The experience

My mission for the day was to get some badly needed make up.  I’ve been out all week and everyone has been commenting on how tired I look.  No, I’m just unable to camoflauge the huge dark circles under my eyes, but thanks for caring.  Because I tend to be difficult, I have to get my make up at Neiman’s, which meant dinner at or around NorthPark or Willowbend.  We weighed and debated our options and decided that The Keg would be an interesting, yet unknown expense (no prices on the online menus) for the evening.  I called to see what the wait was like and we drove up to the area…40 minutes!  Yowsers.  Well, we figured we could head to the mall after we put our names on the list.  We did that and headed over to Neiman’s to get the make-up.  I swear we were there for at least 20 minutes, and we went right back over to the restaurant.  The kids were looking super cute in their matching Yo Gabba Gabba shirts!!



We waited at least 40 minutes, maybe 45-50 minutes in total for our table.  It was hard to keep Benji entertained and out of people’s way, particularly because Ogre was obsessing about our crappy camera (it’s a Sony).  We finally were seated and were amused to see that our table was nicely set up for the kids.



We settled in and ordered our drinks.  She told me that they have fresh squeezed lemonade, so I ordered that for myself.  When I got it, boy was it sweet!  Ridiculously sweet…I ended up pouring a glass and a half of my water to dilute the sweetness.  Once I did that, it tasted great!

The waitress told us that they’d be bringing out the kids’ appetizers shortly (without us even asking or mentioning anything).  Cool.  She brought out plates with orange wedges, celery, and carrots to which Benji exclaimed, “WOW!!”  I was pretty impressed also.

Kid's Appetizer


Next out came a nice surprise.  I actually thought they brought an appetizer to the wrong table!  The manager brought out a complimentary Shrimp Cocktail just because it was our first time visiting!!  Love that!!  And it tasted great!



We put in our dinner order and waited while Mina colored and Benji pseudo-colored also.  He was more into playing with his crayons than anything else.

Mina was urged to finish off a piece of celery and a carrot to be rewarded with a Strawberry smoothie IF she finished that before the entrees arrived.  She worked on this very diligently and finished off her celery and her requisite one carrot.  She told Ogre to close his eyes and did not want him to look at her until she told him to look down at her plate where we found that BOTH of her carrots had been eaten! She got high fives all around for this particular feat and the Strawberry Smoothie was ordered.

Strawberry Smoothie


We, of course, asked for an extra cup for Benji since he would freak if he didn’t have some also.  Both of the kids really enjoyed their smoothie.



Ogre and I ate our salad and soup.  I offered Benji some soup, but he didn’t seem to like it.  In fact, when I offered him more, he closed his eyes and pretended he was sleeping and wouldn’t answer me.  I took that as a no…




We didn’t have to wait too long for the entrees to come out and we made up a small plate for Benji to dip dip the hamburger meat.  Ogre and I were both very impressed with our dinners.  Our children were not.  We had each of them try the lobster and neither one of them liked it.  I cannot believe it!!  Mina only enjoyed playing with the tail.



Ogre tried to get Mina to eat a little more celery but having the celery sing that it wanted to go to the party in her tummy…so yummy, so yummy…



About this time, I was really starting to feel the “hurt” of working so much and became exponentially tired.  It did not help that Benji was now crying about a crayon that must have fallen on the floor and none of the other crayons would make do. 



I was pretty much ready to go, but Mina was still working on her burger and we had not seen our waitress in quite some time to request the check.



It all came together that Mina finished her burger when we finally got the bill.  Of course, another 10 minutes had to pass before she came back to PROCESS the card, and I thought I might put a fork in my eye, but I chilled enough to be able to wait impatiently for us to settle the tab and head home!


The food

This is a steakhouse, so thing lots of beef, some chicken, and a little bit of seafood.  I’d classify in the moderately priced steakhouse category.

French Onion Soup I ordered a French Onion Soup to start and Ogre ordered a Wedge Salad.  We both thought these were very good.  Not the best we’ve ever had, but above average for sure.  My French Onion Soup had a hearty broth and a mild sweetness to it (they say they use Spanish Onions).  Wedge SaladI don’t actually like any of the “stuff” they put in there (I’ll eat it, but it’s not why I get French Onion Soup), but the bread had pretty much disintegrated and there weren’t a ton of onions, so for me, these were positive things!  Ogre’ s salad was reportedly very good.  He thought I would like it, but I did not want to try it this evening.  He said the applewood smoked bacon was excellent, as was the bleu cheese dressing, which was tangy (had a good infusion of vinegar) and the bleu cheese flavor came through nicely.

The kids’ appetizers were made up of orange wedges, carrots and celery served with ranch dressing.  Cute!

Filet MignonI ordered the 7 oz filet mignon with the twice baked potato.  It also came with a small baked tomato with cheese atop it.  My steak was prepared perfectly and the steak was very well seasoned and had a nice grill flavor.  One of the best steaks I’ve had in a while. 

Prime Rib and LobsterOgre ordered the Prime Rib and Lobster with  Garlic Mashed Potatoes.  His prime rib was also prepared perfectly (medium rare).  It said it was juicy and with good flavor, but would have prepared a little more salt on the crust.  His lobster was also excellent and tasted like a dream with the drawn butterHe said that the mashed potatoes were very tasty.  They were very creamy and had potato skins in the mix.  He said that the garlic flavor was not overwhelming.

Mini BurgersMina ordered mini burgers with cheese and, of course, we always think the kids’ burgers are overdone.  She thought it tasted fine.  The burgers are served on a somewhat hard roll. 

You can also choose BBQ Grilled Chicken, Chicken Strips or a Half Rack of Ribs and these come with fries, veggies or a Caesar salad and dessert and drink!  Pretty good deal!


The service

Above average to excellent.  Our server was attentive and, for the most part, kept drinks filled.  The manager bid us hello and surprise! brought us the free cocktail appetizer.  The chef also came out to check on things.   The food came out at pretty good tempo for being a steak restaurant. Towards the end of dinner, the service became a bit more lax, but my attitude was also deteriorating, so I was more impatient.


The kids

For a steakhouse and a nice dinner, this place is absolutely kid-friendly.  I was actually surprise and impressed in how kid friendly they were.  The table was set up nicely for the kids, they had a healthy “appetizer” for the kids and great kids choices.  Crayon and an activity placemat, the restaurant was loud with fun tunes playing overhead, what more could we ask for??


I think this place is AWESOME for a great steak dinner that is moderately priced WITH the kids!  They really did this one right when it comes to thinking about families!

The total: ~112 (two glasses of wine)

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