The experience

After Ogre came back empty handed after going to pick up Mina, we remembered that it was Wednesday, which is the evening she spends with Grandpoo and Oma.  Now, we need to rush a little bit to get dinner in before she got home.  Ogre wanted to get a sandwich.  I normally do not like to get a sandwich for dinner, it’s too lunch-y for me.  However, since I knew that it probably wouldn’t matter too much what I ate (everything is always somewhat mediocre), I agreed.  He thought there was a sandwich shop by the El Fenix on 75, but a quick drive by did not reveal such a spot.  Instead we drove across the highway to the Corner Bakery.

I probably would have never thought to eat here for dinner either, but here we were and I ordered a sandwich.  Ogre, on the other hand, ordered a salad!  He did not even get a sandwich!!  We ordered pasta for Benji.  On the way to the counter, I picked up some crayons and a kids menu/activity sheet for Benji.  Benji and I sat down while Ogre got our drinks, silverware, and napkins.  He’s the best server ever!

They do bring out your food when it’s ready, which did not take very long.  Benji was busy coloring and scribbling, where I noted that he does, in fact, scribble in circles.  The pediatrician asked me the other day if he was doing that and I honestly had no idea.  Ogre told him yes and then tonight made sure to let me know that he noted that one of us was paying more attention to Benji’s development. 


We ate dinner without any issues.  Benji was enjoying his pasta and the marinara sauce was apparently outstanding.  Ogre kept telling me to try it, but I could not as tomato sauce fires up the heartburn!

We received a call alerting us that Mina was at our house.  We told Grandpoo and Oma that we were finishing up and headed home to join them.


The food

Sandwiches and salads. A few pastas.

I ordered the 1/2 sandwich and house salad.  I chose the Reuben and it was very good.  The corned beef was very flavorful and was a nice balance to the bite of the sauerkraut and the sweetness of the Thousand Island.  They use a light rye also and use a panini press making just the right amount of crisp.  I also enjoyed their house salad, which is served with their “sweet and sour” dressing and is as the dressing described.


Ogre ordered the Harvest Salad with Roasted Chicken.  This salad has chicken, green apples, walnuts, bleu cheese, currants, a balsamic vinaigrette and harvest crisps (croutons made from their Harvest bread).  He thought it was very good, but probably overdone on the currant content.


Benji had penne pasta and marinara sauce.  The marinara sauce, according to Ogre, was excellent, very rich.



The service

Counter service.


The kids

Kid friendly.  They even have kids activities -pick up some crayons and a kids menu/activity sheet on the way to the counter. 

Great choice for a quick bite!

The total: 23ish dollars

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