The Experience

DSC_0024Today, I would be babysitting Benji all day so I figured I’d get the meal out of the way early.  So while out running errands in Garland, I called to see if Grace would be available for lunch.  No.  So I had to decide quick on a place.  I just happened to be passing a little strip mall and saw a Thai place I’d never been to before, Thai Corner.  It was worth a shot so I pulled in a unpacked Benji who was already saying “Eat,eat” and nodding.  Better get some food fast.

We were seated immediately and I ordered us some drinks.  Seeing as the conversation would be light, ordering took only a minute.  Benji said he wanted rice so I got him his own meal off the kids menu even though I was betting it would be a waste.  Once I placed the order, I turned my attention to Benji who seemed to be in a decent mood.  We played for a bit and he was impressed with the origami fish hanging from the ceiling.  He started his routine of screaming at the top of his lungs right as the appetizer arrived.  Luckily that calmed him down.  But wait!  This wasn’t what I’d ordered.  Upon sending it back, Benji got irritated.  The waiter had just teased him with food.  I worked to keep him calm until the replacement arrived.


I handed Benji a few of the pieces of the spring rolls.  He picked at them, not really eating much.  I don’t think he knew what to do with it.  I gave him some of the peanut sauce which he just licked off the rice paper.  Whatever.  Benji’s food arrived just a few minutes later and he immediately saw the snack size Twix they put on his plate.  I tried to move it in time but I wasn’t fast enough.


I managed to get him to try some of his rice while I hid the candy.  That worked for a few bites until her remembered about it and the looked around the table in desperation.  I tried to tell him it was gone but he knew I was lying.  He caught a glimpse of the shiny wrapper behind the drink menu which was doubling as the hiding place and then I had to give in as he started screaming and crying.  I did manage to get him to take bite of his chicken in exchange for the cookie so at least that’s a start of some reasoning over sweets.


Benji then proceeded to stick the entire thing in his mouth.  My food arrived just as he did and then he start to say something about my noodles.  I told him to concentrate on his chewing.  I waited the minute or so it took to chew all the food in his mouth before digging into my food.


Benji was still grazing on just his rice so I gave him some of my noodles which he shoved in his mouth.  No as fast as he does at First Chinese BBQ by a long shot, but it was a good start.  He had to ask for more several times.


I set aside a portion of noodles as I finished up.  For the remainder of the meal I was serving Benji noodles until he handed me his plate and said, “No, mo”.  I settled the bill and the boys went to run errands.

The food

DSC_0037I ordered us the Shrimp Spring Rolls for an appetizer.  They were the highlight of the meal.  Quite good though still nowhere near as good as Noodle Wave.  They had the right balance of noodles and vegetables and a good amount of shrimp.  I wasn’t a huge fan of how they put the meat on top of rolls cut in half.  I suppose that helps with prep time in the kitchen so they can just throw on the meat last minute, but it makes eating them a bit awkward.  The sweet and sour and peanut sauces it came with were both good compliments to the dish.

DSC_0038I ordered Benji the Chicken Teriyaki.  It was nothing fancy but it was a kids meal.  The sauce was pretty generic but the chicken was cooked will and the served a nice portion of veggies with it.

DSC_0045I went with the Pad Thai.  Here they offer it 4 different ways; with rice noodles (the traditional way), glass noodles, as a stir-fry with no noodles, and one with crispy rice paper wrapper.  I stayed with the rice noodles.  It was definitely not the best Pad Thai but it wasn’t bad either.  The flavor was a bit different than I am used to.  It was more of an earthy flavor than a sweet tamarind flavor.

The service

The service here was your typical Asian restaurant quality.  Below average as a whole but average for an Asian restaurant.  I had to flag him down for refills quite a bit and he was sparse when I was looking for some chili sauce for my meal and my check.

The kids

Definitely and above average in kid friendly restaurants.  I always wonder why the Asian places don’t just scoop at smaller portions of a dish for the kids and probably end up with a better profit margin.  These guys took note.  The had a good selection of fare from the adult menu but in smaller form.  It comes served in colorful compartment plates with Zoo Pals utensils which would be great for all ages.  They also get a piece of candy which the kids would love though maybe not the parents.  Bring on the activities and they would be getting excellent in this category.

Total Cost: $20.82

The Rest

No website so the address is:

5129 N Garland Ave
Garland, TX 75040

I am having some technical difficulties with the photos and its getting late.  I’ll try again in the morning to get the pictures up.  I got some cute ones of Benji.

Update:  Here’s your daily fix of Benji.  The photo of the front got messed up so I used a cute one of Benji.

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