The experience

Taco Diner at Shops of LegacyToday we planned to have dinner with one of my best friends and her family.  Unfortunately, one of them was sick, so we had to change plans.  I did not want to go to the restaurant we planned to go with them, so I looked on-line to find something for this evening.  I googled child friendly restaurants and it gave me some ideas.  I told Ogre to come by my parents’ house to check out the sushi costume before dinner.  When he did, Benjamin had fallen asleep for an afternoon nap.  I did not want him to miss out on a visit to The Purple Cow, so we opted to go to Taco Diner at the Shops at Legacy tonight.

Tonight is our first night out without Benji during this little challenge.  I was sad to not have him with us.  Mina was also in quite the foul mood as we left my parents’ house.  She accused me of not letting her know I was done with the computer so she could play games on the computer.  She refused to speak to us the whole ride to the restaurant.  Lucky for us, she perked up as we parked.

I enjoy going to the Shops at Legacy.  I know that it can be a little pretentious sometimes, but when the weather is nice, it feels good to get out and stroll about.  We arrive at the restaurant and notice right away that they have a great patio.  We give Mina a choice of sitting inside or outside and she chooses inside.  I also noticed when we first walk up that there are no other children.  Yikes!  Happily though, when we are seated inside I see two other tables with children -toddlers, even.

Our waiter comes by to get our drinks and Gringo and I take a look at our menu.  Hmmm, no kids’ menu?  He brings Mina’s drink in a plastic cup and Ogre reasons they must have a kids’ menu.  So,  I ask our waiter.  He points straight to the part of the menu that says, “Solamente Para Los Ninos.”   Ohhhhhh.  Sorry, we missed that.  No hablo espanol.  Our waiter was very nice about it.  I also ask him to explain a couple of menu items to me and he does with the greatest of patience.  We order some queso and continue to peruse the menu.  When he returns, I order a Taquito “Barrio” for Mina, the Tostadas Compuestas for myself, and Ogre is ordering tacos.  Our waiter volunteers some great information and suggestions to Ogre for tacos and Ogre decides to go with our waiter’s suggestions.  He gets 2 Tacos “de Brisket and 2 Tacos Puercos al Pastor.

Brisket and Pork al Pastor Tacos

Tacos Puercos al Pastor and Tacos "de Brisket"

The waiter arrives with our queso -he correctly assumed that we’d want the smaller portion, but double checks with us as he puts it down.  Perfect.  We are enjoying our queso and I send Ogre to get my hoodie out of the car because I was a little chilly.  (I am somewhat of a freak and have to have a jacket in the summer).  Once he’s back and I’m more acclimated, the entrees come.  I tell Mina that she has to eat her salad or she can have avocado.  Initially, she claims she wants salad.  Later, Ogre tells her she should have gone for the avocado.  She changes her mind and decides that avocado is the better option; unfortunately, Ogre ate all the avocado.  I plan to order more, but Ogre finds a slice on his plate.  Lucky for Mina, who now only has to eat one measley slice of avocado for her “vegetable.”  She downs that very easily.  A round of high fives ensues.

Tostadas Compuesta

Tostadas Compuestas

I am totally enjoying my tostadas; my rice is phenomenal.  Ogre devours his.  I swear he thinks it’s a race.  Meanwhile, we have to prod Mina along to eat her taquito.  At one point, she pulls out a fragment of chicken bone.  Gross.  I take that one from her and she pulls out another.  I decide that I can’t risk her choking on that so I take it away.  I notify the waiter who is truly appalled and offers another plate for her right away of the grilled chicken breast in a tortilla.  That works for us. 

Mina's taco is talking

Mina's Chicken Taco Singing

I continue merrily eating away and when Mina gets her food, she pretends it’s singing a song, “Sha-la-la-la!” she sings.  She tries to get me to commit to allowing her to only eat a certain amount, but I just tell her to keep eating.  At one point she has a fistful of chicken in her hand.  I am about to sternly tell her that she better not stuff her mouth to the point where she chokes or has it come back out when the waiter sees this.  He jokes around with her about it and then checks on her lemonade.  He decides she needs a refill.  Mina loves the waiter.  One more for Team Mina’s side.  By the time I finish and look at the time, I decide we better get moving, we still have to run by to pick up Benji.  Ogre flips Mina’s tortilla back to find that she actually ate quite a bit of the chicken.  Ogre pays the tab and we leave.

We head back to the car and all three of us are distracted by the pastry shop and the chocolate shop.  We take a glance in the window of the pastry shop, but cannot avoid going into the chocolate shop, “Schakolad.”  We each get a chocolate (okay, I got three, Mina got two, and Ogre got one) and head home with serotonin oozing from our brains. 

Mina loves chocolate


The food

Mina being silly

Mina's 1st Entree: Taquitos "Barrio"

I’ll start with me.  My tostadas were really good!  They had black beans, a well-seasoned beef, and fresh veggies.  I’ve already mentioned that I loved the rice -it gets 5 stars in my book (or blog).  Ogre thought that the pork tacos were a little too sweet and he liked the brisket tacos. He wants me to mention that it wasn’t disgustingly sweet, just to sweet for his taste.  I love street style tacosand had I realized that that’s what I would be getting, I would’ve opted for the beef tacos.  I’m glad I didn’t know because I would not have experienced the tostadas.  Unfortunately, Mina’s taquitos did not pass muster.  It’s kind of nice to know that they actually shred the chicken off the bone (in my opinion), but I’d rather not learn the fact the way we did! 

The kids menu had a selection of taquitos, quesadillas, fajita taco, and tostada frijoles.  Kids drinks are regularly priced.

Speaking of prices, this place is a little pricey, in general.  Here is their menu.


The service

Ours was excellent.  He was attentive, seemed to know the menu very well, and interacted with us and Mina quite smoothly.  I did not feel like he was rushed or that we were being rushed and Ogre’s glass stayed full for the most part.


The kids

This place is relatively kid friendly.  They have their own menu items, albeit a small selection.  I was not too thrilled with the cost of her kids drink (cost the same as mine), but that is not uncommon, in my opinion.  It is a loud restaurant, which Mina loves.  There is no changing station in the bathroom.  All in all, I thought the quality of the food (minus Mina’s funky chicken) was excellent for the parents and the food was good enough for the kids. 


Rants, Ravings, and Ramblings

This place almost got 4 stars, but unfortunately, there was a snag with Mina’s meal and Ogre thought that it was too pricey (I’m still not sure that should be a factor).  I guess he means too pricey for what you get?  This is still a hot topic at our dinner table.

Total price: 36.16

One of City’s Best Family Friendly Restaurants

Family Friendly per Frommer’s

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