The experience

We decided it would be fun to do Dim Sum today.  We were getting a somewhat late start, so we were worried about the crowds.  We decided on Maxim’s, which seems to be the other place to get Dim Sum around here (Kirin Court being the other, but I’ll admit that I like J.S. Chen for Dim Sum in Plano). We arrived to a full parking lot, so Ogre dropped me off while he found parking.  I texted him that it would be only 5-10 minutes and then after I put our name on the list I walked outside to help him with the kids.  I didn’t see him anywhere so I went back inside.  I waited for them inside and waited until I noticed that people were walking up and getting seated, so I asked about our number and was told that they’d called us “many times.”  Apparently the wait was less than 5 minutes.  They were able to seat us pretty quickly though.

We were seated in the furthest corner of the restaurant near the stage where tons of kids were running around.  The kids were entranced by this, but one look from me told them that they would not be participating.  After getting our drinks ordered, we set our eyes on the carts.  The first cart to come by was BBQ Pork, perfect!  I also ordered some rice and we were off to a good start.

The kids like BBQ pork, but Benji likes the flavor but not the texture.  He chews it up and spits it out.  He ate his rice like there was no tomorrow though.  While we munched on that, we picked up some other items off some other carts, but I think our table placement put us at a disadvantage.

Ogre commented that he was glad we got the BBQ pork first as that tied us over for quite some time while we waited for our faves to come by.

The kids were relatively well behaved.  Mina insisted in stuffing her face with pork.


Benji asked me to pour his water into his tea cup and enjoyed “drinking tea” like his Papa.  Mina also made us do this for her. 


Once we had our fill of the savory stuff, we ordered our favorite Dim Sum dessert, the Sesame Balls.  Ogre claims that it’s the only reason he comes to Dim Sum (totally false, by the way!).  Benji likes to use his finger to scoop out the red bean…he thinks it’s chocolate!  After we could fit nothing else into our tummies, we headed back out into the heat. 


The food

Dim Sum.

Ogre and I hit Dim Sum knowing what we want, which is good so that we don’t waste tummy space, money, and time on dishes we don’t like. 

photoWe get the BBQ roast pork for us and the kids.  I have to order rice from the vested guys to go along with it.  Their BBQ pork was very good, not too sweet and had good pork flavor.  It comes with some pickled cabbage and carrots on the side, which I liked and complimented the pork well.

photoWe tried their shrimp dumplings. This was defninitely the stand-out.  Ogre and I both chose this as our favorite item at this restaurant.  I’m not to picky about my shrimp, but Ogre can’t stand it when shrimp tastes “too fish” or too much like seawater.  This was just very fresh and light and a nice blance to the salty pork.  We ended up ordering a second batch of this.

photoWe also got the kids the baked bread with BBQ pork inside and it was excellent.  The bread is nice and soft and had a hint of sweetness. The tops of the bread, I’ll warn you, is coated with something very sticky (I couldn’t taste anything so I don’t know what it was).

photoWe picked the fried rice, which we both liked and seemed better than most places we order it.  It has cilantro and chinese sausage, a couple of my favorites, so it’s no small wonder that I really liked this.  The rice is SUPER sticky!

photoWe also got a plate of fried rice noodles, which reminded us of what is served as First Chinese BBQ and great for Benji!  It was really good.  She’s frying up the noodles right there on the cart!  No meat in this dish, just noodles (thin) and veggies like onions and sprouts.

photoThe major disappointment of the night was their Fun Roll.  I ordered the Beef Fun Roll.   The rice wrapping was way too thick and there was an odd aromatic flavor to the wrapper.  I also thought their sauce was a little too dilute/not very flavorful.  Bummer.

photoThey had very good Sesame Balls stuffed with Red Bean Paste.  Ogre thought this was one of the better sesame balls we’ve had.  He noted it wasn’t too greasy and that there was a lot of filling.  The filling was nice and smooth.  It was definitely tasty!

They also have a lot of the other Dim Sum standards including pork and chicken feet, steamed buns, other types of dumplings, bird’s nests, soups, etc.


The service

We were told up front to ask any of the waitstaff with a vest for any needs, so it was not a problem to find somone when we needed something and they were quick to respond, but they are not pro-active in refilling drinks, clearing tables, etc.  We were in the furthest corner of the restaurant and sometimes I felt like we weren’t getting good “cart exposure.”  But we had enough food and got everything we liked.


The kids

It’s kind of a mad house in there so I don’t know that anyone would notice or care about your crazy, misbehaving children.   In fact, there was a bunch of kids running around the stage in the restaurant with nary a care.  (Our kids would not be allowed to do this.)  No kids menus or kids activities, but the food comes out as soon as you choose something (we brought in activities, but did not need them) and hopefully, you’d find something that the kids could eat.

This was not my favorite Dim Sum place…Ogre says it’s good for different reasons (since the one at Walnut Hill and Jupiter closed, I haven’t found one that has all my faves tasting great!), but I was really disappointed with the Fun Roll, which is of my staple-I’m-really-looking-forward-to-eating-you choices!

The total: 47 bucks

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