The experience

Me and the kids would be eating without Grace this evening, so I invited Oma and Grandpoo.  We left their house without real direction and I suggested the Japan House that I had been eyeballing for a bit.  Grandpoo cautiously agreed and we were parking a few minutes later.  We all headed in and Grandpoo looked concerned as we walked past the buffet and all he noticed was sushi.  He’s never had it before and doesn’t really want to try it.  I told him there was cooked items on the back end of the buffet.


With that Grandpoo and Oma headed to the buffet.  I took Mina and Benji up and loaded up a plate for them.  I sat the kids down with my parents and headed back for my own meal.  When I returned with my udon noodles, Benji decided that looked tastier than what I had gotten him and wanted all mine.  He ended up eating a good amount of it.


Everyone managed two returns to the buffet plus a small sampling of the desserts.  While we were finishing up our last round, they brought out a hug gong and snag happy birthday to the next table.  It was quite load.  Benji was surprisingly not scared.


We were about to head out when the waiter offered some ice cream.  Everyone got a small scoop and then we paid up and headed home.

The food

DSC_0009DSC_0011DSC_0010A large Japanese buffet with  a good amount of sushi, rolls, a noodle bar, and a cooked meat section.  Overall, it was quite tasty.  The sushi was fresher than other buffet sushi I have had before, and there was probably 20 different rolls to choose from that were quite good as well.

The noodle bar had ramen, miso, udon, and a thai soup as well.  You got to choose a broth and noodle and add your own fixings.  You could also opt to make a hot pot at your table.  They had all the stuff to prepare sukiyaki.  I’d go back to give that a try.  I probably enjoyed this the most.

The meats were pretty good as well.  They had 10 or so cooked meats as well as a teppen where you could select some meats and veggies for cooking.  The short ribs and teriyaki chicken were the best meat items.  The teppen was just ok.  I was unimpressed with the beef though the scallops were good.

They had a decent dessert selection and you get free ice cream as well.

The service

Its a buffet so they are just there for clearing dishes and drinks as well as bringing ice cream and the giant birthday gong.  They did all competently.

The kids

No items specifically for kids but there is a good enough selection that you should have no problems.  Benji was free, Mina was a few bucks.

Total Cost: ~$85

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