The experience

This morning, Mina took some standardized test as a prerequisite for a school we’re considering putting her in for the next school year, for her effort and for being good at school last week, the plan was to take her to Chuck E. Cheese tonight.  I think I once vowed on here that we wouldn’t be reviewing Chuck E. Cheese on here, so we’d have to eat out and then head to the Mouse House.  We decided that Outback would be our best bet since there’s one right there.  We headed in, fearful that there would be a long wait, but pleasantly surprised to find that it would only be about 15 minutes.


Mina and Benji read while we were waiting -I use the term “read” loosely with Benji.  He just likes to copy his sister!


We were seated at a booth and settled in.  Benji sat next to Papa and Mina sat next to me.  They got busy right away with the coloring and activities that they hand out to the kids.


We ordered drinks and a half order of cheese fries -Ogre had already decided on that before we sat down.

The menu was quite a  bit different from previous times we’ve been here, so it took us a bit to read the menu.  We were intrigued by the new salads and entree additions. Every time I’d mention that I was going to order something, my husband copied me -I guess that where Benji gets it.

Our cheese fries arrived and the waiter took the rest of our dinner order.  I got a call right as I was ordering and had to answer.  Later, when I was helping Mina with something, I realized that I forgot to order my side of lobster tail.  No fear, Ogre had not forgotten and had ordered it for me while I was on the phone!

Our salads came out right when Mina wanted to play Tic Tac Toe with Papa.  She was patient enough to wait for him to finish his salad and they played but I cannot recall who won.  I assume they tied since Mina did not start dancing and singing about how she won…or she actually did learn about being a good sport when she wins from our discussions the other night at On the Border?


Our food came out and Ogre had to spend quite a bit of time cutting up the ribs for the kids and dividing those out.  Benji didn’t eat much, presumably because he is still recovering from his pukes and dukes, but Mina ate very well.  Apparently, Ogre did not cool down the sweet potato enough before giving Benji a bite as he was very irritated and spit it out.  It took quite a bit of coaxing before he’d try another piece.

Overall, it seemed everyone enjoyed their dinner. Some more than others.  We had to wait on slow Mina to finish dinner, but, believe me, tonight I did not mind the delay as our next stop was Chuck E. Cheese.

The food

I don’t know if they actually make food differently in Australia, but that’s their “thing.”  They have your typical steaks and meat entrees with some seafood additions.

DSC00997We ordered the Cheese Fries to start -Ogre loves these and I have to admit, I find them pretty gosh darn tasty also.  I think it also has to do with the ranch, they have good ranch here.  The fries are greasy and topped with cheddar and jack cheese and some bacon.  I’d recommend the half portion unless you want to eat a ton of fries or there are a lot of you.

DSC01000Next up were the Wedge Salads.  Very good.  It’s a wedge of lettuce with grape tomatoes, red onions and bacon if you’re Ogre with a creamy blue cheese dressing and drizzled reduced balsamic vinegar.  There are plenty of chunks of bleu cheese.  I liked this a lot!  Nice addition to their menu!

DSC01001Ogre and I both ordered the Prime Rib.  This is always hit or miss, and honestly, I like the prime rib at Texas Roadhouse better for this class of steakhouses.  For example, today, my prime rib was not as tender as I’d hoped it would be.  They have a good au jus and I always order a monkey bowl of creamy horseradish sauce on the side (it’s a creamy sauce with horseradish and dill).  Their baked potatoes are rolled in salt, and I have to say they are my favorite baked potatoes and I think that is the reason why.  Ogre ordered the veggies and I also think they have some of the best steamed veggies (I think they butter them).

DSC01003DSC01004Ogre ordered scallops as his additional option and said they were good and that I’d like them, which really means they were probably over cooked since i don’t like scallops that are too tender.  I ordered the lobster tail, which was also good, not awesome, but good enough.

DSC01002Mina and Benji ordered the ribs, which I know are very good.  I once ate a whole rack myself and because I have a neurosis, I’ve never been able to eat those ribs again because it makes me sick to think about eating a whole rack of ribs, but I digress…They’re tender, fall of the bone with a sweet (but not sickly sweet) sauce.

Oh, and I didn’t talk about the bread. I love the bread here, it must have some type of honey in the bread mix because it’s slightly sweet as well, they serve it warm and it’s always soft with a slight crispness to it.  Love it!

The service

Our service was fine, he was a little too laid back (attitude), but he certainly didn’t forget anything.  The food came out at a very appropriate tempo.

The kids

They have a good kids menu and they have crayons and coloring for the kids.  It’s loud and laid back for a casual steakhouse.

I’d recommend this for a less expensive steak dinner with the kids.

The total:  54 bucks or so

Rants, Raves, and Ramblings

When Ogre and I started dating back in high school, this was one of our favorite “nicer” places to go out to eat.  We had fun reminiscing about those time we ate here on our limited high school/college allowances and credit cards. Not very financially savvy, were we?

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