meal went by pretty quickly since Mina was also not there eating vegetables slowly.  We asked for the check right after we finished and noticed an error so I took Benji back to the fish while Grace got that sorted out.

A few “Wows” and “Hi fishies” and it was time to say “Bye bye fishies”.  Dinner sure goes by faster without Mina but its nowhere near as exciting :)  

The food

The food was average to slightly above average.  It is you basic American food joint. Sandwiches, burgers, salads, steaks, seafood.

DSC00771We started with an order of Honey Butter Croissants.  These were really good because they clearly weren’t healthy.  Butter croissants doused in honey butter. What’s not to like except for all those extra empty calories that don’t fit in your diet?

DSC00780I went for the Tilapia with Mango Salsa.  It came with a healthy amount of seasoning that was really pretty good.  It also had about a half dozen decent sized shrimp on top along with the mango salsa which gave it a good sweet twist.  The sure didn’t skimp on my side of double broccoli either.

DSC00779Grace went for the ribs.  She said the sauce was actually quite good but I think they may have gotten confused when she asked for Benji’s pasta with no sauce and they didn’t put and BBQ sauce on hers which she said would have made it better.  Her only complaint was that they weren’t juicy enough which probably would have been helped if they had have put some sauce on it.

DSC00781Benji got the pasta with the marinara sauce on the side for dipping.  There were no complaints out of Benji and he ate a good amount so I am sure that he thought it was tasty.  Benji is a good eater most of the time.

The service

The service was sloppy tonight.  She was nice enough and the meal went at a decent pace but she was pretty forgetful on the drinks and the plates.  She was helpful enough with the menu and checked on us a few times though.  Just so-so.

The kids

Decent as far as kid friendly restaurants. I am almost thinking that they have activites they just thought Benji was too young because you almost always see some sort of crayons or something out of this type of place.  That being said, we got none. The did have a kids menu consisting of some typical choices.  Chicken, burger, pasta or grilled cheese.  Its really casual so you won’t have any issue here.

Total Cost:$~40 (1 margarita)

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