The experience

Benjamin did not wake up until 11 am this morning!  So much for a true breakfast.  Mina’s favorite “going out” meal is breakfastBrunch is the non-early-riser’s breakfast or for the family that can’t decide on going out for lunch or breakfast, in my unwanted opinion.  On our way to “brunch,” Ogre mentioned that he thought it is because she does not have to eat vegetables at breakfast.  He’s probably right, plus the fact that it’s often all about carbs, sweets, and grease.  We decided to have brunch at place called Benedict’s in Addison.  One of our friends had mentioned that it was a good place to have breakfast.

They told us it would be about a 5 minute wait and they were right on the money.  We hooked in Benjamin’s seat and noted that the table was a little bit unsteady.  I made Ogres sit across from Benji just in case Benjamin might decide to tip the table somehow. 

The menu was a little overwhelming with all the choices for breakfast.  We did not even look at lunch items.  Ogre tried to joke with Mina about having a PB&J sandwich; of course, this almost turned into a fiasco as Mina decided that, indeed, that would be what she would have.  After some coaxing and redirection, she decided that, instead, she would have chocolate chip pancakes with eggs and bacon.

Notably, there was no provision of crayons or paper to keep the kids busy while we waited, so I decided to go ahead and order the kids’ breakfast while Ogre and I continued to pour over the vast menu.  We asked our waitress about her favorite choices and she stated that she liked the Stuffed French Toast and Omelette Florentine.  I figured that since we were eating at Benedict’s we should get a poached egg type breakfast.  In reality, I would have preferred the cheese blintzes, belgian waffle, or some other carb-y menu item.  I thought a good compromise would be to order one of the poached egg selections and one other breakfast entree that Ogre and I could share.  We settled on the Eggs Oscar (I would have chosen the Smoked Salmon Benedict, but Ogre does not like salmon) and the Stuffed French Toast since the waitress suggested it.  We both had coffee that was average, at best.  It was a nice touch that they left a carafe for us to refill our cups.

Mina enjoyed her chocolate chip pancakes and bacon and ate some of her scrambled eggs.  The oatmeal I ordered for Benjamin was fine and he enjoyed feeding himself oatmeal and sliced bananas.  Our entrees came out about 5 minutes after theirs.  The eggs were placed before me and the french toast in front of Ogre so we ate our respective halves and then switched.  At some point Benjamin indicated that he had made his diaper dirty so I had to take him to change his diaper.  There was a koala station in the women’s bathroom so we had not problems.  When we came back, my french toast was still awaiting its first dig.  Honestly, by the time I finished my half of the eggs, I was pretty full.  I ate the french toast, it was so sweet that it was like dessert.   

The food

Well, if you’re going to call yourself Benedict’s, you better have some awesome, earth shattering poached eggs.  That’s how I feel anyway.  I thought theirs was good, but I’ve definitely had better.  The Stuffed French Toast was not bad, but I thought it was a little rich and not something I would order again.  Ogre’s thoughts pretty much echo my sentiments.  I asked Mina what she thought of her pancakes and she said she liked them, but she liked the ones at the Original Pancake House (her favorite breakfast spot) better.  I tried Benji’s oatmeal during the “cooling phase” of his meal and it was nothing spectacular.

The menu had pretty much everything you might ever want for breakfast, so maybe we just ordered the wrong things??  I thought it was a little pricey for breakfast and the fare that we got.  Same for the children’s menu, nothing interesting and a little overpriced for my taste at $6.95 per selection.

The service

Again, nothing spectacular here.  The carafe of coffee left at her table was a huge plus as this is often Ogre’s biggest complaint at breakfast joints.  He goes through coffee like they’re going to run out at any moment.  Our waitress was nice but the restaurant and she did not go out of their way to keep our kids entertained. 

The kids

Yes, they have a kids menu and they put chocolate chips in their pancakes, but that’s about it in terms of what are you going to do for my kids. 

Total price: 41.73

What did guidelive say about it?

Since there is no link for their restaurant:

4800 Belt Line Road
Dallas, TX 75254

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