The experience

Dr. Mom was very busy at work today so didn’t get in until late.  Mina and I had already baked and delivered the rest of her Sweet Mina pies which I am sure made Grace happy.  If you read the Paesano’s fiasco, you’ll see the time the pies have eaten up.  Benji was still asleep from his nap that started over 2 hours earlier, so we had to wake him to get moving.  He woke in a great mood.  So we packed up and headed out without a plan.  On the way out the door, I noticed a coupon sticking out the drawer in the kitchen.  Buy one get one free dinner entree.  Sounds like the plan would be Flying Fish Firewheel.

Flying Fish

We arrived and noted some other new restaurant across the street, Cooppie’s.  Might need to try that sometime soon.  But that’s for another day, so we unloaded everyone and headed in.  There was quite a line and crowd.  That boded well.  As we got the counter, I realized they had probably come for the all-you-can eat catfish on Wednesday.  I’m not a catfish fan and Grace isn’t an all you can eat fan so that wouldn’t be helping Team Phipps.

We had plenty of time to decide on our orders from the overhead menu board while we waited in line.  Once we got to the register, I started to order while Grace went to get the rest of the family seated.  I got water for Mina who was still supposed to be water only because she drank from the carton at home.  Benji decided he wanted the “wa-wa” instead so Mina got off easy yet again.  I also grabbed some “dip-dip” for the whole table.  Benji was busy on the crackers when I returned and wanted the ketchup.  I handed it over just as Grace tried to stop me.  Too late.  Benji started taking large dips of ketchup with his crackers.  I had to get him into his chair on the other side of the table away from Mommy as this was making her ill.

Mommy was disgusted

I didn’t mind until the food arrived and Benji nonchalantly tossed it over the side of the table.  Ketchup went everywhere.  It was all over his seat and the booth.  It fell to the floor and ended up all over his “Meow” that he had brought in.  Nice one Benji…

Stuffed animal massacre

I used up a bunch of paper towels cleaning up the mess and left the tray full of dirty towels under his seat. Turned out to be a good thing. That’s a little foreshadowing for you.  Meanwhile, Mina and I noticed her food came with one of those cool Fortune Telling Fish that you may remember from your childhood.  I told her I’d show her how to use it when she finished eating.  That lead to her asking about it 10 times during dinner.  But she happily ate her catfish to get to play with the toy.  She even struck some poses with the fish.

Funny Fish Face

Funny Fish Day

I had given Benji some of my rice beans and some catfish from Grace’s basket.  The guy behind the counter had mentioned something in a thick accent about the catfish, but I had no idea what he said.  Now that we saw Grace had 2 fish filets, it became clear that he said we might as well get the second filet since Grace’s meal would be free with our coupon either way.

In any event, Benji was not really touching his food so his sweet Tata give up her animal crackers.  Mina giving away all her cookies is saying something.  Benji was happy to start munching on those.

Tata gave me coo coos

Of course, this lead to Benji not touching any of his other food.  Maybe because he didn’t have any ketchup?  That brings me back to that tray.  I was happily eating my shrimp when I looked over to Benji picking up his plate to say “no mo”.  Too late he dumped it all over his lap and onto the booth below. Luckily, I had put the tray there by chance so it caught about half the mess.  This wasn’t looking pretty. Mina had pretty much finished up as had Grace and I.  So I quickly showed her how to use the fortune telling fish.  Mommy asked it a question, “Does Mina have to go straight to bed when we get home?”  It flipped out of Mina’s hand so that was a no!  Mina liked that answer.  Now the fish was her favorite toy.

Miracle Fish

Now it was time to go before the mess got any worse.  Ok so it wasn’t quite a food fight but it might as well have been one with the mess we left.

Food Fight?

The food

The food here was average.  Nothing spectacular but pretty tasty.

GumboWe ordered the Gumbo to start seeing as the coupon said “Best Gumbo in Town”.  It was a seriously dark roux which isn’t a bad start, but it wasn’t that hearty and even seemed to have a taste of beans.  I think I enjoyed it much more than Grace.  She said she like to see what she’s eating.  Yes it was that dark.  The gumbo at Fish City Grill was vastly superior.

Combo BasketGrace ordered the Combo Basket with 1 Catfish Filet and 4 Shrimp.  Seeing as it was free they threw in an extra fish filet which, of course, Grace wasn’t even going to eat.  Grace who is famous for saying no one can mess up fried okra and it all tastes the same, made a point to mention how tasty the fried okra was. Grace said the fish and shrimp were “fine”.  She doesn’t like cornbread breading so you can take that with a grain of salt since it was all cornbread.

BBQ ShrimpI ordered the 12 BBQ Shrimp platter.  I “Made it Snappy” which meant making it spicy.  Nothing was very spicy that I could tell but that’s all subjective.  The shrimp were fresh and large and the “BBQ” sauce was a nice addition.  The beans were tasty, not the read beans and rice you’d be familiar with, but good all the same.  The coleslaw was above average; tangy with the right amount of mayo.

Kid's Catfish BoatMina got the Kid’s Catfish Boat.  She said the fish was good and nearly ate the whole piece.  She gave her cookies to her brother and isn’t much of a french fry eater so that’s about all there is to that.


The service

Counter service…

The kids

Above average in the kid friendly restaurants category.  They have several seafood choices as well as a burger for $3.99 with a drink and a side.  It comes in a cute little cardboard boat with animal crackers and a  Fortune Teller Fish, you know the one from your youth.  It casual and no one seemed to mind the children, of which there where several in the restaurant.  They has a great sign too:

Funny Sign

Total Cost: ~$29 (with lost receipt and 1 free entree coupon)

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