The experience

Cindi's New York DelicatessenDusty suggested going to Poor Richard’s Cafe for breakfast yesterday and when I asked him if it was good and did he liked it, he shrugged and said “It’s not that great.” Uh, okay. Why would we go there then? Instead of responding with that smart remark, Ogre suggested we try Cindi’s New York Style Deli -Dallas Observer’s Pick for Best Breakfast (don’t ask me why we’re still trusting this source of “Best” after the Peggy Sue fiasco).

I had to round this morning, so I told Ogre that I’d meet them there. I arrived a good 15 minutes early and sat outside waiting for them. And waiting. And waiting. My cell phone rang, it was Ogre asking where I was. I told him I was sitting outside the restaurant. He said, “Well, then you’re at the wrong one.” I was moderately annoyed. I did not even know there was one in Richardson and why wouldn’t be going to the one right off 75 that seems to be more iconic? Whatever. It was obviously going to be easier for me to meet them so I drove up to Richardson to meet them.

When I arrived, there was already food strewn about, so I wasn’t too thrilled about that. I commented that I should have just eaten at the other one. Dusty apologized and said that he was hungry. Ogre told me that he was eating the kids’ food and he had not ordered yet. Whatever. I looked over the menu and the waitress came by to get my drink and breakfast order. I ordered a glass of milk, French Toast and a toasted bagel with cream cheese and lox. I know it’s a weird combo, but I really wanted to try their lox! Ogre ordered the German Pancakes. Ogre told me he’d ordered coffee for me. He didn’t tell me that before I ordered a milk for myself.

Benji licking uo the sour cream

I got up to use the restroom and could hear Benji crying while I was in there. There is a changing station, by the way. Benji was asking for “dow dow” when I got back, I’d like to think that my presence put him in a better mood as he seemed to brighten up like last night when I started to goof around with him. Mina was needing prodding along to eat her breakfast, which is a little strange since she LOVES breakfast. Turned out to be a good thing that I ordered a milk, because Mina wanted to drink it. I told Ogre to go ahead and poor me a cup of coffee.

I was very excited to see my breakfast. I have not found french toast that I like in Dallas, not even at the Original Pancake House. These looked VERY promising. I gave Benji a slice since he was pawing at them anyway. I spread my cream cheese and lox (it’s all mixed together) on my toasted bagel and ate that first. Then I started in on the french toast. They were just the way I like them! I offered a slice to Dusty, who had not been too thrilled with his pancakes and sausage. He agreed that they were good.


I don't like eatingOgre shared some of his German Pancakes with Mina telling her it was their version of the Dutch Baby (from Original Pancake House). She didn’t like it, she likes “the other ones from the Pancake House.” Mina told us that she doesn’t like “eating,” she likes “tasting.” We told her to finish her breakfast. She downed half of my glass of milk and I noticed she was now blowing bubbles into the milk, which I find disgusting so I didn’t want any more of my milk. Dusty then said that Ogre told him that 2% of the last sip of a drink is all saliva. I was pretty much done with breakfast after that conversation. Dusty had already paid for breakfast, so we cleaned up the kids and packed up to go.

Benji Cleaning Up

Benji cleaning up his chair

The food

French ToastOverall, I thought it was above average. In the grand scheme of breakfast, my pick is still the Original Pancake House, but the French Toast is decidedly better here. The French Toast were moist through and through but not soggy or too “eggy” -if you like French Toast, you’ll know what I mean. They were perfectly browned also. My toasted bagel with lox was pretty good. I don’t know much about what great lox tastes like, but I can tell you that I prefer cream cheese spread on my bagel with lox atop the cream cheese -not mixed in like they have here. Still, it tasted just fine to me.

German PancakesOgre ordered German Pancakes. He is still getting over his presumed food poisoning from dinner the other night, so I’m not surprised that he left half of his breakfast on the table. Ogre thought the flavor was good and that he would’ve enjoyed it if he wasn’t feeling ill.

Dusty thought that his Pigs in a Blanket tasted “off,” but he finished it off anyway. Hope he doesn’t have another Peggy Sue incident. Ogre suggested to him that he bring a sample back to Grandpoo so he could taste test it for rancid oil.

#2 Child's PlateMina got a plate with silver dollar pancakes, bacon, and eggs -she picked at everything. Itasted all of here and they were fine, nothing to write home about, but not bad either. The bacon is way superior at Original Pancake House. Other items on the kids menu include french toast, hot dogs, and sandwiches.

The service

The service was fine today. She was attentive and checked back with us. It was pretty busy this morning and we certainly did not feel like she was overwhelmed or rushed.

The kids

They provide a little cup full of crayons and paper to color on. They also have a nice kids menu so kids will be good to go. The restaurant bustles and is nice and loud so that you’ll feel right at home with your kids. Definitely kid-friendly and an above average breakfast.

They have locations in Dallas and Carrollton. I just learned that the one we went to was actually in Dallas, not Richardson.

Total: $ 49.69 (3 adults)

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