The experience

DSC_0030Today, I decided I wanted some salad with ginger miso dressing.  We had to think about where I could get that and not be a place we’ve already eaten.  Initially, we were going to avoid going to a teppan restaurant, but in the end, decided it would be okay to do that despite the fact that it makes for a lengthy and often pricey meal. We ended up at Geisha Steak and Sushi over by the Plano Central Market.

We were seated right away, and given that it was a random Tuesday night, we ended up with a teppan all to ourselves.  Benji fell asleep on the way to the restaurant and remained conked out.  Ogre was holding him and kept asking me to blow on Benji’s head as their contact point was getting very sweaty.  Gross.


We ordered our drinks and looked over the menu.  Ogre was worried that they’d think it was weird that I wasn’t actually ordering anything off the grill, but I could care less.  Mina read over the menu and informed us that she wanted Karate Kid Shrimp, fair enough.  She made me explain to her what Karate is, which is weird since she took karate classes when she was three.  Must be that infant amnesia kicking in again.


We put in our order for dinner and I did get a weird look from the waiter, but that’s okay.  He brought out the soups and salads right away.  We asked him if we could move to in front of the teppan (we were on the side) and he said we could if no one else showed up by the time our chef arrived.

No one did, so we moved over to the front.  The waiter was kind enough to help move our stuff since Benji was still asleep. I was surprised that he still did not awaken when the chef started making the ruckus with his cooking utensils.

The chef performed a few tricks for us that were pretty impressive and made an onion volcano for Mina, which always impresses her.



Benji woke up here and there, but fell asleep again.  He finally woke up when the chef was really concentrating on getting everything cooked and on our plates and the chef jumped at the chance to make a big fire for Benji to see.  He even told Ogre to stand on the other side of him to get a shot of Benji and the fire!



Benji insisted on sitting in my lap during dinner.  So much for the high chair I requested!  That was okay, since I needed to help him with spooning the soup every once in a while. 


He also took note of my California Roll and wanted that as well.  He was actually able to pick up a piece with chopsticks before deciding that using his hands would be more efficient.



After eating some rice, rolls, and soup, he deteriorated to playing with his food, singing “pat-eh, pat-eh, chocolat-eh” while stirring the soup.


I tried to get him onto Ogre’s lap so I could finish eating, but Benji decided he’d be Mama’s Boy tonight and refused to budge.  Once I finally finished dinner, it was difficult with Benji in my way, we headed out but not before some photo ops outside the restaurant.



The food

You can either sit in the dining area or at a teppan.  They have Hibachi dishes and sushi.

DSC_0034I was not in the mood for teppan today.  I ordered miso soup, salad, and a California Roll.  My miso soup was very good with a lot of miso flavor.  The salad was just okay, I was hoping for a nice ginger miso dressing and it certainly had that, but there was strong sesame oil aspect also.  My California Roll was good, probably above average as I think that while they used imitation crab, it was mixed with that orange mayonnaise stuff they like to put on some of the rolls.


Ogre ordered the filet and lobster with fried rice.  He thought that it was very good.  It looked really good!!  His filet was prepared perfectly eyeballing it.  The lobster was prepared with butter and soy on the teppan and it was also tasty, but a little overdone (as would be expected on the grill).  His fried rice was good and the veggies also looked good.

Mina ordered the Karate Kid Shrimp and liked it.  Of course, she did not touch any of the veggies. 

Other items on the kids menu are Karate Kid Chicken and Karate Kid Beef.


The service

Service was okay.  Our server was a pretty young guy, a teen perhaps.  He was more interested in how cool my camera was than how full my water glass was!  Our teppan guy was pretty cool.  As soon as Benji woke up, he wanted to entertain him with fire!


The kids

Yes, it’s kid friendly.  They have a kids’ menu and I think most kids older than the age of 2 years old will be impressed by the teppan show.  Now, kids 9 months -2 years, I’m not sure, but my kids have always liked it and when they were younger, well, they didn’t move so much.

Of all the teppan places we’ve been to, this may be my least favorite, but did you notice I didn’t order anything off the teppan?  Maybe that’s unfair, I wouldn’t deter you from trying it, though.

 The total: 67.29

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