The experience

We headed out with no destination again tonight.  I am working downtown this week, which means I leave for work at 6:15, which means I like to get to bed early, which means we have to eat dinner early or quickly, preferably both.  Well, we didn’t head out of the house until 6:30 and we were eating dinner with Mina.  So far, it was not looking like early or quickly were going to happen.  I opted for optimizing the nearby factor.  I didn’t maximize it as much as yesterday, but we stayed relatively close by eating in Garland.  I mentioned Babe’s to Ogre and away we went.


We arrived and Mina immediately wanted to sit on the seats outside, I told her we’d hit that on the way out.  We went in and were seated right away.  Benji immediately layed eyes on the butter.  So did I.  I was actually very impressed with the butter.  So much so that Ogre took a picture. Plugra, pretty high end butter, if you know your butter and I know my butter. I took the butter out of Benji’s line of sight so that he’d quit pointing and whining for some.


Mina sat down and pulled out her coloring book, her markers, and her DS.  She was able to busy herself without any problems.  Our waitress came by and took our drink orders and asked us if we wanted salad. We definitely wanted salad.  She went ahead and took the rest of our order since it’s pretty standard here. 

You order the meat you want and that comes out with the sides on hand, which are typically green beans, creamed corn, mashed potatoes +/-gravy, and apparently butter beans.

We got our salad and when she brought that out, I requested some biscuits for the Benj.  He was getting a little antsy.  The biscuits were met with general excitement and once the butter and honey were added, received a nod and “goot” from the littlest food critic. 

Our food came out pretty soon after.  We opted not to order anything separate for the kids because we figured they’d just eat some of ours.  I never finish mine and the sides are family style.  I started cutting up some chicken for Benji and Ogre gave Mina one of his pieces of chicken. 


We were busy eating, well, I was busy eating and then cutting up more chicken for Benji, who was devouring his chicken at lightning speeds!  Then Benji surprised me by saying, “Dance…mommy.”  He was dancing as he said it.  I think it’s the first time he’s ever requested anything from me.  Of course, I danced to his little heart’s content.  And so did Mina.  She’s a great dancer!


Apparently, our children love Babe’s.  Benji ate an entire chicken thigh.  Mina finished off her wing and wanted more.  We ended up having to buy another piece of chicken for Mina.  Turns out they’d only give us a drumstick, though.  Mina said that was okay.  She ate a tiny bit of salad, then decided she’d rather have corn and ate a decent (for Mina) amount of corn.  She said it tasted like a milkshake, so I don’t know why there would be any problem with eating the corn, but she was still a little resistant.

Benji having finished quite a bit of chicken at this point, was now enthralled with the biscuit/butter/dip dip (pointing to the honey) combination.  About all I heard from my left side was “buh-ter” and “dip dip”…over and over and over again.  Ogre even offered to switch seats with me so I could eat without being interrupted with requests for more honey and/or butter.  I didn’t mind though.  I hadn’t seen Benji all day, and he’s just so darned cute, how could you not oblige??


We finally finished up and I literally had to unbutton my pants.  Phew.  Thank goodness my shirt was on the long side!

Ogre paid up and Mina and I headed outside to take the picture I promised her.



Benji and Ogre came out to join us and Benji wanted to sit in the chair like Ate Mina and rock…or so he thought.  Once the chair started rocking, Benji cried, “Go yeah!” and wanted out of the chair as quickly as possible!



The food

What would you call this?  Home cookingAmerican fare?  Meat and 3+?  (Any readers from Nashville?  Meat ‘n threes are huge there!). 

DSC_0076We started with the salad.  They served chopped iceberg lettuce with a dressing that is sort of sweet and sour.  By that I mean that it is a vinegar based dressing with a touch of sugar, salt, and pepper.  Sometimes, this salad is a little off here.  Either the proportions of the dressing is not quite right or the lettuce isn’t crisp.  Today, when it counts (i.e., we’re “reviewing” it), it was perfect!  Nice crisp lettuce and perfectly proportioned dressing.

DSC_0079DSC_0078I ordered the Fried Chicken.  Yummy!  I would say that a lot of people use the batter as part of the evaluation of a good fried chicken and I cannot comment on that because I never eat the skin.  Sorry.  I use the juiciness and the flavor of the meat as my main factors.  Today, the chicken was above averaged, I’d say.  The meat was pretty juicy, it had good flavor and it certainly was not overdone.  Benji liked it, too.  Ate the whole big ol’ thigh!

Ogre ordered the Baked Chicken.  Diet, remember?

DSC_0082DSC_0080DSC_0081The sides: we actually opted against the butter beans, so I can’t tell you much about those.  I also neglected the green beans and Ogre hates green beans.  I have a thing against green beans that look like the were stewed out of a can.  I’m not saying these were, I don’t know how they cook them, but just looking like they were turns me off.  The creamed corn, though? Excellent.  Sweet and creamy.  One of the best batches I’ve had here!  The mashed potatoes? Awesome.  Again, nice and creamy with a good buttery flavor.  Best sides I’ve had here. 

For the kids, they do have a kids portions of everything but the pork ribs.  That means, the fried chicken, baked chicken, pot roast, catfish, gosh, I can’t remember what else.  But it’s $3.49.  They gave us the leg for Mina for $1.35.


The service

Our service was good today.  She was attentive, kept the drinks refilled, was nice.  I couldn’t ask for much more.  Oh, they brought the food out quickly.  No problems tonight.  The manager even came outside when we were messing around on the chairs just to say hello and have a good night.  Very friendly and a nice neighborhood feel.


The kids

Yeah, I’d call it kid friendly.  There’s no kids activities, but they have almost all the adult choices in kid portions.  There were a ton of kids in the restaurant and I certainly felt comfortable eating dinner here.

I love this place when I want to sit down, eat some good fried chicken and bad for me sides,.  Oh! and eat biscuits with butter ‘n honey.  Mmm.  Mmm. MMM!  It’s bad for your health, but, oh so go good for your taste buds!!

The total: $28.18


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