The experience

The Ranch House BarbequeToday the Phipps went adventuring at Fossil Rim Park and Dinosaur Valley State Park near Glen Rose.  It was a fun and exciting day for us and the little bit of hiking made it so that we were very ready for dinner when we were done.  On the way in, we caught site of a billboard advertising a place featured in Texas Monthly for great BBQ.  In intrigued us and was right on the way home, so we decided to check out The Ranch House.

The Ranch House Barbeque


We got there and were seated right away in a booth, as we prefer.  Our waitress showed us to our table and then told us where to get our drinks as they are self serve.  We looked at the menu and YIKES!  the first thing I notice is that it’s CASH OR CHECK ONLY!  Ogre and I decided what we wanted and then Ogre went to ask about the ATM issue.  She told him to go ahead and order and then he could walk next door to get cash.  Sounded great.  Our waitress came back over to get our order and after we put it in, Ogre got our drinks and headed next door.  Mina and I played I-SPY and Benjamin played Sweet and Lo.

Benji improvising toys


I think Ogre was gone for 2 minutes when the food arrived.  I had enough time to take pictures of all the food, and cut up food for the kids before he returned.  I literally think the food was out less than five minutes after we ordered it!

Mina's rib sandwhichOgre and I were very pleasantly surprised with how tender and tasty our food was.  The kids were also very happy to be eating.  Mina actually liked the potato salad, so much so, she asked for more!!  Benji finished his first portion or rib meat and Mina was busy making a sandwich

Say cheese

We danced to some of the tunes overhead, in particular, The Twilight Zone, a fave of mine.  Benjamin was all smiles during dinner

Mina dancing

Mina dancing to the Twilight Zone with her serious face


Mina was so pleased with herself and her devouring of potato salad, that she requested two high fives and we each happily obliged, even Benji!  We ordered dessert and while we waited, Benji leaned over and said “Awwwww” as he lay his head on Papa.  My sweet boys.



Next out came the Phipps family favorite…dessert.  We ordered both the Pecan Pie and Buttermilk Pie.  The first being an Ogre fave and the latter being a waitress fave.  Our waitress told us that “she doesn’t mess up” when it comes to making the desserts, that they are all homemade, and they all taste great.  We can speak for the two pies that we ordered, she didn’t mess up and they did taste great!

Benji eating pie


We settled our tab and headed out, but before we got to the car, Mina had to stop for a photo op…

Mina riding the tractor


The food

Dallas, you need to take some lessons from this place.  The BBQ is excellent.  Excellent.

Onion RingsWe ordered onion rings and they were fantastic.  You know when you bite into an onion ring and the onion gets pulled out?  That didn’t happen tonight.  They were cooked perfectly.


Pork RibsI ordered the Pork Ribs (one pound) and a side order of potato salad.  The ribs were excellent.  Perfectly glazed with a BBQ sauce that was not overpowering.  Had a nice sweetness to it.  The table BBQ sauce was not sweet at all, and I STILL liked it!  The ribs were very, very tender.  I don’t eat ribs with my hands off the bone.  I’ve always eaten them with a knife and fork.  Let’s just say I didn’t need a knife here.  I could just scrape it off with my fork.  The kids loved it, too!  And the potato salad?  Excellent.  It was mustard based and the potatoes were perfectly soft -not too soft, though.  Just right.  Ogre completely agreed with the above assessments.  In fact, he kept trying to get me to order a second round of ribs!


Brisket and SausageOgre ordered the Two Meat Plate with Sausage and Brisket.  First off, he said that Sausage was very good, but the star of his show was the Brisket.  It was so tender that he barely tapped it with his fork and it fell apart.  It was also very moist and flavorful.  He ordered thecole slaw and the chipotle potato salad.  Before he tried my potato salad, he thought that the chipotle potato salad was really good, but he did note that my potato tasted better as he thought mine was excellent. His cole slaw was described as “near excellent” -the only improvement he would suggest was that it be creamier.  He is very particular about his cole slaw, so that is a great compliment from him!


Buttermilk PIePecan PieThe desserts were also very good.  We ordered the Buttermilk Pie and the Pecan Pie.  Everything is homemade at the restaurant.  The Pecan Pie was excellent.  Ogre loves Pecan Pie and he could not stop raving about this.  I like Pecan Pie well enough, but I had to agree that this one was very good!  I don’t know much about Buttermilk Pie (it’s like a creamy sweet pie?), but it tasted good enough for us to finish almost all of it!  Mina liked the Buttermilk Pie more than she liked the Pecan Pie.  Benji liked them both, also.


The service

Nothing to complain about here.  Our waitress was friendly and helpful.  The first thing she did was point us over to drinks where you get your own.  The food came out very quickly -I swear it was about 3 minutes.  You do have to have cash or check and we don’t carry either, but she told us that there was an ATM right next door and just to get the cash after we ordered. 


The kids

This place is casual, laid back and friendly to kids.  There is no specific kids menu and they don’t hand out crayons, but the tempo of the food coming out is lightning fast so there is no time for boredom.  You can order meat family style and there are plenty of sides to choose from. 

We felt very comfortable eating here with our crazy children and our kids enjoyed dinner without any fuss because they were too busy stuffing their faces!

If you’re in Glen Rose to check out the Dinosaur Valley State Park or Fossil Rim Park or any other reason, pop in here for some excellent BBQ, you won’t regret it!

The total:  we didn’t get a receipt, but it was just over 36 bucks

No website, so…

1408 Ne Big Bend Trail
Glen Rose, TX 76043

Rants, Raves, and Ramblings

Well, I was going to put the video to the Twilight Zone on here, but then I watched it.  Uhhhh, not very kid-friendly AT ALL.  I had no idea.  It’s a strange song, but it’s seriously an even stranger video and there’s partial nudity.  So, sorry, folks, not putting it on here.  Can’t put a non-child friendly video on the blog!



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