The experience

 Ogre and one of my best friend’s husbands have been working together and although we’d hope it would mean that my friend and I would also get to spend more time together, it hasn’t really worked out that way.  While chatting on the phone with her (while my husband was at their house and I was on my way home from work), we decided we should change that.  Dinner tonight!  I assumed that Ogre would stay over there and I’d drive myself and the kids out to their neck of the woods.  I emailed my friend, Wincy, a dinner suggestion in Irving and she called me to tell me that we should meet somewhere closer to the middle.  When I said that was silly, I’d just meet the three of them over there, she informed me that Ogre had already left the building.  Ahh, details.  She suggested a restaurant closer to me and when I brought that back up to Ogre, he thought that was too far for them, and we went back to finding something in the middle.  FINALLY, we decided on Goodfella’s in Carrollton.


Of course, Benji fell asleep on the way there and woke up when I walked into the restaurant CRYING…and CRYING.  And wouldn’t stop CRYING.  Our friends were already seated and waiting with their perfect little 3 month old being very cute and very quiet.  Mina took her seat right by Wincy and the sweet baby.  I stood up trying to rock Benji to sleep.  Nope.  Then I sat down to try to calm him.  No such luck.  I showed him his reflection in the mirrored windows.  Nada.  In fact, I think that made him more mad.  I stood up again.  I gave up.  I handed him to Papa and he settled down.  Ahhhhhh.  (I think I heard the restaurant sigh a “thank goodness” as well). 



We put in an order of calamari and cheese bread for appetizers.  We wouldn’t see our waiter again until those were ready and out.  At that point, we put in our dinner orders and I requested a second tub of marinara sauce.  No way that would be enough for Team Phipps!  Wincy and Mina headed to the restroom where Wincy informed me that they had no diaper changing station, but they were able to improvise.


While they were gone, I caught Benji getting started on the calamari.  I thought this was good until I saw that in his hand were not calamark, it was lemons!   Then, in a surprising move, he looked at David, held his hand out and gave David his first lemon.  Then he looked at me, put his hand out and handed me the other lemon. 



Benji perked up with the food and happily sat in his chair to eat his bread.  And calamari.  Mina ate and played her DS.  She and Papa bought a Kung Fu Panda game last night that she has been excited to play all day!  This allowed me to catch up with friends.  This entire time, sweet baby girl sat in Wincy’s lap without a cry or a whimper.  Sheesh.  I never had one of those!!

Wincy’s salad came out and he recalled that he had not brought out the extra marinara sauce. We told him he should probably just bring two more.

Soon after came the food.  He looked at mine as he set it down and noted there were peas (I requested no peas, please).  He whisked it away even though I told him I’d eat it anyway.  Nope, he was replacing it.  I had to wait a bit for the replacement dish and told everyone to please dig in.  Benji must have been full from the bread, calamari and pre-dinner feasting at Lala’s house and handed his plate over to Ogre, who tried to just set it aside, which angered Benji.  He picked it up again; luckily, Wincy took the plate and put it out of sight and out of Benji’s mind. 

Benji remained in good spirits, though, and didn’t fuss much during dinner.  He decided that David would be his new best friend and engaged him in Benjaminese.  David and Wincy also have a 2 year old (she was at Grandma’s) so he knew how to converse with Benji. They were quite cute, really.  Wincy says it’s because he could sense the same geekiness from David that his father exudes. 

We discussed earlier in dinner how reckless Benji can be, not presumably since he is a boy as Wincy’s 2 year old is quite the little monkey and on cue, Benji found  a knife to weild and smile his mischevious smile while saying, “Danger!”  Cute, but not really.  And with that, dinner came to an end and we settled our tab before going on our separate ways.



The food

More narrow than an “Italian restaurant,” I’d call this a Pasta and Pizza joint. 

DSC00679We ordered the Garlic Cheese Bread with Mozarella and it was pretty good.  I’ve never seen cheese so perfectly white!  The cheese was not too stringy or hard and it went well with their marinara sauce.  We had to order 3 extra cups of sauce it went so well.

DSC00688I ordered the Rigatoni ala Vodka Sauce (no peas!).  I thought the dish was average to above average.  It’s no Momo’s, but it was decent.  It has proscuitto in the sauce also giving it a nice almost smoky flavor and the sauce was nice and creamy.  There was no spiciness to this dish at all.

DSC00686Ogre ordered the Chicken and Peppers over Rigatoni.  It was quite good.  Decent amount of spice and also with a sweet pepper touch.  It was loaded with a ton of tender chicken.  Very good even if it turned out to be more unhealthy than planned based on the menu description.  Eating all of it didn’t help either.

DSC00684DSC00687David ordered the Baked Ziti and I didn’t get much commentary from him.  He didn’t finish it, but he may not be a finish-upper kind of guy.  I’ll just shrug my shoulders. Wincy ordered a Calzone with Sun Dried Tomatoes, Proscuitto and mushrooms.  Sounds like something I’d order!  She said hers was pretty good and did not complain about anything.

Mina ordered Penne Pasta with Marinara sauce.  I think they have a good marinara sauce, it is a good thickness and has a subtly sweet flavor.

The service

I was neither impressed or appalled by the service today.  A few hiccups and forgotten items, a lukewarm personality, a little bit of a  slow service (on tempo food arrival and refills) makes for a not so perfect service.


The kids

This is average kid friendliness.  No kids activities or crayons, but they have a kids menu.  This is definitely a casual spot and while I did get some awkward stares while Benji was screaming, I didn’t really care too much. 

We enjoyed this little restaurant for Italian.  We won’t be making special trips out here for Italian food, but it is a nice choice for casual Italian dining with the family.

The total: $52.98

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