The experience

So it was another busy day and I had to go pick up some heavy equipment for me and Mina’s ongoing Magic Forestland project and it was already getting late. I called Grace from the side of town I was on and we decided we would just meet up at a restaurant with Mina as Benji was still asleep.  There were two choices: Toro for sushi or Chettinaad Palace for Indian.  Grace said surprise her.  As luck would have it, both were right next to each other so I just decided where to eat when I parked.  I looked at the Indian menu as I had been craving it, but there was no apparent kid’s menu and I knew Mina would be happier at Toro, so Toro it was.


Mina came unprepared to the restaurant so she immediately went looking for something to draw with.  After helping me place our sushi order she asked if I she could use the pencil.  I handed it over and Grace split open a chopstick wrapper for paper.  Mina was happy to draw as we placed our order with the waiter.


Mina spotted the soy sauce next and decided she wanted to pour her own.  She asked the difference between the red and the green container.  I explained that one had low salt.  She tried the full salt version and claimed she didn’t like it even though that is usually what she eats. Once I told her that she went ahead and poured herself the regular soy sauce.

Mina managed to finish up her picture before the appetizers arrived.  It was yet another work of art ready for a picture.  It was a picture of the family.  She wanted to include Dusty in that equation.


When the appetizers arrived, Mina grabbed the shrimp tempura right away.  She always loves it and we always have to ask for ketchup.  It came with 5 shrimp.  Mina grabbed two right away and the was a shrimp fight.


My ginger salad dressing was so tasty that I gave Grace the “You have to try this.”  I also gave a small piece to Mina as her vegetable. After a healthy wait, our sushi arrived.  First up was the nigiri and the sashimi.  Mina immediately mentioned she did not want any wasabi and made a funny face that deserved a picture.


Our rolls arrived several minutes behind and we dug in.  The remainder of the meal was pretty uneventful.  Mina ate a good amount of her meal and we finished up our rolls and sushi.

After hunting down the waiter of our check, we settled up and headed home so I could rest up for the Magic Forestland work early in the morning.

The food

It was pretty good sushi here.  They had a decent amount of creative rolls and the sashimi and nigiri sushi were very fresh.

We started out with Shrimp Tempura, Miso soup and House Salad with Ginger Dressing.  Mina devoured 3 of the 5 medium sized shrimp, leaving me and Grace with one each.  It was a very good tempura breading.  Grace said the Miso soup was fine, which means it was average.  I would have to say the ginger dressing on my salad was probably the best I have ever had.

IMG00416We order the Red Dragon roll which was shrimp tempura and crab inside with tuna on top.  This roll was excellent.  I would definitely order it again.  If it had any downside, it was that the crab softened the tempura so that it didn’t have as much crunch as usual.  If you like tuna and shrimp tempura rolls, try this one.

We also ordered the Shogun roll.  It has spicy tuna and cream cheese inside and was deep fried.  It had a dab of spicy sauce on each piece.  Neither I nor grace are the biggest fans of cream cheese sushi, but this one was definitely quite tasty.  The breading was similar to the tempura breading and filled Grace’s desire for a spicy tuna roll.

IMG00414IMG00413We also ordered yellowtail, tuna and eel nigiri sushi.  All of it was very good.  Fresh and not fishy.  Grace noted that the eel was still warm which is just how she likes it.  Mina went for her regular tuna sashimi.  She ate a good amount of it even though she had eaten a ton of shrimp tempura.  She did mention her favorite was still Sushi Awaji and Sushi Masu where she got it on ice.

The service

The service was just OK.  I had to flag him down a few times and it wasn’t even that crowded.  And the meal seemed a bit slow even for a sushi. Could have been better.

The kids

Not all that kid friendly.  If your kids like sushi this place would be fine.  You could also get away with tempura, teriyaki or dumplings.  Besides that the decor and atmosphere is minimalist and not very cozy.

Total Cost: ~$80

The rest

This place has no apparent website, or maybe its because its name is the name of a popular type of sushi so there are too many search results for me to find it. Either way, this place is located right between the now closed Cafe De France and Fuddruckers.

2205 N Central Expy
Plano, TX 75075

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