The experience

Cooppie'sSo tonight, Team Phipps was not very coordinated.  Everyone was here or there and I could not get in touch with Ogre to develop a dinner plan.  I ended up getting called for an admission at a hospital and since I couldn’t get a hold of Ogre, I dragged Mina with me to the hospital (she’d been at cooking class).  On our way home, we finally got in touch with one another just after I heard that I’d have another admission downtown.  We decide that we’d just eat together real quick and close to home so I could get on to the hospital.  But first, we’d have to pick up Benji from Lola’s house.  So, off we went and decided that we’d got to Cooppies (that place we saw when we ate at the Flying Fish and I saw the weird spray painted plywood sign advertising on my way to the hospital once). 

We walk in and are seated right away.  The restaurant was pretty cute with all it’s chickens.  Mina kept pointing out cool things that we had not noticed.  These were on the ceiling…

Chicken butt on the ceiling

Chicken's on the ceiling


Mina brought her activity book (a new one from Lala and Lolo), but they had crayons and a placemat to color so she worked on that instead.  She was hard at work trying the word find.

Mina coloring

Benji was placed in his chair, but was very concerned that he was not buckled.  Apparently, one of our dogs chewed the buckle and now it won’t stay buckled. 

Super Benji trying to fix the belt


We got out menus, ordered drinks, and then our waitress asked us if we’d ever been her before or if we had any questions.  I told her my first question is how the heck do you pronounce the name of this place.  She said it’s “Coop-ese.”  Then she explained that we get salad and bread and three sides.  The kids get two sides. We’d have to look at the big chalkboards to find the list of sides.  The chicken is preportioned so that you are served one breast, one wing, one thigh and one drumstick.  Easy enough.

Have you had the bread?We figured out what we wanted and put our order in.  Then came the salads and bread.  Mina asked for some salad. (!)  I gave her some and she actually said that she liked it.  I think she actually likes salad when it has the right dressing.  Then there was the bread.  Ogre decided he’d try to “fool” Benji by putting the butter INSIDE the bread.  Normally, if we butter bread, he just eats the butter off the bread and asks for more.  It worked pretty well as he seemed to actually eat the bread today.  The rest of also ate the bread…and wanted more.  This was good bread!  Notably good bread!!

Next out came our meals.  The plates are definitely piled high and the portions are large.  I went to work sawing my corn off the cob and Ogre made a small plate for Benji.  We all dug in to our dinner.

Ogre and I were both impressed with our chicken.  Mina was now eating some broccoli as she had a bite of salad with a small speck of black pepper and she was done.  Too spicy.  Yes, you can roll your eyes, too.

We got more bread for the table and noticed that Mina was trying to put butter inside the bread now just like her Papa did earlier.  That Mina is so cute. 

Butter in the roll

Benjamin decided he was done eating, but Mina, of course, was not done yet.  She had to go to the bathroom, which would prolong things more, so Ogre decided to quiet him down by giving him bread buttered on top.  He really liked that.  Benjamin had now realized that the butter was inside, so he stuck his finger in it. 

Going for the butter in the roll

More butter please


Mina came back from the bathroom, which, by the way, not only has a changing station, it has little stools for them to stand on if they’re too short to reach the sink.  I warned Mina not to touch the stools after she washed her hands.

When she came back, we ordered dessert while she finished up her dinner.  This brought about high fives around the table.

High Five


Ogre made note that the music playing was pretty good.  Aerosmith, Pink Floyd…The kids liked the music too.

Mina dancing


Mina asked if she could take a close look at the Chicken and Barbie in the cage and I said yes.  Ogre said, “You wouldn’t want to disturb any of the other patrons.”  There weren’t any other patrons.  I told him not to be mean.

Barbie and Chicken In Cage

Chicken and Barbie


Out came the ice cream, which was pretty gosh darn cold!

Cold Ice Cream

I shared my chocolate ice cream with Mina and Benji and when I was done, Mina wanted the rest of mine.  I gave it to her and here came Benji, he wanted some, too. 

Benji wants Tata's

We finished up so I could get going and home at a reasonable hour.


The food

They brag about their “from scratch” cooking -and, really I think they have right to! 

The adult entrees come with salad, bread, and 3 sides.  There is a long list of sides including mashed potatoes, cheese grits, macaroni and cheese, broccoli, baked beans, cucumber salad, some type of red bean salad, corn on the cob, and probably some others that I can’t recall.

Fired ChickenI ordered the Original Fried Chicken (it’s half the bird).  I can’t tell you much about the breading except that it looked pretty good, it wasn’t to thick and crunchy looking – I don’t eat the skin.  I can tell you that the chicken was very juicy and was quite enjoyable!  I agreed with Mina on the sauciness of the macaroni and cheese, but that’s just a matter of preference.  As far as BAKED macaroni and cheese goes, this one was actually very good.  It had a good cheese flavor and the pasta was cooked well.  I did not care much for the mashed potatoes, I don’t even know why I ordered it.  This is the more “homestyle” mashed potatoes where the skin is involved, I don’t much care for that.  The corn on the cob was a little undercooked, but still appreciated for being on the cob. 

Barbecue ChickenOgre ordered the Oven Baked BBQ Chicken (half the bird).  It was also very juicy and Ogre commented that the BBQ sauce definitely tasted “homemade” and that it was very good.  I agreed.  So did Mina.  I liked his better than mine.  He ordered cucumber salad, which was good, baked beans -I liked these, they were sweet but not sickeningly sweet and, lastly, he had broccoli.  He thought that it was perfectly cooked and very buttery -a slam dunk for broccoli.

Kid's BrisketMina ordered the brisket with macaroni and cheese and broccoli.  She did not eat much brisket because she preferred Papa’s chicken.  Ogre tried her brisket and said it was flavorful, but because it was a lean cut was not as tender as we like.

Carrot CakeThe hand churned ice cream was pretty good -it was very cold and tasted hand churned -by that I mean it was creamy like you’d get at a place like Marble Slab, but it’s what I expect when I hear hand churned.  Ogre thought that the carrot cake was excellent, it was super moist and had a nice layer of cream cheese icing on it. 


The service

Our service was good today.  Nothing spectacular, but she was definitely attentive and helpful.  She made good suggestions and was good with the kids.  Of course, we were the only table there for most of the night, so I’d hope we’d have attentive service!


The kids

I’d call this average kid friendliness.  They’ve got the crayons, and the activity placemats to color on and a decent kids menu. 

We thought the food was pretty good here -as far as good ol’ home cooking!  Ogre commented a few times that it reminded him of something a “grandmother” would make.  So, if you’re missing your grandmother’s cooking, try out this place, it’s kid friendly and the food’s pretty good.  I’d try it soon though, our lonely dining experience makes us worry for the longevity of this little spot…

The total: $41.57

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