The experience

It’s a little different twist today.  We drove down to Austin for a very important event.  My friend, Leah, who happens to be winning her battle with breast cancer (Yay!) but still has a lot of treatments and surgeries ahead for her ,was having a Benefit Concert in her honor.  We were driving down to help in any way that we could and to support our friend and her family and friends.  We drove down early enough to help set things up, including setting up the makeshift BBQ sales and Silent Auction tent. Juli and her Hard Workin’ Women were already there with their smoker getting the meat prepared.  We could smell the goodness already.  Mina said, “It sure smells good out here!”  By the time we were done with set up, we’d worked up quite an appetite!


After working so hard, and anticipating the bands that would be playing tonight, and Mina’s odoriferous declaration, there was no way we’d be eating anywhere else!  The Scoot Inn was gracious enough to donate the site for today’s event, Austin Land and Cattle donated the meats, and the Hard Workin’ Women donated their smoker, their time and their talents to make a great day for a Benefit Concert, Silent Auction, and BBQ!


Ogre and I helped out with the last concert selling food on the line so Ogre knew that these ladies had talent with the Brisket.  He was very honored to be given the first piece, which he gave me a bite of as well.  Just made my appetite bigger!!

I was part of the sales team, so I did not get to eat right away, but once I did, man, was it good!  I asked for the Special Mix, which if you’re not familiar, you don’t know is all the leftovers from the grill after Juli chops the meat for the trays of pulled pork, pork, brisket and sausage, so you get a little bit of everything.  I have to be difficult, so I asked for my bread on the side.  I don’t like my meal to be too bready.  The BBQ is the star of the show!


Mina and Ogre also ate, but I did not join them.  They sat at one of the cut tree trunks that doubled as a dining table.  I could see them and they seemed to be enjoying dinner and the tunes.


After we ate, I was right back to work and Mina and Papa were right back to dancing.  Oh!  I have to mention that Mina was totally excited about the “Superhero” band.  One of the band members was wearing a Goth Supergirl outfit.  She met her after they played and could hardly contain herself.  She didn’t seem to care that Goth Supergirl was wearing clown make-up.  Hee hee.


Mina had a great time.  I ran into Leah on our way out and joked to her that Mina didn’t want to leave and would make any excuse to stay.  Funny how right I turned out to be…


We tried to leave after the silent auction, but didn’t actually get out til almost midnight.  In part, because Mina decided that she was hungry and even though I gave her choice of eating elsewhere, she made it clear that she wanted to eat here and she wanted a “Special Mix” sandwich.  She got her wish.  After she finished her sandwich and we helped with some last minute issues, we drove off into the dreaded Daylight Savings Time.

The food

Baked BeansPulled PorkPotato SaladBBQ Sandwich and BrisketThe meat and sides were donated by Austin Land and Cattle Restaurant.  The donated meat passed through the hands of Juli of Hard Workin’ Women who brought a big ol’ smoker and her killer BBQ sauce to make EXCELLENT BBQ!

They served brisket, pork, pulled pork and sausage.  Oh, and then there was the “Special Mix.”  This took the cake.  I ordered this knowing it was going to be tasty from the last time these ladies made this BBQ!  The Special Mix is basically what gets left on the smoker grill after Juli’s done chopping up the meats.  She collects all that stuff and then mixes it up with some BBQ for some tasty tasties.  Love this, it’s so good and goes perfect with the potatoes.

Ogre had the sausage and thought it was good, but not half as good as the brisket, which he describes as “UBER-TASTY.”  He says the sausage was above average, but the brisket is out of this world.  The BBQ sauce is sweet and tangy, but not sickeningly sweet.  Good stuff.

The potato salad was good, too.  It was a mustard based potato salad that was perfect with the BBQ sauce.

Ogre nor I tried the beans, but I know from sitting there collecting money for the food that it created quite a buzz as people were coming just to get the beans because someone else said it was so good.

The service

Absolutely outstanding!!  My or Oscar’s friendly, smiling face initially greeted those that wanted to buy some BBQ and later in the night, more wonderful volunteers stepped in to sell the  great food prepared and served by the Hard Workin’ Women and friends who volunteered!  You tell ‘em what you want and these ladies LOADED up your plate with BBQ and fixin’s!  Yeah, we pretty much rocked.

The kids

Definitely not kid unfriendly!  This was a private event, so our kids came, but there were no other kids here!

I cannot recall ever eating at Austin Land and Cattle, but I can tell you that the food they donated coupled with the talents of the Hard Workin’ Women who smoked it up for us and added their tasty BBQ sauce made for BBQ that rivaled anything I’ve ever eaten at a BBQ joint.  Definitely worth every donated penny!!

I hope to update the website with pictures from the event and you are always welcome to donate if you’d like…

The total: 16 bucks plus our donations :)

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