The experience

I want to make dinner at home.  Yes, this going out business wears on me.  So, today we went out for lunch.  We may doing breakfast or lunch every weekend so that we can have dinner at home!  We give Mina the choice of burgers or Indian food.  She chooses burgers.  She tells us she doesn’t want to put “salad” on her burger.  I tell her that is okay, she can have her burger however she wants since we’ll be eating veggies at dinner.  “YAY!” She exclaims.  We decide to go to Fuddruckers.  It’s been a long while since we’ve been here.  Bad memories…


We park and Ogre does not realize the entrance is clear on the other side of the building so we have some excercise before our ridiculously large burger meal.  We are not in the restaurant more than one minute when Mina declares that she needs to go potty.  I take her and can report that there IS a changing station.  It also makes me aware of the fact that there is a little arcade in the back corner.  It took awhile for us to go potty because they were finishing up cleaning the restroom when we got there.  When we finally return to join Ogre there is a nice long line before us.  But that’s okay because I have to review the overhead wall menu (still a pet peeve) to decide what to order.  We offer Mina either a hamburger or hot dog and she chooses a burger with cheese, no salad.  Ogre tells me he is going to get the Black and Bleu (a burger with bleu cheese and balsamic glazed onions), yum, that sounds good, I want that, too.  He tells me that we can’t get the same thing because that would be boring.  I offer to change my order, but he being the gentleman that he is says that he will get the Hot Rocks Burger (a burger with bacon, cheddar and chipotle sauce).  We also get an order of cheese fries to share. 

Sitting at the Elvis boothI walk with Mina and Benjamin to find a table while Ogre orders and collects our drinks.  We pick the Elvis corner booth.  Mina thinks it’s pretty cool.  We sit down and Mina says, “I don’t think they serve crayons here.”  No, Mina, they don’t.  “That’s okay,” she says, “I brought my own.”  Mina thought to bring her markers and a coloring book with us and she is kind enough to tear off a page to give to Benji while she and I color one of the other pages.

Ogre comes over with drinks and we hang out until our coaster buzzer thing alerts that our food is ready.  He tells me that they don’t have bleu cheese.  What can you do?  I get cheddar instead.  One of the waitstaff drops off the cheese fries.  Ogre takes Mina with him to pick up the food and they return.  Mina reminds us that she does not want salad on her burger.  We got it, Mi, NO SALAD.  They come back and Ogre offers to dress my burger while I get the kids situated.  I quarter Mina’s burger and give a quarter to Benjamin.  He likes it at first, but then spits out the meat.  He goes back to eating the cheese covered potato wedges .  I cut up the pineapple from the side of fruit that came with the kids meal (we got that instead of fries) and add in some chopped tomatoes for Benjamin to self feed.  He wolfs it down and asks for “Mo, mo.”  He gets what we have left and when he request more we have to give him potato wedges instead.  Luckily, that is sufficient to appease him. 

Benji eating a burgerMina has eaten half of her burger and reports that she is full, I encourage one more bite and let her be done.  The kids are sticky and covered in sauce.  Ogre takes them to the restroom in exchange for me looking for some quarters or a dollar in my purse.   When he returns, I realize that I forgot to do my part.  Turns out I didn’t have any cash, anyway.  Somehow, Ogre finds a quarter somewhere and he and Mina go over to the arcade section of the restaurant.


Benji playing video games
Mina and papa playing RampageI find Benjamin sitting at the car racing game totally enthralled.  Ogre is showing Mina how to play some other video game.  I thinking this is all very cute and the kids are nicely occupied.  When Mina finishes up her video game, it’s time to leave.  Someone does not agree with this plan.  He pitches a fit and squirms out of my hands.  He marches right back over to the racing game totally pissed.  I scoop him up in a death grip and we stop by the cookie counter for Mina’s free cookie (it comes with the kids meal).  By the time we get to the car she is covered in chocolate and Benji is covered in tears.
I don't want to leave


The food

They do burgers here.  They have other chicken items such as chicken fingers and chicken sandwiches, but the real stars of the show are their burgers.  You can choose either beef or buffalo.  Ogre and I go for the buffalo burgers -it’s supposed to be healthier.  I don’t know if that’s true, but they are pricier at ~$1.50 more per burger.  They also have turkey burgers and veggie burgers if that suits your fancy.  Our burger was nice and juicy, always a concern with a leaner cut of meat.  They do have great tasting buns, as well.

They have a tiered kids menu.  There is the cheaper kids meal that just has one item to go with the drink, side (fries, fruit, beans or coles slaw), and cookie or there is a slightly more expensive kids meal that comes with the above and chicken strips. 

The aftermath

The service

It’s self-seat, self-order, and self-serve.  We did have someone come by to make sure that everything was “going okay.”  That’s always a nice touch.


The kids

Most kids like burgers, hot dogs, chicken fingers, so this place must be, like, heaven for them.  They also have that corner arcade with pinball, one of those crane things, video games, and a racing game.  There’s even a machine that gives out candy.  Depending on your child’s age this area could be a blessing or a curse.  For us, it was both.  Fun and games right up until it’s time to leave, then it’s bedlam.


Rants, Ravings, and Ramblings

Bad memories…The last time we went to Fuddruckers, we were meeting our good friends for lunch and Mina was around 2 years of age.  I can’t remember why (that’s not important anyway) but she was doing the typical terrible twos temper tantrum and squatting on the ground refusing to stand up and walk.  So, I being the gentle mom that I am, jerked her up off the ground.  She had already been crying and continued to cry as we walked into the restaurant.  As we stood in line to order, I noticed that she was holding her arm in a peculiar way.  Uh-oh.  I did not want Ogre to see what I needed to do (nor did I really want to tell him what had happened) so, I took her over to the booth we had picked out and I popped her elbow back into place.   You see, I gave Mina nursemaid’s elbow when I jerked her arm.  I am not sure if I would call her “lucky” to have a mom who is also a pediatrician since it was her mom that yanked her elbow out of socket.  The pediatrician in me, though, popped it back into place before her Papa could know what was going on.

Tasty toes

Benji's after lunch snack...his feet!

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