The experience

DSC_0193As we drove out of our garage, it started to rain and the temperature was steadily dropping.  Ugh!  We decided to stay in Plano for dinner and shoot for something that wouldn’t take too long.  I really like to go somewhere that the kids will like on the weekends, so I narrowed it down to pizza and settled on Joe’s Pasta and Pizza, which I’ve passed several times heading to the hospital.  I was worried that we’d happened upon a closed restaurant, but the sign was just out and the parking lot was dark.

We headed in and were told to sit whereever we wanted.  I let Mina choose our table and who she sat next to.  She chose Benji.  We all settled in.  Lucky for Mina, she brought our DS.  There was also a TV overhead that Ogre peered at every once in a while.  We did not have any menus to look out.  No one came by to get our drink orders.  After a good 10 minutes, a young lady came out of the kitchen to ask if anyone had taken our drink order.  We replied, nope and let her know that we didn’t have menus either and she quickly corrected that.




We looked over our menus and ordered dinner when she brought the drinks over.  We also ordered some cheese bread to start.

The cheese bread came out pretty quickly, which was a bonus as Benji was starting to ask to be out of his chair and getting frustrated with the table top as he thought it was a book!   Benji thought it was “pizza” and kept asking for more.




Next out came the kids’ pasta.  When we ordered, we instructed her to bring two bowls of marinara for each kid and an extra plate or bowl. She didn’t pay attention.   She even acknowleged that she didn’t not do as asked.  Mina has had a stuffy nose and I didn’t want them sharing, so I told her to bring another empty bowl and we used the appetizer plates for Benji’s share.  Geez.

It took a long while for our pizza to come out.  I like to dip my pizza in ranch, but the server disappeared for quite some time.  We realized it was because she was working the cash register as well and about 4 or 5 people walked up to pay.  Then she disappeared to the back.  We finally got her attention and used that opportunity to request the ranch, extra napkins and drink refills!

We were doing pretty well, except Benji was getting fussy, so Ogre offered some grated Parmesan to him.  This turned into a persistent request for “cheese mountain” on his plate.  I finally told Ogre to put the cheese on another table and we told him it was “all gone.”





The food

As their name says, pasta and pizza.

DSC_0177We ordered garlic cheese bread.  Ogre thought the mozarella was good, but I was not so impressed.  The kids also seemed to like it.  The bread was soft, but the garlic/butter flavor was not so flavorful and I thought the cheese was sparse.  The marinara sauce was very good, though.

DSC_0182We ordered a pizza with meatballs, pepperoni, mushrooms, and black olives.  I didn’t even realize that we customized our pizza til I asked Ogre just now.  Why did we get black olives?  I don’t like them.  I picked them off.  Overall though, the pizza was very good.  Nice flaky crust, sweet tomato sauce and the meatballs tasted great. One of the better pizzas I’ve had in a small pizza joint in Plano

DSC_0178The kids ordered penne pasta with marinara sauce on the side.  The pasta was swimming in butter, which the kids loved!!!  Mina asked for more as a matter of fact!


The service

Not very good at all!  They told us to sit where we wanted, so we did.  We didn’t have any menus or acknowldegement of our presence for quite some time.  Someone finally came out from the back and asked if anyone had taken our drink order.  After that, service improved, but that doesn’t really say much as attention was spotty and we were constantly flagging down our server.  The pizza took a good 20 or so minutes to come out, but it was worth the wait.


The kids

An average for kid friendliness. No kids activities.  They have good kids menu items and it’s a laid back restaurant.


We liked the pizza here quite a bit and would probably give it another whirl to see if it was just a fluke that the service was not so great since it’s a quick jaunt for pretty good pizza for us.

Total: ~$28

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