The experience

I was running late on the phone tonight and we committed to go over to my parents house for a belated Twelfth Night celebration at 6:30.  That meant we’d have to eat cookie and then head out for dinner very late.  Once our celebration wrapped up we headed out in no particular direction.  We considered a few places in Richardson when I recalled there were a few new places in Wylie which would be quicker.  Even quicker, it turns out is to stop in Murphy before you get there and eat at a Chinese restaurant you never really noticed before: China Fang.


It was actually Mina’s choice as I offered up Deno’s next door.  I think Mina was hoping for Chinese BBQ.  Alas, there was no BBQ pork on the menu.  Mina went for the first booth and Grace quickly suggested one further from the door and the cold breeze.

The mission at hand was to eat as quickly as possible.  We quickly noticed they had a kids menu which is unusual for a Chinese restaurant.  The choices were chicken nuggets, chicken nuggets or chicken nuggets.  Mina wanted to use the duck sauce packets at the table for sauce for some reason.  I think it was because she wanted sweet and sour chicken.  The waitress appeared just then telling us it came with a side of sweet and sour.  She went for the side of lo mein for Benji.  Problem solved.

I took me and Grace a few minutes to decide on our meals.  The waitress returned with our drinks and we placed our orders.  I played a little duck sauce packet soccer with Mina but we only got to play for a minute when the food returned.  Looks like our plan for quick eats was happening.

Grace handed Mina a piece of broccoli to eat and gave Benji some noodles from Mina’s plate. We all got down to the business of eating.  Benji and Mina both were eating quite well.  After some prodding, Mina chomped down the last of her broccoli with gusto.  She then decided she’d put some lo mein noodles over her nose to look like the mustache on Shifu in Kung Fu Panda.

I rewarded her for her eating with one of my mu shu pancakes and was handing the other to Benji when she decided they would make great shifu ears to complete the look.  I tried to hand the second one Mina for a quick shot but Benji was already to excited. He pulled it from her hands and ripped it in half.  She was very upset that there was no replacement.  I made a minor repair and we got the picture.


Mina was very pleased with her reward and deiced to make herself a noodle burrito (or sandwich as she called it).  Sounded strange, but she ate it.

noodle sandwich

Things were winding down and Benji declared dinner over.  We got the bill and some fortune cookies and Grace was relaxing on on our side of the table.  Suddenly, Mina decided to fling a packet of sweet and low at Grace’s face!  The corner of the packet flung into her eye.  Now dinner was definitely over.  After some scolding and major stink eye, Mina finished off her meal and we headed home.

The food

Seasame ShrimpGrace went for the Sesame Shrimp.  She seemed to think it was good.  She thought I would think the shrimp was too “fishy”.  I tried it and thought it was really pretty good.  It wasn’t overly sweet and had a good garlic flavor.  Shrimp tasted fine to me.

Chicken Nuggets with Lo MeinMina got the “Chicken Nuggets” with Lo Mein.  The nuggets were actually the chicken you get in sweet and sour chicken minus the sauce.  It did come with a side of sweet and sour sauce.  I did not try the chicken or sauce, but Mina had to finish the last piece, even after the incident.

Mu Shu ChickenI got the Chicken Mu Shu.  It was really good.  The chicken was tender and plentiful with good flavor and and it had a ton of cabbage.  The pancakes were average but the hoisin sauce was great.  I liked the flavor of the sauce.  It was very flavorful without being too salty.  Good stuff.

Benji just had our left overs.  He liked the noodles and Grace’s shrimp the most.  The lo mein was quite tasty.

The service

The service was average.  Food was pretty quick though we did have to ask for refills.

The kids

I would call this place average in kid friendly restaurants.  They had a kids menu which you don’t often.  It was limited to chicken nuggets with noodles or rice with juice.  Its low key and quick so you should do fine.  Just keep them away from the artificial sweeteners.

The rest

Injury Report:  Grace had to get to bed early with her eye still hurting and the headache she says he got on contact with the packet.  It did feel better once she removed her contact but still hurt.  Mina had her feelings hurt by the straight to bed without a story punishment.  She got off easy because it was her bedtime anyhow.  She just didn’t get a bedtime story.

And you probably already noticed that, in all the time crunch, we forgot the camera again.

Total Cost: $28

280 E FM-544
Murphy, TX 75094

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