The experience

Today we had to run an errand with Benji so we picked him up from Lala’s house and went to eat lunch.  We decided to eat at Deno’s Grill, a little neighborhood restaurant that we’ve tried to hit in the past, but, I think, was closed on Sundays.  It was open for lunch today, so we headed in minus Mina.

Deno's Grill

We walked up to the counter and I let Benji walk around.  He immediately found the booster chairs and brough those over to our table.  I said thank you to him and started to set the booster onto his chair and looked up to see him hoisting another booster.  No, I told him, we don’t need two.  A lady passed as she walked to the bathroom and laughed that perhaps I needed the other booster.  Nice.  Thanks.  I haven’t heard that one before.



Anyway, we put in our order at the counter and I sat down with Benji.  Boosters make me nervous.  Ogre got and brought over drinks.  Benji started asking, “Mina where?” and saying, “No Mina.”  I think he misses his sister when she’s not around.  Poor baby.

They brought Ogre’s salad first (he subbed the fries for salad) and he munched on that while we waited for the rest of the goods.  The rst of the food came over soon enough.  We told Benji that his fries were hot, but he didn’t listen and touched them anyway and said, “Finger ow-wee.”  Yes, finger ow-wee.  I kissed his finger and we were able to move on.  He decided that he would emulate his Papa and blow on the fries to cool them down. 


Then Ogre pointed out to him that the grilled cheese sandwich was cool enough to eat.  He took a bite and thought is so good that I had to try. “Buy Mommy”  (Take  a bite, Mommy).  So I did and this went on for quite some time, I think I ate half his sandwich, perhaps this is why my jeans keep getting tighter.  Oops, I’m digressing.

ANYWAY, Ogre finished his gyro in about 2 minutes and I was still eating my and Benji’s lunch.  At some point, Benji also decided he was done and I let him out of his booster.   He promptly hoisted the booster off the chair and carried by himself over to the pile of boosters and set it in VERY proudly.  High fives awaited him and that’s when we thought we call it a day.



The food

I think it’s like a Greek guy that has a restaurant that serves grilled food/burgers, and, oh by the way, we do gyros, too.

GyroI ordered a traditional gyro with fries.  I thought this was actually really good!  The meat was not dry and did not have any worrisome “hard bits.”  You know what I mean, when you get a bad gyro, I swear it’s like cartilage or something .  Anyway, they didn’t have that issue here.  The tomatoes and onions were super-fresh and deserve mentioning.  The fries were a little overdone, but edible.

Chicken GyroOgre ordered the chicken gyro, looked like mine, except it was chicken.  And he thought it was really good, also.  He asked for salad instead of fries and I think he was less than impressed with the salad as he left half of it in the bowl, which is uncommon for him.  Their dressing was just out of the bottle, nothing fancy.

Grilled CheeseBenji got a grilled cheese sandwich and fries.  Since he kept asking me to “buy” (bite), I tried it and there was nothing special about it, which is pleasing to the kids.  Just your regular ol’ grilled sandwich that anyone can make at home.  Fries overdone.


The service

Counter service.

The kids

Sure, it’s kid friendly enough.  A few kids menu items, no kids activities (not surprising), laid back and casual.

I thought the gyro was pretty good a neighborhood restaurant in Murphy, Texas.  Now, I’m saying, come out to Murphy, you’ve got to have these gyros, but if you’re in the area, it’s a good stop.

The total: $24.14

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