The experience

Ogre and I decided to go out to lunch with Benji today.  My parents were unavailable to babysit him today and I returned from rounding in time to grab lunch with the boys. I can’t go too far, and the pickings are getting slim in the Plano area, but we recalled that we had not eaten at Genghis Grill for childsplate yet.  It’s a good thing we left when we did (around 11am) as we were seated right away.

Benji was still in his pajamas and was wearing his spongebob shoes so he received quite a few oohs and ahhs and we walked to our table.  After we put in our drink order, we headed up to the bar to pick our ingredients and sauces.  Benji came with and was quite the little angel as we moved past the bar.


Once we got to where they cook up the stuff, Ogre picked up Benji so he could watch.  Benji was apparently very afraid of the steam and would say, “Scared hot.” 



We sat down and waited for our food to arrive, which did very shortly.  Ogre asked for some tortillas, which was a great idea since Benji wanted to eat some.  Benji ate pretty well.  We used the plate the tortillas were on to cool off the noodles and other items.  When the food arrives, it is VERY hot.

Benji was super cute all through lunch and in a great mood.  He loves the phrase, “your turn” these days and always takes turns for Mommy to do something, than Papa.  It’s usually that he wants to mimic his nonsense phrases or sounds, which I am sure was amusing to those around us as we said, “booh-lah-lah” and made silly faces.


After we hung around an extra 10 minutes or so after Ogre and I finished -it looks like Benji may be following in Mina’s slow eater footsteps, we headed home for an afternoon nap for Benji and 6 hours of heartburn for me.


The food

It’s Mongolian BBQ.  You pick out the ingredients you want and the sauce, then they dump it on a huge hot surface and cook it up with sticks.


They have many meats and seafood to choose from, as well as tofu, veggies, and pineapples.  You can mix up sauces however you want and they toss that all together.  I suppose the outcome of your dinner depends on you and what you choose.  Some days my concoctions are better than others!

DSC_0212 DSC_0211 DSC_0210




The service

Service was average.  Nothing to complain about, but nothing to get to excited about either.


The kids

No kids activities.  The kids get the same access to the ingredients bar, I’m not sure if they get a discount or if the eat free.  They did not charge us for Benji’s lunch today.

The total: $21.62

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