The experience

photoWe needed to run some errands again…yes, the fish!  One of our fish actually did die like the Pet Store guy said would happen, but Ogre still needed to change out the water.  So, we had to go to the Pet Store to buy some supplies for him to do that.  Now we just have to wait for the water to clear or the fish to stop dying (2 down, 3 to go).  Anyway, when I was shopping downton last week, I recalled that there is that little cafe on 15th street not surprisingly called the 15th Street Cafe.  So, we headed there with the kids.

We were the only ones in the restaurant when we showed up so we had our pick of seats.  In fact, the kids did not even want to sit with Ogre and me and we figured that would be okay since we had the place to ourselves. 


photoOgre immediately noticed the “fans” above our heads and he and the kids thought this was pretty cute!


Ogre ordered dinner at the counter.  While we waited, the kids played at their table, Ogre read the Observer, and I watched America’s Got Talent on the TV.

Unfortunately, while the kids were playing Ring Around the Rosie, Benji hit his head against the table and had to come running over to Papa.  Mina was very sweet and came over to give him a hug and a kiss.  Apparently, she did not kiss his boo boo because he said, “No, Mina, kiss other side.”  And she did.  He was better after that and went back to playing.

Our dinner arrived and Ogre got the kids settled back down at the table and then decided he’d join me on my side of the table so he could watch AGT on TV also.  We couldn’t actually hear anything going on TV, but perhaps that is what made it even funnier.

The kids finished up dinner pretty quickly and decided that maybe their parents weren’t so embarrassing to eat dinner with.  Both of the kids ended up in Papa’s lap as I was still finishing up dinner.  Benji went back to their table to eat whatever left over scraps they had from dinner and ended up hitting his head again on the table.  Sheesh.  He headed back over to Papa for some loving. 

Right about that time, I decided I was done with dinner and we headed on out to get more fish supplies!


The food

It was a pretty schizophrenic menu.  They had a cuban sandwich, some pastas, salmon on special, burgers…I don’t know what to categorize this as!

photoI ordered a Patty Melt.  It was a steak patty on light colored rye bread with onions and mayo and jack cheese.  For a burger that was WELL done, it was still pretty juicy, but pretty lacking in flavor.  It was just bland overall, it needed some tanginess to it (like French dressing or Thousand Island).  The caraway seeds in the rye bread was also pretty overwhelming, but that may just be the pregnancy sensitivity talking!

photoOgre had a Cuban (pork loin and ham with a jalapeno dressing and mustard) sandwich and he liked it a lot. He was very complimentary of it.  He added his side of cole slaw to his salad and said it tasted better like that.



photoThe kids shared a PB&J sandwich and both of them ate their share of that without problems.




The service

Counter service (they do bring your food out to ya).


The kids

Laid back, small casual resaturant with a kids menu.  No kids activities. TV on in the background, but you can’t really hear the sound.  Average kid friendliness.

I wasn’t super impressed with this little spot.  Don’t think we’ll be back!

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