The experience

We decided to stay in Plano for dinner tonight and after some discussion, we remembered that we’d been wanting to try.  This spot has been home to many restaurants over the years, but was originally a Long John Silver’s.  It seems as though it’s back to it’s roots, as it is now the Fish Shack.  We’ve driven by several times and it always looked packed, so we had high hopes!

We walked in and it was a full house.  The kids sat on the two bar stools by the register while we waited in line and then ordered.  Luckily as soon as we finished ordering, a table opened up and who I thought was either a manager or the owner came out with my gumbo and cleaned the table off for us. 

The food came out as it was ready.  Benji originally sat in a regular chair and he had Mina shared a childs plate of fish filet.  The food comes out FLAMING hot, so we gave them crackers to munch on while their food cooled off.  Ogre and I munched on our appetizers. 

Mina also brought her luggage (not kidding, Lala gave her a new ladybug piece of luggage) filled with books and other toys and brought out a book to eat. 

Just as Benji was about to get antsy, we allowed them to dig in to dinner.  Mina ate lightning fast and wanted more so we let her eat more of Benji’s dinner.  Benji decided he was done and spent the rest of dinner out of his chair dancing to the music overhead.  Cute at first, but then I think he threw a temper tantrum about something minor and got put in a high chair untile the rest of us finished dinner.

We finished up dinner and headed down the road to Braum’s.  Ogre loves Braum’s because it was the first place he had a job!  He loves to tell us about this and recount how wonderfullly he could make a milkshake.  Ha ha ha!


The food

The name says it all. They have other seafood (fried or grilled for the most part).

photoI ordered a crabcake and fries with seafood gumbo to start.  I thought the gumbo was just average.  I like my roux a little darker than what was served.  It did have okra, which I love.  There was an abundance of shrimp (as you can see in the picture).  Not as flavorful as I’d like either, but I attribute to the blonde roux.  photoOgre thought it tasted great (he was in one of those everything’s great moods). The crabcake was also average in my opinion.  I don’t like my crabcakes to be very bready.  This was verged on too bready.  It definitely had some nice lump crab in it though.  Ogre thought it was…great!  He said he does NOT like it when it has a lot of crab…says it makes taste to fishy.  Whatev.

photoOgre had a shrimp cocktail and fish tacos.  He really liked the shrimp cocktail (as did I) and thought the fish tacos were excellent. 



photoThe kids shared a fish filet basket and they LOVED it.  Finished it off without prompting and Mina wanted more. It’s lightly breaded catfish served with fries.


The service

Counter service for the most part.  They came around and checked on us.  The drink machine faces the servers, so it’s a little more difficult to get a refill.  Everyone was very friendly. Food came out pretty quick.


The kids

No kids menu but they have a kids menu with a few items on it.  It’s a very casual restaurant so no problem with bringing the kids here. 

We thought it was a good place for fried seafood and it’s nearby so we were pretty stoked.  Ogre loved the place, I think he’d give this place 4 stars, so we’ll definitely be back!

The total: 30ish

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