The experience

Today is Dusty’s birthday and the request was for margaritas and fish tacos.  Would be easy if we didn’t have to hit a new restaurant!  A quick check on Chowhound led me to Agave Azul, which Ogre says he’s been wanting to try also.  Sounded good!  So we all piled into the Tahoe and headed to Carrollton…what is it with these long drives this week??!  As Ogre mentioned before we left (I didn’t want to go to Greenville because of parking issues), there were parking issues in downtown Carrollton also.  Ogre ended up dropping us off and finding parking.  Dusty had already requested a table and said it would be a 15 minute wait.  It was actually a nice night out, so we didn’t mind waiting outside. The wait turned out to be more like 25, but we eventually were seated.

We decided to forego the high chair, mainly because the hostess walked off without hearing us request one.

We all sat down and Mina started freaking out that “A BUG IS CRAWLING ON ME!!!”  I looked over and it was a ladybug, which I pointed out to Mina and she calmed down.  Ogre suggested that they put it outside and so the two of them went to free the ladybug.  While they were gone, we ordered drinks and the queso

We looked over the menu and after she dropped off the queso, we ordered dinner.  We also asked for tortillas and I have to mention that these were some gosh darn tasty tortillas.  Ogre said they were made with lard.  The kids made tortilla faces with them.



Our dinner arrived and we all dug in.  Dusty was telling a story when somehow Benji’s drink was knocked off the table.  Benji was literally devastated, “my cup!” he wailed.  Luckily, Dusty was drinking margaritas and had not touched his water and offered it to Benji until we could get him a new water.



Meanwhile, Mina was not saying much, I assume because her mouth was actually FULL and CHEWING.  That’s right friends, Mina was eating dinner tonight and did not say anything to me until she was done and that was to say, “I’m all done!” 


Benji escaped out of his chair and joined Mina and me for a little bit and they played and hugged, which was all very cute until Benji wanted to roam.  I sent him back to Papa and then Mina joined them over on that side.  We ordered dessert, which sent everyone back to their rightful spot.


When dessert arrived, we all sang Happy Birthday and dug in.  Benji selfishly ate all the whipped cream he could get his hands on, while Mina tried to eat all the strawberries on the three desserts.


Once dessert was demolished, Mina joined Benji and Papa and Papa tickled them with his beard filling the air with joyful squeals. 


I don’t get it, I think his beard hurts!  The kids keep telling me it tickles.  Whatever.  Anyway, once Dusty finished his margarita, we all headed out to the car.  Ogre offered to drive it over, but it was a nice evening, so we walked.


The food

Mexican food.

We ordered the queso to start and everyone agreed that it was really good.  It had a pretty strong poblano pepper flavor, in my opinion, and some heat…but not enough that picky Mina did not like it.

IMG00657I ordered the Enchilada Trio, which comes with a sour cream chicken enchilada, a beef enchilada with chile con carne, and a cheese enchilada with queso.  It comes with Spanish Rice and refried beans.  I actually asked to replace the Spanish Rice for the Cilantro Lime Rice.  The Cilantro Lime Rice had a lot of cilantro in it, but the rice was overcooked and mushy, and I could not get past that, so I didn’t like it.  The enchiladas, though, were very good.  I liked all of them.  Very flavorful.

IMG00660Ogre ordered Chicken Poblano and he liked it.  It was not as good as Nuevo Leon.  The sauce was not too spicy.  He thought the bean soup that came with it was just “so so.”  IMG00658Our waitress also gave him a side of the Enchilada Mole as he couldn’t decide when he was ordering.  He said that it wasn’t that great.


IMG00656Dusty ordered the fish tacos, which are “market price.”  He said that they were good, but definitely not the best he’s ever had; in fact, it wasn’t even better than the ones he had a lunch!


IMG00655Mina had the Cheese Enchiladas with Chile con Carne.  She ate it all without any prodding and told us that it was very good!


The service

It was okay.  She was a little remiss in the execution of some of our ordering.  They were attentive with refills and the food came out at a good pace.


The kids

They have a kids menu, but no kids activities.  The place is very loud, but it’s also very crowded.

The guys seemed to like the margaritas a lot and the food was pretty good.  If we were to come back, I think the food would be vehicle to the margaritas…the food was decent but not awesome.

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