The experience

Today I had my high level ultrasound over near Presby Plano; it was going to be in the morning, so I thought we’d get a quick bite on that side of town before my appointment.  When I worked over there, I would often grab a bagel at Einstein’s before rounding.  That little bit of nostalgia landed us at Einstein’s for breakfast.

We walked up to the counter and knew our order right away…well, all of us except Benji.  We eat muffins a lot at our house for breakfast and I thought a bagel might be too tough for him, so we pointed out the muffins to him.  He CLEARLY nodded and said “mm-hmm” when we asked him if he wanted a strawberry muffin.

We paid and sat down.  Benji was very excited to be sitting in his “greem” (green) high chair.  We started to eat breakfast.  I put Benji’s extra large muffin before him and he picked up and started to eat the BOTTOM of the muffin, which still had the paper on it!  I took it away, took the paper off and then told him he could it.  I don’t know what kind of scarring I caused, but he would not touch the muffin again. 


Ogre tried to take a bite, I cut it up into pieces, but he refused! I promise you that this boy did not eat anything that morning. He did drink his chocolate milk and had a yogurt drink before we left the house.  But he would not eat!

Other than that fiasco, Ogre filled me in on Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, one of his favorite shows and we headed on to the hospital.


The food

Bagels, muffins, stuff like that.

Generally speaking, their bagels are large and a little more on the softer side.  I prefer mine toasted to add a little touch of crispness.  I enjoy the Honey Almond cream cheese and I’m a purist, so that’s all I ask for on my plain bagel.  Ogre likes to sweeten the deal with the blueberry bagel. 


We ordered a muffin for Benji, which was not really touched by him.  Ogre had a bite and said it was very cakey and sweet -qualities he enjoyed!



The service

Counter service.


The kids

They don’t really have a kids menu or kids activities (not that I’d expect them, too).  I think most things on their menu, though, are kid palate friendly.

I like this place for a quick bagel.  It’s not my favorite bagel joint, but that one doesn’t exist in DFW!

The total: 12.07

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