The experience

DSC_0269Ogre joked that I’d been preparing for this meal all day.  We ate breakfast at Magnolia Cafe and then met some friend for lunch (we only had ceviche since it was so close to when we ate breakfast) so by the time dinner rolled around I was STARVING.  I planned to eat here before we even drove down as I have not had good luck with Korean food recently in the DFW area and I know where the good stuff is…Korea House!  We were also going to meet one of Ogre’s friends for dinner at 7pm, but we were late because Benji was still napping at 6:45!  We got there about 20 minutes late and with a cranky Benji.

We were seated right away and got started looking at our menus while Mina played her DS and Benji complained that he wanted to “go go yeah.”  No, Benji, we have to eat.  Then he started to complain that he wanted to “ee, ee” (eat!).  I made sure to order some tofu for the kids and then Benji whined about “toe food” until she came back with some tofu to munch on.  We also ordered some Yaki Mandoo and Tempura Appetizer to start hoping that Benji would like it.




The Yakki Mandoo came out pretty quickly and received the nod of approval from Benji.  Mina seemed to think it was just okay, but she ate all of it.  Pretty soon there after the rest of the entrees came out.  The kids loved the Shrimp Tempura even without ketchup (they didn’t have any) dipping it in the sauce that came with it.

Benji was now very content as he actually liked all the tempura including the vegetable tempura.  Mina liked the Bul go gi and Bul gal bi so she ate very well tonight. 

It was a pretty uneventful evening.  Ogre spent the entire evening discussing politics with his friend while I kept the kids fed and entertained.  Benji indicated that he needed a diaper change and, unfortunately, we left the diaper bag in the car so I hauled him back out to the truck to change his diaper (and he handn’t even pooped!).  Just as an FYI, there is a counter in the ladies’ restroom that could be used as a changing table.

When Benji and I returned, everyone was winding down on dinner so I took the kids to play out by the waterscape until it was time to go home.


The food

You guessed it.  Korean food.

DSC_0274We ordered Yakki Mandoo as an appetizer and to get something for the kids straight away.  These are very similar to pan fried dumplings (in fact that’s what I told Ogre they were when he asked) except these are more flat and less thick texture-wise.  The filling has more shredded veggies in it than I would anticipate from pork pan fried dumplings.  I thought these were pretty good.  They were slightly overdone, but I like the filling.

DSC_0276Ogre and I ordered Bul go gi and Bul gal bi as our entrees and shared them.  I’ll just give it to you straight.  This place has hands down the best Bul go gi and Bul gal bi anywhere!  DSC_0278The sauces here is not watery, but not sticky sickly sweet. The sauce coats very nicely on the meat for both dishes. The meat is not too grizzly, either.  You cannot go wrong with either dish.  I’d say the worst part about  a meal here is if you had to decide which to order.  And Mina loved the entrees also!

The banchan is also excellent.  They have all of my favorites, but sometimes not at the same time.  I truly lucked out today as they had ALL of my faves!!



The service

Overall, pretty good.  We had several servers tending to us and only Ogre had to request refills from time to time (he’s hard to keep up with sometimes).  They kept the banchan refilled on request and quickly, too, which was a bonus.  The food comes out at a good tempo.


The kids

What I would anticipate.  It’s not kid friendly in the traditional sense of kids menu items and kids activities, but it is a pretty laid back restaurant, so if your kid will eat Korean food, this is a great place to bring the family; otherwise, you might want to think about bringing in something for the kids or eating without them.  Either way, it’s worth it to eat here if you like Korean food!!

The total: 50 something bucks

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