The experience

Reading a few threads on the mommy forum I’m part of made me want Mexican food for dinner tonight.  We’ve actually been to Casa Milagro once before with a group of friends, I remembered that it wasn’t bad, so we thought we’d head there tonight for dinnner.  We picked up Benji from Lala’s house and he was already in a bad mood.  Seems like he didn’t take a nap today.  AND he didn’t want to leave Lala’s house.  Awesome.

We were seated right away and put Benji in his high chair.  We quickly ordered drinks and queso, hoping that would pacify the Benj.  Mina started coloring as she brought a backpack full of colors and coloring books.  Good thing, too, as we were not offered any kids’ activities/crayons. 

Benji was in a foul mood today, he cried for the simple reason that Ogre told him to be gentle when using Mina’s gel pens (he has a habit of tearing through the paper because he’s coloring so hard).  Mina was very sweet and tried to get Benji to calm down by coloring with him.  This would set the tone for the rest of the evening.



There was really nothing that set Benji off, he was just off all through dinner crying about this or that.  The queso came out pretty quickly and he was crying because he didn’t realize he had his own bowl.  Then he would cry because he wanted more queso and he could still see the bottom of the bowl when Ogre refilled it.  Sheesh.


Benji has this habit of just shoving food into his mouth.  He feels the need to stuff a whole chip in his mouth by just pushing more in regardless of how much room there actually is in his mouth or how well chewed the preceding “bite” was.  Well, that leads to pain and suffering for him at times.  So he cried.  Then when Ogre and I tried to get him to chill with the chip shoving, he got pissed at us for that, too.  We decided to let him keep shoving the food in.


We ordered dinner and kept Benji’s stock of chips filled.  We were starting to run low on chips and the waiter asked us if we’d like more chips.  Yes, please.  He took our chip bowl with him and disappeared for a good 10 minutes.  We watched in horror as Benji started shoveling his last chip.  Luckily, our disappearing waiter reappeared with more chips and we requested some tortillas also to have as back up.

Our food came out about the same time that the tortillas did.  Everyone seemed pretty content about now.  Except me as I was not enjoying my dinner very much.  Then Mina had to use the restroom.  And Benji couldn’t go, so we had another breakdown.  I sat next to him to try to get him to chill, but he made it clear that he wanted “see Papa” and kept telling me he wanted to “wash hand” (his excuse to go to the restroom also). Once Ogre and Mina returned, he calmed down and went back to eating.




Mina also entertained her brother by making a tortilla face and a new invention, the finger superhero.


Benji’s mood improved just as we were finishing up dinner as he recieived high fives from Papa for no apparent reason.


We escaped before Benji’s mood could swing back to the dark side.


The food


We ordered the queso to start and, at first, we were impressed by the size of the bowl.  We quickly learned that the dish was shallow.  Ogre and I both agreed that the queso, while creamy, had a very “fake” taste to it.  The kids loved it!  We thought it was just okay.

DSC_0033I ordered the Shredded Pork Enchiladas with Green Tomatillo Sauce on it.  (I was trying to stray from my usual Chicken Enchiladas with Verde Sauce).  I think on a normal day I would’ve liked this, but today it was too “pork-y.”  I mentioned this to Ogre when he asked me how I liked it at dinner and he replied, “Well, you did order pork.”  NSS.  I think the pork flavor overpowered the tomatillo sauce, which was actually a very good sauce.  Next time, I’ll try it with chicken.

DSC_0034Ogre ordered the Chicken Chalupas that had a chili sauce on the chicken. They came with a load of lettuce atop them!  He thought they were just “okay.”  He thought it needed a little something else…salt? tang?  He said it had a lot of spices, but just didn’t quite come together very well.

DSC_0035The kids shared a cheese quesadilla, which looked very tasty, but neither one of us tried it.  Mina ate two wedges without much prompting, so I assume it’s pretty good.


The service

Short of average.  Our waiter, while friendly, was not very attentive.  Ogre’s glass was empty more that it was filled.  Food comes out at a reasonable tempo.  Chip and drink refilling times were less than desirable.

The kids

Yes, it’s kid friendly.  Apparently it’s more kid friendly than we thought as they do have etch a sketches (but perhaps a limited number as we were not offered any and our kids (well, Benji) needed one!  They have a kids menu also and seemed overall welcoming of children.

I thought it was average for Mexican food dining.  I’d eat here again, but might not be my first choice.

The total: 36 bucks

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