The experience

DSC_0003Our initial plan was to head to Greek Isle so Ogre could redeem himself somewhat for the Mediterranean Cafe and Bakery fiasco the other day.  His other idea was to have sushi.  When we arrived at the restaurant, he was surprised to find that Nakamoto was right next door, a sushi joint he had considered going to earlier today.  I did not care which one we ate at tonight, so we left it up to Mina, who decided that she wanted to eat at Nakamoto Japanese Restaurant.

We walked in and were seated right away in a booth.  We decided to let Benji sit in the booth hoping he would behave.  He seemed to be a good mood tonight.  He wanted to open up his chopsticks right away, and I obliged and this kept him entertained while Ogre and I figured out what to order.  I went to the restroom and upon my return found the family eating some free appetizers (?amuse bouche) -chicken deep fried in some way.


Mina was busy asking us what sushi we wanted as she likes to mark it on the order form.  We had to get her to chill because she was basically reading the menu to us.  We ordered some appetizers, drinks and the kids food before finishing up our sushi and roll selections.

The shrimp tempura appetizer came out pretty quickly with our salads and soup.  Benji liked the green bean tempura, which was great.  Mina stuck to the shrimp appetizer, which was not a shocker.  Benji had the other shrimp tempura and enjoyed it very much.

Benji also enjoyed my soup.  He kept yelling, “MORE!” after every slurp!  Thankfully, Mina’s boat of food arrived to distract him so I could actually eat some of my salad and soup.


Mina thought her Chicken Kare Age was like “Japanese Chik-Fil-A!!”  Ogre tried them and agreed.  She loved her meal.  The kids shared the oranges, which be foreworned have seeds as Benji almost choked on one.


Our sushi came out pretty soon after and Benji immediately wanted “some tuna!”  We cut some up for him and he kept asking for more of that, also.  Man, our kids are expensive!  This one is going to want Tuna Sashimi for dinner also!


Ogre was duly impressed with the sushi here and kept mentioning it.  At some point during dinner, Mina decided she needed to use the restroom, which was the turning point for Benji’s behavior because he wanted to go “wash hands.”  When they got back, I talked Ogre into taking Benji to wash his hands just to see if it would help (Ogre thought it was just an excuse).  In the meantime, I requested a high chair, just in case he deteriorated into escaping from the table.

Ogre kept the kids entertained by letting them touch the cold ice bucket that his sake came in.  Over and over.


Initially, after they got back, he did okay, but as dinner ended and we were waiting on dessert, he escaped, which landed him in the dreaded high chair.  Thankfully, the ice cream came out relatively quickly, so he was happy.  Mina intially said that she did not like Green Tea ice cream, but after seeing Benji like it so much, she snuck a try and then announced that she wanted more!

Then she mixed her vanilla and green tea ice cream and proclaimed that it tasted like chocolate!  I wrote it off, but Ogre decided to try and then told me he could see her point.  Now I had to try it, too, and you know, she was right! The mixture somehow made it taste like tootsie roll ice cream!  Which is great because normally she has a tootsie roll after her sushi meals at Awaji and here she got “tootsie roll ice cream!”


In addition to Mina’s super cool Tootsie Roll Ice Cream, she also made some “sushi” with an orange slice:


I looked at my watch and found it to be getting late and we still had to drop off Mother’s Day gifts for my mom so we headed out (but not before Ogre showed me the kid-inappropriate trinkets in the case…read below).


The food

Japanese entrees and sushi.

We both ordered the house salad and I order miso soup.  We liked the salad dressing that came on the salad -it’s the typical ginger-miso dressing and was very good here.  The miso soup was also very good having a nice, hearty miso flavor. 


We ordered the shrimp tempura appetizer.  It must have been pretty good since there was nothing left.  I did not try it, but Ogre said it was quite good.


We ordered tuna, yellowtail, and halibut sushi and these were all very fresh.  Ogre was particularly impressed.  He was even more impressed with his 9-1-1 roll, which had spicy tuna and was topped with avocado and a jalapeno.  It was very spicy!!  He thought it was one of the better rolls he’s ever had.  I ordered the shrimp tempura roll and did not care much for it.  Not very flavorful and the roll slices were about two inches wide! Ogre thought the seaweed/contents ratio was a little off and thought that might by why I didn’t like it.


The kids ordered the Chicken Kare Age (like chicken nuggets) and Grilled Chicken Terriyaki combo.  Ogre and Mina both thought that the Kare Age tasted like Japanese Chik-Fil-A.  Except, way better than Chik-Fil-A.  I can’t imagine.  The kids did gobble it up!


They had ice cream for dessert that was apparently also very good.  Green Tea ice cream and Vanilla ice cream.


The service

Overall, very good.  Very attentive and helpful, checked on us frequently, nice to the kids!  Food came out at a good tempo.  Sushi obviously took a little longer, but that’s to be expected.


The kids

It’s kid friendly.  They do not have any kids activities, but they do have a couple of kids menu items and it comes out in a cute little boat.  They are laid back and the kids felt welcome here.

I think it’s a great choice for sushi in East Plano.  The fish was very fresh, which is probably the most important aspect of it all!  Just don’t let your kids spend too much time by the class cases with figurines…they have some very…phallic items in there.  I think it was a salt and pepper shaker that I told Ogre might have just been mushrooms.  He rolled his eyes at me and ushered me out of the restaurant.

The total: $103.61 (2 bottles of sake)

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