The experience

I was at the hospital pretty late today and all the way down in Dallas, so I did not get to my dad’s house to pick up Benji til 6 oclock, then we had to truck it over to the house, switch in to the Tahoe since Dusty was coming before we could get this show on the road.  Ogre and I swear we’ve seen that Chubby’s is a great choice for a family friendly restaurant and doesn’t Chubby’s just sound like it’d be cool to eat??  Yeah, that’s what I thought…


So we arrive and go in, and um, is it 1985 in here?  Ogre said that this is what the Black Eyed Pea looked like before they decided to be “trendy.”  It was various shades of mauve and gray in there.  The most eye catching thing was the refrigerator case that you pass as you go into the main dining area.  Full of pies, cakes and bottles of chocolate milk.  It took a minute to get Benji past all that and to the table.  So, here we sat.  I looked at the menu.  Very…ordinary.  I didn’t look at any one thing and say to myself, “Wow, now that sounds good!” 

Mina busy with her pre-k activity book


Our first order of business was to figure out what to order for the kids.  The kids were happily occupied at this point -Mina with her big “chubby” activity book and Benji with the crayons and coloring pages.  I had to borrow one of those to check out the kids menu.  Ogre and decided not to get Benji something separate because he hasn’t been feeling well, so his appetite is sub-par.  Mina declared that she wanted a Bacon Cheeseburger.  We put that in when we put in our drinks.  Benji continued happily coloring.

Benji coloring

When our waitress came back, Ogre said that we were ready even though he really wasn’t.  I ordered the Pork Chops, but not before I asked if they’d be tender and she even went back to the kitchen to find out if grilled or fried would be more tender.  I warned the waitress that if it tasted dry and chewy I’d be sending them back.  Dusty ordered Chicken Fried Steak (Texas Sized) and then Ogre went through “should I get a salad or sandwich?”  “Which sandwich should I get” and on and on until he finally decided on a Philly Chicken and a side salad (then he had to ask what dressings they had and if their bleu cheese was good).  I’m sure the waitress was loving Team Phipps at this point.  But, I must say that she was very nice about the whole thing.

So, more waiting.  Benji is in to cars these days and was quite pleased to point at all of the wheeled pictures and call them a car.  I did not let him enjoy his childhood and corrected him when it was a train, bus or jeep.  Don’t worry, he didn’t listen to me.  

Ogre got his salad and offered each kid a pack of crackers, to which they eagerly ate.  He gave Benji some bleu cheese to dip in, Benji shuddered after trying that and then handed it to me to eat.  Gross, but I ate the bite so he could continue enjoying his crackers sans bleu cheese.

Benji didn't like the dip-dip

Mina’s man-sized cheeseburger came out and Ogre cut it into quarters for her and then, of course, she decided she needed to go to the bathroom.  While they were gone, I portioned out some broccoli cheese rice for Benji and also gave him a quarter of Mina’s cheeseburger.  At first, I think he liked the rice and even took a big heaping forkful of it, but he later focused on the bacon from the burger and forgot about the rice.

Mina returned and soon after, the rest of our food arrived.  I started to cut up my pork chop and, at first, I was afraid that this was the toughest piece of pork that ever landed on a plate, I took a bite and it wasn’t that bad.  Turns out that I just had the dullest knife ever.  Dusty let me have his.  Our entrees came with bread and this where things started to go south very quickly. 

Benji wasn't a fan

Ogre buttered half a roll for Benji, who quietly “ate” his bread for about 2 minutes. Then he was handing back the bread with the butter licked clean and demanding more butter.  I would not let that happen, so he threw the bread on the table.  Then he got ignored for that behavior.  Next, Ogre gave him a piece of cornbread and I’m not sure if that had butter on it or not, but after 15 seconds, this, too, came flying across the table.  More crying, more ignoring.  So, Benji decides he can get my attention by attempting to throw his chocolate milk.  Luckily, his milk landed in the empty bleu cheese dressing cup and I picked it up and put it across the table and guess what? More screaming and crying.  It was getting a little out of hand, but I was sticking to my guns and ignoring him.  It worked to some degree, every once in awhile, he’d calm himself, and once he did it long enough to hand over his plate.

Mina, on the other hand, is eating her broccoli cheese rice and hamburger and even asking for seconds of the rice.  She later recanted, as I anticipated looking at how much broccoli cheese rice she had left.  BUT, SHE…EATS…SO…SLOW… It’s almost painful sometimes.  Ogre and Dusty were done and Benji is screaming and Mina is chewing and chewing and taking her time.  When the waitress came to clear their plates (actually, Dusty asked her to), Ogre scooped off some mashed potatoes and made a whole new plate for Benji to eat with cut up chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and a piece of cornbread.

Sucking on a pickle

At first, he seemed interested and even took a bite of the cornbread.  We gave him some Heinz 57 and he promptly put his finger in it and wiped it on his shirt.  Gross.  Then he took his finger and poked the cornbread and said “Uh-oh” repeatedly as he then flung the pieces of cornbread on the table, onto the floor, and on to me.  He did this repeatedly.  I tried to ignore him.  Ogre asked me if I wanted dessert.  I was done eating now because Benji was grossing me out.  I told Ogre no, not with Benji being a disaster next to me.  Ogre finally took the plate away and we and everyone in the restaurant were once again subjected to his screaming and crying.

We nudged Mina along to finish up dinner.  She finished off her broccoli cheese rice (amazing for this child!) and finished out the bacon that was left on the burger and we were FINALLY able to let the other restaurant patrons have some peace.


The food

Um, not so great.  Not horrible, though.  Just…eh.  I am still left with an unsatisfied taste in my mouth after eating here. 

Grilled Pork ChopsI ordered the Pork Chops with broccoli cheese rice and fried okra.  The description on the menu says that the pork chops are “seasoned to perfection,” which they are not.  They also were not very tender, but not so NOT tender that I felt like it needed to be sent back.  I just sort of muddled through dinner, eating it, but not ENJOYING it.  The broccoli cheese rice was certainly not the best I’ve ever had.   Kind of bland, really.  The fried okra were fine, but I’ve said it before, I’ve never met a fried mushroom or a fried okra that I didn’t like.  Ogre says that these were not great because the batter was not seasoned properly.

Philly ChickenOgre ordered the Philly Chicken and thought that it tasted good.  He didn’t complain about it, but he didn’t really rave about it either.


Texas Size Chicken Fried SteakDusty ordered the Chicken Fried Steak and I really couldn’t read him on how he liked it.  He said he did and that it was great, but didn’t have anything nice to say about the restaurant after we left. 

Bacon CheeseburgerMina liked her cheeseburger (bacon specially requested)  and liked the broccoli cheese rice also.  Other menu choices included chicken tenders, corny dogs, spaghetti and meatball, among other things and except for the spaghetti, comes with one vegetable. 


The service

Our waitress was very nice and very patient with us.  She kept the drinks refilled and was helpful.  Dusty had to prompt her to take away the clutter, but that’s the only misstep that I noted.


The kids

It’s a casual restaurant with coloring for the kids and a very good kids menu.  It’s casual and I certainly did not feel bad or embarrassed to let my kid cry in the restaurant and no one seemed to (or showed that they) cared. 

Problem is, the dinner here isn’t very good.  You’d be compromising taste for family friendliness at this joint.  Now, the breakfast pictures looked very tasty, so that might be a better tasting experience!  Otherwise, I’d skip it.

The total: $35.72

No website, so:

910 W Parker Rd # 101
Plano, TX 75075

What did Guidelive say?


Rants, Raves, and Ramblings

I feel like I’m bordering on pretentious by giving this a far from glowing review partly because it’s just so, well, boring!  The restaurant was monotonous, the menu unoriginal, and the food flavorless.  Was I in the Twilight Zone of restaurants??? Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo….

Mina liked the fan

Mina liked the 80's decor and took a picture...

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