The experience

Yesterday, we asked Mina where she wanted to eat before her Kindergarten graduation.  This is where I made a parenting error.  I did not give her choices, I left it open-ended.  Her reply?  “Silver Fox Steakhouse.”  Wha??  Ogre and I tried to redirect to cheaper other restaurants.  No go.  Silver Fox Steakhouse.  Well, you only graduate from Kindergarten once, so we called up the grandparents to celebrate.  We made reservations for 5 o’clock and I met Ogre and his parents, albeit a little late with the kids and my parents.

We started to look over our menus, but Mina had other ideas.  First things first.  Opening presents.




Second things second, Ogre impressed the table with our new lens for our camera. 


Our server brought me the Child’s Menu, which I passed over to Mina to read.  She decided on her dinner and was ready when the server came to take our order.  We let her order first.  I think our server was impressed with her, particularly when she told him she wanted her steak medium rare.

After we ordered, we gave a toast to our celebrant.


Benji was doing pretty well in his chair initially, but then decided he wanted to sit with Lolo.  Of course, Lolo let him.  It made eating his salad a little difficult, so he switched over to sit with Lala and promptly knocked over his water.  We decided to change from a stemmed glass to  a highball with a straw.

During the clean up of the spill, Benji escaped to the other side of the table and showed off some of his dance moves.  Grandpoo remarked that the didn’t know the Pecsons had such rhythm.  Lolo replied, “Well, that’s all we have.”

I decided to put Benji in a high chair as he was not going to stay seated.  I think that he actually likes being in the high chair as he never really fusses about it.

Dinner came and the kids immediately noted that something was missing.  Benji wanted “catch up” (ketchup) and Mina wanted sauce.  Our waiter was quick to bring that over.  Benji did not like my tuna and Mina did not like her A-1 sauce so we were able to give Mina Benji’s ketchup and she happily ate her dinner after that.  Benji did not eat anything.  Neither of the kids liked the Macaroni and Cheese.

Unfortunately, I noticed that it was getting close to the time Mina needed to be at the school, so Ogre and she headed out while the rest of us finished dinner.  Ogre and I were sad that we did not get to try the Bananas Foster.  Next time…hopefully not when Benji graduates Kindergarten!


The food

Steak and Seafood (and Lamb).  No fowl.

DSC_0043We ordered the III Forks Salad, which was greens, pecans, green apples with a maple syrup/apple cider vinaigrette.  It had a nice balance and good texture.  Lolo and Grandpoo ordered the Silver Fox Salad, which was Bibb Lettuce tossDSC_0042ed with a creamy ranch dressing, eggs and bacon.  They thought it was an excellent salad.



DSC_0045Lala ordered the Seafood Medley as her dinner.  It comes with one large scallop, a small crabcake and 2 jumbo shrimp.  She thought it was good and the perfect sized meal for her.


All of the entrees are served with creamed corn, a small baked potato, tomatoes and a green onion garnish.  We all agreed that creamed corn was excellent. 


DSC_0047I ordered the Ahi Tuna, which was not awesome.  It was edible, but I would not recommend ordering this.  Benji did not like it either.  My dad also ordered seafood, he ordered the Chilean Sea Bass and thought it was really good.


DSC_0048Ogre and Grandpoo ordered the filet and thought it was very good.  They thought it was prepared just to their liking and had great flavor.  Oma had the tenderloin medallions, Oscar style and she remarked it was excellent.DSC_0051



DSC_0046Mina ordered the “Young Adult Filet” medium rare, which she enjoyed…with ketchup.


The service

Excellent.  Attentive, informative, gracious.  Very kind to the kids.  Food comes out as I would anticipate at any good steakhouse, which is a little slower than normal, but perfect for this setting.


The kids

The presence of a kids menu at any nice steakhouse is always a bonus!  No kids activities (but wouldn’t expect it).  So definitely kid accommodating and pretty kid friendly!

I think it’s a great place to celebrate with the family when you’re in the mood for steak.  I’m still a bigger fan of Rick’s Chop House in McKinney and the Keg for the kid friendlier nice steakhouse, but I’m not going to say no if someone suggests this place!

The total: $414 (6 adults, 1 bottle of wine, 18% included gratuity)

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