The experience

Asian MintToday my workload was a lot less than anticipated.  I needed to sign some charts at Medical City and decided to do that and meet my friend Carolyn nearby for lunch.  Ogre and I didn’t have a baby sitter for Benji today, so I picked him up before I headed to the hospital to sign charts.  Well, it turns out the place where I have to go to sign charts is a long way from the parking lot, so I had to lug Benji all through the hospital.  When we got there, the ladies in the physician completion area are so sweet -they always are.  They brought Benji his choice of cookies.  I chose a snickerdoodle for him.  He of course said, “Goo.”  I signed our charts and then whisked him away to trek across the hospital once more as I told Carolyn I’d meet her there at 12:30.  When we arrived at Asian Mint, we were a few minutes late and Carolyn was already there. 

We waited outside because, well, there is no waiting area inside, it’s too cramped.  Benji kept wanting to play and run around, but the close proximity to the street made me too nervous and I wouldn’t let go of his hand.  Luckily, I did not give him nursemaid’s elbow today!   The hostess lady asked Carolyn what the name on the list was again and then said, “Is it two or two and a half?”  I said, “Two and a half, sorry.”  She nodded her head and I swear gave us a look, sighed, and rolled her eyes as she walked back in.  Not…too…pleased…with…that.  Oh well, wasn’t going to let ruin our lunch either, we joked about it and the lady came back out and told us she’d seat us outside.  Sounded great to us, it was nice out anyway.

In fact, while we were standing outside, I complained, as sweat was pouring down my face, that I thought a cold front was supposed to move through today and that Mina was probably also sweating at school because I made her wear a sweater skirt with a long sleeved top.  Carolyn agreed saying that she, too, thought it was today that we’d get the cold front. Hmm, oh well, we thought…

Ah Ah Do! (Apple Juice)We sat down and I immediately started to get out the apple juice and yogurt I brought for Benjamin.  Carolyn confirmed that there were no kids menu items on the menu.  Benjamin was being such a flirt at lunch today!  He tried to say her name, but all that came out was “Carrrr”.  Close enough.  Carolyn is my friend who is very pretty and happens to be getting married in two weeks, her fiance, Brian, better watch out because my little man was making eyes at her!!

Benjamin started eating his yogurt and this quickly deteriorated into putting the yogurt in his hair.  I did my best to just ignore him.  Luckily, the waitress came and this distracted him.  Carolyn and I put in our lunch orders and chatted about girl stuff while Benji kept trying to get Carolyn’s attention by making sure she knew that there was a “doh” (door) behind her and that there were  ”tay” (trains) over to his right (they were actually cars on the highway so no one is confused).  We laughed at Benji because with the dried yogurt in his hair, he looked like our friend and colleague, Mark Shen, who has a similar hair style…on purpose.

Mini Mark?

Mark? Is that you?


Our appetizers came out first.  Carolyn got the summer rolls (she meant to get the crispy ones, but told me that it was okay since she wanted to try these, too).  I got the Tom Ka (Coconut Soup).  As soon as Benji saw it, he said, “sue”.  It was pretty hot, so I blew on the soup spoon and when I brought the spoon to Benji’s mouth, he did the same.  After his slurp, he smiled his signature smile and said, “Goo.”  I fished out some baby corn and tofu for him, but saved the straw mushrooms for me!   Carolyn offered some of her summer rolls to Benji and me, but I thought Benji would think it too chewy so we passed.

Next out came the entrees.  I gave Benji some noodles and more tofu from the Pad Thai, he ate that right up, also.  Benji was still having a great time.  I was so thankful that he wasn’t cranky or asking to be put down for the sake of Carolyn!

Yummy Noodles


Just as we were finishing up lunch, the sky grew dark, there was a huge gust of wind, and the temperature dropped at least 10 degrees!  It was so cold!!  Carolyn thought Benji’s lips were turning blue (she always thinks that about him, though.) and he definitely had goosebumps! 



The hostess even came out to see if wanted to move inside, but they had just dropped off the bill, so I figured we could just sit out there a few minutes more.  Carolyn made me run out to the car to get Benji’s jacket.  (She is also a pediatrician!) When I came back, they were both hugging themselves and saying “It’s cold!” 

Benji needs a jacket

Waving bye to Carolyn


We settled the bill and then got in our cars before it could get any worse!


The food

They serve mainly Thai food, but there are some other Asian dishes from China and Vietnam and perhaps some more Asian Fusion type dishes on the menu.  Overall, the food is above average to excellent.  In the past, I’ve had the sea bassand it is muy bueno (I wonder how you say that in Thai!).  I’ve also had their Mint Platter (which is a sampling of their appetizers and everything was good on it)!

Tom KaToday, I started with Thom Ka (Coconut soup).  It was excellent.  Nice and coconutty (which give it a sweetness) with just enough lime tartness.  It had huge straw mushrooms, baby corn, and fried tofu.  I offered some Benji and he loved it.  He ate both the baby corn and the tofu from the soup.

Chicken Pad ThaiFor my entree, I ordered Pad Thai Chicken and it was also very good.  Not as good as Noodle Wave , in my opinion, but definitely above average.  Benji liked this dish also and ate the noodles and the tofu.  I think that chicken is too “chewy” for him, still.

Yellow Curry ChickenMy friend Carolyn ordered the Summer Rolls and the Chicken Yellow Curry, but I forgot to ask her what she thought of these dishes.  She didn’t complain about them so I don’t think they were bad, I’ll addend after I get a chance to ask her.

There is no kids menu here, but you might be able to improvise off the appetizer meny or share like Benji and I did.


The service

Service was average today.  We did get that “look” when we were waiting for a table, which is a definite minus, but our waitress kept our drinks refilled and service was brisk.  When it got cold, the hostess (the same one that gave us the “look”) checked on us and offered to have us sit inside, which is a definite plus.  So they even out to average.


The kids

Not kid friendly, overall.  They do have high chairs, so that’s a start.  I’ve eaten inside this restaurant before and it is super cramped and crowded.  It’s a very popular lunch destination for the working crowd, so I don’t think they’re expecting to see children, nor do they want them taking up prime real estate.  We sat outside, which was nice because it was, of course, roomy and Benji could be as loud as he wanted to and make a big mess. 

I prepared for the fact that it was not super kid friendly and brought my own drink for Benji and some yogurt to keep him entertained.  He did enjoy the food that I had so we didn’t have any true problems with there not being a kids menu, but I also brought some extra baby food just in case!

This is a great place to have lunch, but I would probably leave the kids at home unless they’re quite a bit older!

I know they are going to have a second location on Oak Lawn by La Duni -I’m not sure if it’s open yet or when it’s set to open.

The total: $32.04

What did Guidelive say?  Oh man, I just read their review and they describe some desserts that I am going to have to go back and try!!  All of them sound good, but the beignets with condensed milk as a dipping sauce with coffee sounds particularly intriguing!!


Rants, Raves, and Ramblings

Darnit!!  I brought my Entertainment Passbook Card, which would have given us one free entree and I forgot to use it!!  Don’t you hate it when that happens?!?

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