The experience

DSC_0032Again, this is being written about a week out, so I cannot remember details about dinner.  I do know that we decided to eat at Greek Islesin pursuit of the lemon soup, which escaped us when we ate at Mediterranean Cafe and Bakery.  We were seated right away and the restaurant was not too full.  It seemed like it would be another uneventful dinner

We ordered hummus and pita bread to start and that is when details become extremely fuzzy.  I started to get the worst heartburn and reflux ever!!  Ogre, of course, thinks it’s somewhat psychosomatic as he cannot believe that anyone could get heartburn after eating 1 tablespoon of hummus.  I can tell you he is wrong.  It was crazy and lasted well until after we left the restaurant, got the kids in bed, and I sat myself at a 30 degree angle in bed attempting to sleep through my crazy heartburn in anticipation of awakening at 4 o’clock in the morning for our 7:15 flight.  Awesome. 

Mina was unaware of our pending trip to the Dominican Republic and we revealed the secret to her with a shirt that said “Mommy’s Island Girl.”  She loved it and wore it right away!




Benji could have cared less.  All he wanted to do was yell “Number 2!”  I realized what he was talking about when I looked in the direction he was looking.




I can’t even tell you if the kids behaved themselves.  I’m pretty sure that there was another table who thought Benji’s singing was adorable, but other than that, they could have screamed bloody murder and thrown knives at the other patrons, and since I was screaming bloody murder in my own mind with the excruciating chest pain, I would not have been the wiser.



The food

Mediterranean/Greek Food.

DSC_0041We ordered the hummus to start.  I don’t know if you’ve read any previous posts of ours (or mine), but I don’t really like hummus unless it’s from Cafe Izmir.  So, don’t be surprised that this one was not awesome in my opinion.  I can tell you that Ogre thought that it was very good.  I thought it had a very strong cumin flavor.  I also think that it gave me severe heartburn and reflux.  So much so that the rest of dinner was quite the blur. 

DSC_0042I could not even stomach my soup, which came out next.  Ogre says it was good -it has a rich, creamy lemon flavor and seems to be made with a chicken broth.  My salad came out, which was huge.  I ordered the Greek Isle Salad and it was good.  DSC_0043I was able to eat enough to stave off hunger, but the reflux did not really allow me to enjoy it or eat too much of it.


DSC_0047Ogre had the Lemon Chicken, which he said was very good.  They serve it with a Greek Lasagna type dish, which he did not like as he thought there was a weird sweetness to it.  Baseline, Ogre doesn’t like green beans, but I’ve had them here before and think they are really good.  I did not risk trying them that night.

DSC_0044The kids had chicken tenders and they both seemed to like it just fine.


The service

Service wasn’t bad tonight.  Not great, but nothing to complain about.  The food comes out at a good tempo.


The kids

Another one that’s not NOT-kid-friendly, but they don’t go out of their way.  No kids activities and no kids menu.

I’ll have to give this one another try when I’m not having terrible heartburn and nausea.  Ogre likes it.

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