The experience

Friday night.  I like to get pizza on Friday nights.  Don’t ask me why.  Even when we weren’t doing this everyday, I like to go out for pizza once a week.  Before we had Benji, we’d go to what was then Double Dave’s (now Chez Joey’s…but was Doughy Joey’s when Ogre reviewed it here!  Phew!) every Monday night.  Anyway, we decided on Sal’s in Plano.  I’ve had delivered pizza from the one in Dallas when I worked at Children’s downtown so I knew it was pretty good.

We were seated right away and the kids immediately noted the paper on the tables hoping they would get some crayons.  Sure enough, eagle-eyed Mina saw our waitress grabbing some crayons for them.  They immediately went to town coloring…eventually scribbling over the entire table.


We ordered pizza pasta for the kids.  Mina decided she wanted the pink sauce imagining it would be like the pink sauce she loves from Momo’s.  She explicitly explained that she wanted it all mixed together (normally she wants in on the side to dip in).

We waited for our order and chatted while the kids colored.  We had also ordered some garlic cheese bread and munched on that when it came out.

As soon as Ogre saw the pasta for the kids, he regretted not having the sauce on the side fearing the messy reprecutions.  Oh well.

Our pizza came out next and we enjoyed the pizza very much.  The kids loved the pasta and actually did not make too big of a mess!

Benji came over to get hugs and somehow wormed his way into my lap while I finished up dinner (he refused to sit with Papa).


The food

Pizza and Pasta.

photoWe ordered the garlic cheese bread, which I would not recommend.  It was definitely a garlicky bread, but it just had these round slices of provolone melted on top that did not stick very well to the bread. 

We ordered a pizza with sausage, dun dried tomatoes, mushrooms and half olives.  We liked the pizza pretty well.  Their crust is hand tossed and nice and doughy but not chewy.  Ingredients were definitely plentiful as well.



photoThe kids had penne pasta with pink sauce (creamy tomato).  If their devouring of the pasta was not evidence enough, Ogre and I both tried it and it was excellent.  I’d order this for myself!



The service

Okay.  Not awesome, but she did her job well enough.  Food comes out nice and quick.


The kids

They let the kids color on the table cloths (well, paper) and they have a good little kids menu.  Definitely kid friendly.

We liked the pizza here, not the best we’ve had, but it’s up there and the kid friendliness was a bonus!


The total: $37

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