The experience

Ogre had a business meeting on the other side of town and called me to suggest that we meet up in Addison for an early dinner.  Sounded great to me.  Of course, as I was leaving, I was paged about an admission, which delayed me about 20 minutes.  No problem, Ogre said he’d be having a beer at the bar anyway.  I finally got the kids all packed up and headed across town.  I didn’t want to drive to far into Addison or Dallas, so we decided on Fish City Grill tonight.


When we arrived, Ogre was finishing up a beer and was singing the praises of the gumbo.  He told me that I should order it, but I decided not to because I’d be getting the Crawfish Etoufee and surely that would be quite filling.  I asked Ogre about the camera and he said he’d forgotten it.  Hmm, more camera pictures.  Ogre kept going on about the gumbo and hinted that I had not responded to an email about ordering an appetizer.  I asked him which account he sent it to and once again reminded him that the account he sent it to does not come to my Blackberry.  Ogre had no question that he would be ordering the Fish Tacos.  For Mina, we suggested that she order the Peel and Eat Shrimp thinking she’d think that was cool.  When we put in the order, I requested veggies for her.

Mina busied herself with coloring, or actually tracing on the backside the picture from the front.  Benji seemed pretty content with himself munching on crackers so Ogre and I were able to get some pretty good conversation in tonight.

Our food came out pretty quickly and I cooled off some Mac and Cheese for Benji.  He also cooled of his dish by blowing on it and Ogre helped Mina peel her shrimp. She thought it was cool to put the shell on her finger and make it move.  She made me take a picture, of course.


Dinner went off without too much of a hitch tonight.  Mina ate her requisite vegetables, finished off her shrimp. Benji got in a little bit of trouble for trying to hit me with the macaroni and cheese spoon, but he just gave me stinkeye and moved on to something else.

The waiter did notice that I did not seem to have eaten much of my meal, I told him it was because there wasn’t enough crawfish.  He apologized and said he’d let “them” know.  I’m not sure who “them” is.

We had to wave him down to get our check and wave him down after we had our credit card ready to go.  We left and parted ways so that Mina could buy Marigolds with Papa and I could go do my admission.


The food

IMAG0079Before I even got there, Ogre had ordered a cup of the gumbo.  He says it was really tasty and now I wish I would’ve ordered it because I definitely did not get filled up on my order. 


IMG00178I ordered the Crawfish Etouffee.  It was definitely better in flavor that Dodie’s, but not as good as Boudreaux’s or Razzoo’s.  The roux was buttery and flavorful, but there was only a crawfish here and there so it wasn’t “meaty” enough for me.  I supplemented my sparse meal by eating Benji’s mac and cheese, but here I sit only 2 hours later and I’m already hungry. 

IMG00176Ogre ordered the fish tacos.  I ordered these the last, and only other, time we’ve eaten here.  They are very, very good -I think 2 people could actually share this because they are notably HUGE!  THey are packed with fish and veggies and the dip that comes with it is pretty good -a little on the mayonnais-y side.  It also comes with rice.

IMG00179Mina ordered the peel and eat shrimp with veggies on the side.  It only comes with 3 shrimp, so again, you better not have brought an appetite.  I thought this was on the skimpy side.  The vegetables were plentiful though and were more than just your standard fare.  They served broccoli and julienned zucchini and squash.  Benji and I liked the zucchini and Mina stuck to the broccoli. We also ordered mac and cheese for Benji, but he wasn’t hungry -thank goodness because I needed some and Mina wanted some, too.

The kids menu has peel and eat shrimp, catfish stick basket, hamburger, fried shrimp basket, and quesadillas -those come with their (or your) choice of fries, slaw or veggies.  The mac and cheese stands alone (high ho the dairy-o).  Forgive me.


The service

Service was okay today, certainly not awesome, but not necessarily bad.  He was pretty attentive and kept our drinks filled, but there was a little difficulty getting a hold of him when we needed some extra napkins and when we wanted to get the check -little stuff like that.


The kids

Seems to be a pretty kid friendly restaurant.  It’s laid back, it’s casual.  They give out crayons and page to color on.  Their kids menu has some pretty good choices and you can get good steamed vegetables with them if you want!

Ogre thinks that they have some of the best fish tacos in town.  I like their food, too.  It’s funny because those fish tacos are ridiculously huge, but my Crawfish Etouffe was lacking in Crawfish.  I’m going to recommend this place for the fish tacos because I agree that they are excellent, but I’m not so sure about the rest.

The total: $48.31 (includes 3 Turbo Dogs)

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