The experience

Bodreaux's Cajun CafeOgre did not seem very enthusiastic about any of my dinner suggestions and he decided that Cajun food would be a good choice for tonight, I don’t really care, so we ended up at Boudreaux’s Cajun Kitchen, which is located in a somewhat difficult to get to part of Richardson near the highway -you know, one of those places you can see, but can’t quite get to??!  Happily, we made it by following two other cars around some construction just north of their building. 

On the way, Ogre realized he’d forgotten the camera.  I recalled that he had it in his hand, but he must have set it down before getting into the car.  Hence, camera phone

shots again today!  We had no idea what to expect, but easily figured out that we’d be ordering at the counter.  I noticed when we were standing and reading our menus that KIDS EAT FREE ON TUESDAY!  And today is Tuesday!  Yippeee!! 

I’m not sure how the miscommunication occurred, maybe my excitement over saving 10 bucks, maybe mixed signals, but I went ahead to the counter to order leaving Ogre behind still trying to decide what he wanted to order.  I got up there and order the Etouffee combo (1/2 shrimp, 1/2 crawfish), then I ordered the kids dinner (mac and cheese for Mina and Catfish for Benji).  Ogre was like WTH and came up to the counter obviously not having any clue what to order.  He asked me what I ordered and when I pointed to it I realized that I did not need that much food.  So I changed my order to the Shrimp Etouffee.  The lady clicked it in.  Then Ogre asked her what her favorite dish is.  She said it was the Crawfish Etouffee.  Guess who changed their order again?  After that, I decided I better walk away before I had any more thoughts. 

SwordfishI took the kids cups and the kids to find a table. I let Mina pick a booth and she picked the one underneath a giant marlin.  She immediately sat down, got settled in, and pulled out her markers and paper she brought with her.  Smart girl as they don’t have anything like that to give out.


Team Phipps


I got the kids drinks and then went to see what was going on with Ogre.  He was still at the counter talking to the lady.  Apparently, he had just finished ordering as he was getting our cups.  I took Benji’s chair from him and he got our drinks.  I tried to get Benji’s chair on, but it was having a malfunction so Ogre had to come and do it.  We finally all got settled in and I made Mina hand over her Po pillow she got today so it wouldn’t get messed up at dinner. 

Po Pillow


Ogre either went to the restroom to use it or just to find out the scoop, I don’t recall.  Anyway, he said that there are changing stations and was bemused by the fact that they had “floor level urinals” for the ones in training.  I don’t know what a “floor level urinal” is.  I have a visual, but I’ve never even known that these existed.  Ogre said that Benji would probably just walk on it, which provided an even more disgusting visual. 

Ogre perused the restaurant and reported his findings to me: a neat hammered tin roof, the bathroom stuff, and Benji entertained himself with this drink when they called out “294!”  That’s us.  Ogre got up to get our dinner. 

Ogre and I portioned out catfish, mac and cheese, and fries to Mina and Benjamin.  Then we doused our food with Tobasco so we, too, could enjoy our meal.  Ogre kept wanting to put it on the other side of him and I literally had to tell him to keep it in the middle.  We both love Tobasco sauce, so much so we pour it on each bite. 

Mina DancingMina was enjoying her food and eating well tonight, she knew it, too, because she was in a super good mood and kept dancing like a crazy person!!  She totally makes us laugh!  She was reluctant to try the alligator bites -I don’t know why since she likes these, I guess she forgot and it sounded gross, but Ogre was able to negotiate with her to try one.  She tried to say she didn’t like it, but she obviously did.  Benji liked it, too, he did not need coaxing.

Mina Dancing

Mina dancing


Benji loving fried alligatorBenji just continued to stuff his face and when he looked at my plate, he said “RYE!”  My rice had tobasco sauce all over it, so Ogre gave him some of his.  Benji ate that, too.  Once we were able to talk Benji in to handing over his plate (his indication that he is done), we all packed up to “GO GO YEAH!” (Benji’s way of saying go).


The food

Overall average to above average. 

Crawfish EtouffeeI ordered the Crawfish Etoufee, which came recommended by the woman who took our order.  It had a nice dark roux and was very buttery.  The rice it was served atop was dirty rice.  There was a little bit of undercooked rice here and there, but overall, it was good.  Particularly when I doused it in Tobasco Sauce!


Fried Alligator and Grilled Shrimp with Red Beans and RiceOgre ordered the Small Combo Platter with Alligator Bites, Grilled Shrimp, and Red Beans and Rice.  He loved it.  He commented several times on how great the red beans and rice were.  I also enjoyed his Alligator Bites as they were very tender and came with a very good tartar sauce.  The sausage was so good he wants to try their Jambalaya the next time we come.


Kid's Mac and Cheese  Fried Catfish

The kids got macaroni and cheese and catfish and shared.  I didn’t hear any complaints out of them about their food and they both ate well today!  I’m sure Mina was just happy to not see any vegetables!

The kids menu has a selection of 7 items -everything is either fried (catfish, chicken, grilled cheese corndog, shrimp), is a cheeseburger, or mac and cheeseKids eat free on Tuesdays!!


The service

Counter service.  They yell out your number when your grub is ready. 


The kids

I would call this place kid-friendly.  They exclaim that they are on their website!  Although, I would argue that just having “High Chairs Available” does not a kid-friendly make!  They have a good selection on their kids menu, but it would’ve been nice to see kid-size portions of the cajun stuff.  About the only thing close to cajun was the catfish.  They don’t have crayons or anything like that for the kids, but service is brisk since it’s counter service, so our kids didn’t get too bored (and Mina brought her own.)  They have nice little sections in the restaurant.  The booths in the back corner where we sat are perfect for the loud, boisterous families! 

We enjoyed this restaurant for Cajun food and the fact that KIDS EAT FREE ON TUESDAY is always a thumbs up!

The total: $29 and change, the receipt is in the car and I’m too lazy to get it.  Kids meals were free.

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