The experience

We were out running errands this afternoon and were trying to decide on a place to eat for lunch.  It was originally going to revolve around the mall so we could go to do some Christmas Shopping but it was getting late so we just decided to go to the new Los Cucos in Plano by The Shops at Willow Bend.  Otherwise, we’d end up eating lunch at 2:30 in the afternoon.  The whole family was in agreement so Los Cucos it was.

Los Cucos

Benji woke up a little late this morning and has been a bit off all for several days.  Dr. Mom has now diagnosed him with Coxsackie Virus.  In any event, this means he was not in the greatest of moods.  Mina had the camera in the back seat and was taking some more picture of her feet and her family while driving. She managed to take a good picture of Benji’s mood with the camera on the drive over.

Sick Benji

We arrived right after we decided since we were right down the street from our pick.  We headed inside and were immediately seated.  We declined the first table we were offered and instead asked for a booth.  The hostess quickly located one and we were seated.  Not sure why Grace would be happy with the booth in the corner by the windows next to the exit with major drafts.  It was 10 degrees cooler in that corner.  Good for me, bad for my girls.  Mina was busy listening to her draft coming through the window.  Benji spotted the picture of the banana on the menu and Mina spotted the strawberry smoothie so we ordered a Banana Smoothie and a Strawberry Smoothie.  Benji didn’t want to wait.

Bad Mood Benji

Once the drinks arrived we asked for a replacement for the non-lidded cup the smoothie came in.  This seemed to fluster our waiter who went to retrieve it before leaving the drinks for me and Grace that he had brought on his tray?!  Strange.  He finally came back and we further flustered him with demands for silverware that the hostess had accidentally left on the first table option.  We also ordered queso.  The queso and chips arrived and we all started on it.  The queso was a bit spicy and Benji was busy fighting his banana smoothie so neither of them ate the queso.  Me and Grace didn’t mind.  Soon, however, I had to join the fight with the smoothie to make sure it didn’t land on the floor.  I can now attribute his fussiness to the illness which we hadn’t yet diagnosed.

What's Benji doing?

Our food arrived pretty quickly.  Not quite as fast as the famous speed of El Fenix, but quick enough that I was surprised.  We divided up the food for the kids and Mina began munching down on the mac and cheese they ordered.  They waiter was kind enough to bring some tortillas.  This was good because Benji was pretty much only drinking the smoothie and Mina wanted to make herself a mac and cheese burrito.

Mac and Cheese Taco

We finished up the meal and were going to leave when Grace mentioned she wanted to go back to Mario’s Chiquita for the flan.  Of course, due to the rules, we could only return if we had already eaten some other place for the blog to review that day.  I suggested we go for the flan and we’d try to squeeze in a lunch with just the adults later in the week at Mario’s.  She was happy to oblige and this also put a big smile on Mina’s face.  The flan arrived just in time as Benji was already trying to escape his seat.  His attention turned to the flan.  The waiter put down 4 spoons and sweet Benji was kind enough to give one to his Tata so she could take the first bite.  Sweet boy.

Here's a spoon for you Tata

Grace had to take a phone call so I had to push back the kid’s spoons lest the whole dessert she was craving was devoured.  I managed to set aside a decent portion for her.  She was happy to get a few bites and we paid up and headed home.  It had gotten too late to do the shopping.  Sheesh.


The food

Very good food.  We choose this on a whim and were presently surprised by the food.  The chips and salsa were excellent.  They bring a mild creamy green sauce that even Benji could enjoy.  The red sauce was served warm.  Tasty!

Chile Con Queso with Beef FajitasWe started with Chile Con Queso with Fajita Beef.  Although it was medium spicy, Grace was still eating quite a bit so you know it was good.  It reminded her of the queso at Pappasito’s which is her favorite.  It came with some fried flour tortilla chips.  They were a little thick for me and Grace usually doesn’t like thick chips either, but she like these.

Strawberry and Banana SmoothieThe kids menu had a choice of fruit smoothies in about 6 or 7 flavors.  They even had a margarita flavored one that we joked with Mina about getting.  The kids went for the Banana for Benji and Strawberry for Mina. Benji loved his.  Mina likes the creamy kind they serve at Hoot’s (Hooters) so only drank about half.  Benji enjoyed the rest of hers.

Macaroni and CheeseChicken QuesadillaThe kids got mac and cheese and quesadillas.  Benji even helped pick.  Mina enjoyed both things.  Benji ate OK but not as good as usual due to his illness.

El SobrosoGrace ordered the El Sobroso that came with Chicken Fajita Taco, 3 Cheese Enchilada with Tomatillo Sauce and Carnitas.  She enjoyed everything on her plate.  No way should could eat the portions so it was a good thing I agreed with her and helped her with some of it.  The carnitas were excellent!  Grace also agreed the carnitas with the accompanying tomatillo sauce for dipping was the best part.  The chicken was flavorful and juicy.

El CoquitoI ordered the El Coqutio which came with a Mexican Chalupa, Beef Taco, and a Enchilada with a special tomatillo and cilantro sauce.  Everything was very good.  The beans and rice were both excellent.  The taco was pretty standard but the shell was very light and crispy.  The slaw on the chalupa was an interesting flavor.  It was dressed with Mexican Crema and some crumbled white cheese.  Very good. The enchilada sauce was a very good creamy sauce with a great flavor.

Here's a spoon for you TataSince Grace has been craving Flan since our Fiasco at Mario’s Chiquita, we keep ordering it hoping it will be as good.  This one was creamy and flavorful but a little dense.  Above average but not Mario’s Chiqutia.

The service

The service was on the road to questionable.  It just seemed like the guy was disoriented or overwhelmed. He picked up the pace quite a bit as the entrees arrived and was consistent from then on.  He was kind enough to indulge Benji’s “No Mo” clean up assistance demands for quite some time.  I think he helped with half the table.  The hostess hunted down a booth for us on request unlike our recent experience at Grimaldi’s. They get an average here.

No Mo

The kids

Above average for kid friendly restaurants.  The kids get their own full size menu with pictures so they can choose among quite a few options.  The atmosphere was lively and family friendly.  The fruit smoothies were a great option for the kids.  The only thing keeping them from excellent in this category is the strange lack of crayons or other activity.  I would have expected them here.

Kid's Menu

Total Cost: $48.00

The rest

Their website appears to have exceeded their monthly bandwidth limitation.  Good that they are getting some traffic to their site.  Bad they have poor business IT planning.  Call me if you need some consulting on that matter, Los Cucos.

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