The experience

Mina decided that she wanted to eat “American” food tonight.  Ogre translated this into “Burgers.”  He looked on line to see what the buzz was with Burgers these days.  We chose a restaurant that received Reader’s Pick kudos in, I think, the Observer and happened to have a location nearby.  Ogre invited one of his buds along and we headed out to Jake’s.  I’m just going to call it Jake’s for now. 

When we arrived, we sat ourselves.  I put us in a back corner booth and immediately started showing my age.  I thought the music was WAY too loud and we were sitting right under a speaker.  The only other booth was underneath another speaker.  I guess my totally unhip self would have to deal.

While we looked at the menu, Mina impressed herself by passing out paper towels.  This deteriorated into some type of throw the paper towel at one another game between Benji and her.


We put in our drink order and Ogre ordered some Cheese Fries.  While we waited, Ogre and Mina went to play some Ms. Pac Man in the other room.



The cheese fries arrived and I gave some to Benji, who was very excited to see the fries.  I had to keep telling him to wait because they were very hot.  Finally, he ate one and told me it was “goo” (good) and nodded his head in approval.  Ogre and Mina came back only to have Ogre’s friend take Mina to play Ms. Pac Man.  We promised her we’d save some fries for her.

While they were gone, the rest of the food arrived.  Benji stole my burger and wouldn’t give it back until I had his grilled cheese out and ready for him to eat.


Mina returned and we all started clogging our arteries.  I looked at the table and remarked that the only thing healthy on this table were the kids’ waters.  I think this worried Mina a little bit so I told her that her grilled cheese sandwich was somewhat healthy. 

Benji was cute all through dinner.  I think Lolo gave him a lot of cookies today.  He kept dancing and dancing to all the heavy metal/grunge/alternative rock that was blaring above.  He LOVED the loud music. LOVED IT.  Gosh, I’m getting old…

Mina LOVED the grilled cheese sandwich.  So much so that she ordered a second one and as she neared the end of her second half, opened up her sandwich to ensure that she would eat every bit of cheese and not waste room in her tummy with the bread!


Before we could leave, Mina made us take a picture of her giraffe dancing and Benji took one more spin on the dance floor…



The food

Mina and Ogre call this American food.  I call it Burgers and some other random stuff that isn’t good for you.

DSC00904We ordered the Cheese Fries.  I had to stop Ogre from dumping the bacon all over it.  It already looked ridiculously healthy. Ogre’s friend who was eating dinner with us even brought the “this is why you’re fat” website.  Yeah, they look gross, but they tasted great.  Such gluttony.

DSC00909The adults all ordered burgers and we all agreed that they were good.  The burgers were prepared well and maintained their juciness.  Ogre and I had ours with Thousand Island Dressing adding an extra bit of tang and tastiness. 


DSC00908The kids had a grilled cheese sandwich.  So good that Mina requested a second one and after I was “stuffed” from eating 3/4 of my burger, I somehow managed to eat the other half of Mina’s second sandwich.  The bread was very buttery, but not soggy -nice and crisp with a nice thick layer of melted cheese (they use the “fake” cheese, by that I mean oil based).

No kids menu items here.


The service

Our service was good today.  Not awesome, not bad, but good.  She was attentive and the food came out pretty quick.  She even told us that we had cute kids when we left.  Compliments always help!


The kids

They don’t have a kids menu or kids activities and really, the sign for the restaurant in Plano says “Jake’s Burgers and Booze.”  If you can get past all that, then yeah, it’s somewhat kid friendly!

They do make a mighty fine burger, and they do have a killer grilled cheese, I don’t think that anyone else in the restaurant will care if your kids are with you and the music is so loud it’ll drown out your kids if they get loud!

The total: 38.69 (3 adults)

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