The experience

DSC_0008Today is my real birthday and Ogre planned a Phipps family excursion to Scarborough Faire.  We planned to stop at Fuel City as we read in the Observer that they have “the best street tacos” and have heard this from other sources as well.  We see Fuel City every time we head to Austin, so we thought this would be the perfect spot for our childsplate lunch on my birthday!  Well, we found it’s not so much a sit down restaurant…


Ogre sent me to the walk up window to let him know what I wanted to order.  Ahhh, I see.  So I went up there and then told Ogre what I wanted while I sat in the car with the kids. 


It took a few minutes, but the kids were okay in the car.  Ogre brought back the goods and we ate it in the car before driving off to Scarborough Faire.


That’s it, not very exciting!


The food

They serve street tacos (you can actually choose flour tortillas if you don’t want to be traditional).  They have barbacoa, chicken, al pastor, and beef.  They also serve breakfast tacos until 10 am.


We ordered the beef and al pastor.  They are double layer corn tortilla with meat, cilantro, and onions.  They were awesome!!  A million people (I don’t actually know if it’s a million) weren’t wrong.  I really think these might be the best street tacos I’ve ever had!  Perfectly grilled and flavorful.  Ogre says it’s the best al pastor he’s ever had because it doesn’t have the “pineapple thing going on.” 


The service

Walk up window!  No tables to sit at!


The kids

Is your car kid friendly???  Cause that’s where you’re going to end up eating!!

I definitely would stop here for a quick bite when I’m travelling out of town and I’d visit frequently if I lived nearby!  Kids or no kids!!

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