The experience

Fritzl'sIt is becoming a regular occurrence for me to have evening admissions.  I did not want the kids out too late or the family eating late, so I had them come out to meet me in Rowlett.  We decided we’d eat at the ever elusive Fritzl’s.  We have tried to eat here at least twice before and it was closed each time.  The first time they were on vacation. (!) The second time it was a Monday and they are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Today is Thursday, so they’d have to be open!! 

I arrived first and he must’ve noted my crossed arms and hunched shoulders.  “Cold?” he asked.  “Uh, yeah.  It’s really cold in here.” I replied.  He laughed and said, “The heater is broken.  It broke today.”  JUST MY LUCK!  Actually, we were lucky because he told me as he brought the menus over that he was about to close the restaurant for the evening because of the broken heater.  That would’ve been the last straw for us.

Ogre and the kids showed up after about five minutes and Mina immediately pulled out her crayons and paper she brought with her.  Benji was happy to sit beside her and look on…for now.  She pulled out an impressive picture of Dexter (from Dexter’s Laboratory).  I asked Ogre if he’d seen the picture and he explained to me that earlier at home, she’d asked to watch Dexter, but Ogre said no, so she went and drew a picture of Dexter instead.  Pretty cool.

Mina's picture of Dexter from Dexter's Labratory


Now, Benji was done looking on at Mina.  He decided it was funner to have me hold his hand as he slid off and jumped down off the bench. 


He then started dancing to the crazy Mexican music playing in the German restaurant. (!)



Fritzl came over to take our order and we were left to wait while the kids kept themselves busy.  We noticed that if you drawn on a dollar, you can hang it on the wall.  Ogre just happened to have a dollar and I just happened to have a Sharpie in my purse.  (I also have a stapler…it’s how I roll).

Mina signing her dollar


We didn’t have to wait too long for the kids’ plate and for my soup.  Ogre had to cut up Benji’s half of the bratwurst, which had Benji climbing the table in a futile attempt to get to the food.  Finally, we put Benji in his chair so he could eat. 

The kids ate their dinner while I revelled in the Tomato Basil Soup I was eating.  Man that stuff was great!! I tried to offer some to Benji, but, surprisingly, he did not want any.  Ogre was there to take his share.

Ogre and my entrees came out next and I realized I forgot to substitute my sauerkraut for red cabbage.  Ogre fixed that when he reminded Fritzl that we also wanted spaetzle and ordered up some red cabbage. 

The kids loved the spaetzle and Ogre loved the red cabbage.  I didn’t love either.  Ogre told me it was because I like Bavarian German food and this is “Berlin” German food.  He didn’t think his mom would like either. 


Benji finished up his dinner and kept playing with the dollars on the walls and we kept telling him no.  He didn’t like that very much.

Benji's done


After Mina got the picture that she needed to eat more of her dinner and actually ate a decent amount, Ogre told them that they could get something at the dessert counter.  After they ordered, Mina announced that she had to go to the restroom.  When I went in to help her wash her hands, she was crying because her tummy hurt.  She didn’t even eat her dessert, but don’t worry, she was not so sick that she didn’t laugh at my whispered (and normally not allowed at dinner) poop jokes.

Kids eager for dessert


The food

Fritz is apparently from Berlin and it comes across in his German food.

Tomato Basil SoupI ordered the Tomato Basil Soup to start and it was excellent!  It was like no other Tomato Basil Soup I’ve had before.  It was tomato-sweet and there was a nice creaminess, but it wasn’t too thick.  It was very buttery-creamy. I ate it all up!!  I would come back here just for that soup!!

WienerschnitzelAs an entree, I ordered the Weiner Schnitzel, which I typically do when I eat at a German restaurant.  It is served with Roasted Potatoes and Sauerkraut.  I forgot to sub Red Cabbage for the Sauerkraut, but we ended up just getting a side of it.  My schnitzel was a little too brown for my taste.  The pork was nice and tender, but I favor Jorg’s.  The potatoes were very good.  I thought the sauerkraut was a little to tart and the red cabbage was not sweet enough (these were “cons” in my book).

Wienerschnitzel and BratwurstOgre ordered the Combo plate of Bratwurst and Weiner Schnitzel and requested a side of the Habanero Garlic Sauce.  He agreed with my assessments of the sauerkraut and red cabbage, but these were “pros” in his book.  He does not typically like sauerkraut without caraway seeds or red cabbage, at all; however, here he thought highly of both!  His Habanero Garlic Sauce got rave review from him as it was like my soup with quite a bit of heat.  He did not favor the Bratwurst because it was coarse ground, which he does not prefer, but to be fair, he thought the flavor was good.  He commented that the Weiner Schnitzel was good, particularly with his Habanero Sauce (“super-tasty”).

The SpidermanThe kids had bratwurst and seemed to like it.  Mina prefers her Oma’s red cabbage (which is sweet and made with apples) to what they serve here.  She also liked the saurkraut, which I was very surprised to hear!

We cook better than Oma

Not better than Mina's Oma!!



SpaetzelWe also ordered a side of spaetzle and Ogre and the kids loved it.  He was pan fried and had a good texture and consistency.


Apple StrudelThe desserts were pretty good.  Ogre really liked his Apple Strudel and I tried Mina’s brownie and thought that it was good, but not great. 

The kids menu has Weiner Schnitzel “strips”, chicken tenders, bratwurst or spaetzle with tomato basil sauce atop it. These are named Batman, Spiderman, Power Rangers or Mickey Mouse -but not necessarily in that order.

The service

We were served by Fritz himself.  So, he was obviously pulled in a few different places.  Apparently, they were just about to close down the restaurant for the night because the heat was not working.  I guess he’d already sent the waitstaff home. Our food came out at a very nice tempo and he thought to bring out the kids’ meal with my soup.  He did not clear off the dishes from the table, which kind of irks me sometimes, but other than that, he did his best to be attentive and juggle kitchen duties at the same time.


The kids

I’ll call it a semi-kid friendly restaurant.  The restaurant is very small, well, smaller than we expected.  We were the only ones in the restaurant, so it’s hard to say what our experience would’ve been like in a full restaurant.  The menu was really cute with the names of the kids’ dishes being superheroes.  And their menu choices were appropriate in that they were smaller versions of the adult dishes. There’s no crayons or anything like that.  Mina brought her own. 

One of the guys, who wasn’t the owner, but must be a frequent flyer or part of management, came over and said that our kids were really well behaved compared to some kids that come in and run around all crazy and pouring salt on the tables.  Hee hee.  I guess they don’t like that kind of behavior.

Ogre calls it “Berlin Style” German food, so if you like that area, this is probably a good choice for you and your family.  I like Bavarian Style German food, so I prefer Bavarian Grill and, even more, so Jorg’s (Austrian, if you want to be technical), but this was a nice homey little restaurant with pretty good (Ogre thought very good) German food!

The total: ~$84

Mina's dollar

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