The experience

Today we needed to go out to eat and go to Wal-Mart for groceries.  Our plan was to eat at Roma’s (I was in the mood for pizza).  As has happened so many times in the past when we actually have a game plan for dinner, we arrived at the restaurant to find it closed on Sundays. Now what?  We have already eaten at many of the restaurants in this area and we did not want to venture far from Wal Mart. We had Dusty with us, which means nothing, and I mean nothing adventuresome.  Not even Chinese food.  That left Mexican food.  El Pueblita, to be exact.

El Pueblito

We arrived and were seated right away.  We ordered queso with our drinks and looked over the menu as we’d never been here before.  This is definitely a restaurant we’d never had ventured in to had it not been for our Fiasco challenge!  Before we got our drinks, Benji was already dipping his chips in the salsa.  Ogre let him and I chided him about doing that when we didn’t have anything for him to drink.  Ogre argued that he’d “shaken” the excess salsa off.  Turned out to be a moot point as Benji ate it without any problems. Chili head.

Benji is already loving

She brought out our drinks and Benji was very impressed.  We could tell he was excited to have a “big boy” cup.  He kept nodding at his cup and saying, “wa wa goot” (water good)!  We never let him hold non-sippy or kid cup drinks and he gets so frustrated with us! 

We put in our dinner order and soon after our queso came out and Benji was excited about that, too.  We requested a little bowl for him to put some queso in and she was very quick to bring this out to us.  We all enjoyed the queso while we waited for the entrees.  Well, all of us except Ogre.  He’s still on his diet. 

Mina was busy coloring.  Luckily, she brought her bookbag full of coloring books and markers.  This place didn’t have any crayons or coloring to offer.  Our food came out after a short while and Benji immediately started requesting “RICE!”  I gave him a nice portion of rice and beans.  He had a few bites and then drank his water.  I’ve never seen him enjoy water so much!

Mina hard a work coloring

We were all very impressed with our dinners.  I was very impressed with Mina’s appetite tonight as well.  She ate her entire grilled cheese sandwich without a word from Ogre or me.  Now that’s a feat!

Benjamin was eyeing Dusty’s dinner and Dusty gave him a small piece.  Benji enjoyed that one bite. He picked up a nearby fork and tried to pilfer more off Dusty’s plate.  We gave him more of Dusty’s enchilada.  Once Benji had enough, he picked up his plate and said, “no mo” (no more).  We knew that we were all ready to go when he also picked up his glass and said, “no mo” (no more) and handed it over to Ogre.

Benji wants Dusty's food


The food

This was a nice little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant that serves your traditional Tex Mex dishes.

QuesoThe queso was very good -nice and creamy.


Blano EnchildasI ordered the Enchiladas Verdes and enjoyed them.  The tomatillo sauce was very tangy, almost too tangy for me.  But I’d rather have too tangy than not tangy enough so I’m not going to complain.  The chicken was shredded, but not dry.  Rice and beans were also good.


Chicken fajita street tacosOgre ordered the Chicken Fajita Tacos, which reminded me of street tacos as they are served with cilantro and onions.  He said they tasted great, particularly with how inexpensive they were. 


Dusty ordered Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas and he made it a point to tell me that they were very good.  Benji can vouch for the tastiness also.

Grilled CheeseMina ordered a grilled cheese sandwich, we replaced her fries with rice and beans.  She ate the whole thing!  Must’ve liked it…there was none left for Ogre or I to try.



The service

Service was average I would say.  I had to ask her for a refill once, but my drink was kind of off to the side.  She kept Ogre’s iced tea nice and filled all through dinner.  They were attentive and the food came out at a nice tempo.


The kids

This place is casual and did not seem to have any problems with kids being at the restaurant.  They have a nice little kids menu, but no kids activities.  I don’t know that I’d expect them to be handing out crayons, anyway.  We felt very comfortable eating here with the kids.

I’d recommend this place for good, casual, quick Tex Mex dinner with the kids.  It was definitely a pleasant surprise!

The total:  $24.52 (does not include Dusty’s dinner)

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