The experience

photoThis afternoon and evening were busy (as usual).  My car needed new tires, so we dropped off my car in the afternnon, then I had to take Mina to hula class, which is all the way across town while Benji napped.  Our original plan was to meet somewhere like we usually do, but when I called Ogre he said Benji was still napping.  I told him I would just head home and he could call me when Benji woke up and we’d play it by ear.  Well, I drove all the home and no word from Ogre.  I walked in and Benji was still asleep -this is like 3 hours later.  So, I decided to wake up Benji since we still needed to pick up my car and eat dinner!  Benji was in a super good mood when I woke him up…all smiles and ready to go eat.  So we packed up, picked up MY car and then Ogre drove my car to “test” the new tires.  We decided to stay near the tire place so we ended up at Red Lobster.

We had to wait about 5-10 minutes even though we were there later than average for dinner.  While we waited, the kids checked out the lobsters and played.  Then we sat down at our table and Mina started in on the kids activities while Benji colored.

Ogre and I miscommunicated about appetizer ordering, I told him I didn’t care and he thought that I didn’t want anything so we ended up not ordering an appetizer (probably a good thing!)  We ordered dinner and then Ogre and Mina played the make a box game while we waited.  Mina won 8 squares to 7.

Benji was in a loud, bouncy mood and the benches in the booths are perfect for jumping up and down.  We tried to get him to stop, but I did not have the energy to be the consistent, persistent Mommy I should have been.  At least we didn’t have any meltdowns.  He noticed the fish tanks off in the distance and I made a mental note that it would be funner to sit over on that side near the fishies.



Our dinner arrived, and the kids dug in.  Mina had to eat broccoli tonight and was not happy about it.  She even requested subbing corn for her broccoli, but after a bite of corn, she changed her mind and decided on the broccoli.  Then she told us she had to throw up, which we decided was all in her head and told her not to think so much about it and just finish up her dinner.

She really wanted to use those little shell cracker thingies and we used the opportunity to get her to try crab.  She begrudgingly did and then ended up eating over half of Ogre’s snow crab legs!  We tried the same trick with Benji but he wouldn’t try them!


Mina finished up without any further issues.  Benji also finished up dinner without complaints.  Ogre and I only complained about stuffing our faces too full.  We decided that we better not get dessert and headed home. 

Ogre still need to “test the new tires” except the kids wanted to ride with Papa so I’m sure he did not get to test them out as fast as he wanted.  They did beat me home and I found Ogre taking Mina’s car seat out and he had to clean out my car.  She puked on the way home.  As Benji told me, “Ate Nina trow up hisself.”


The food

Seafood (fried, grilled, “scampi”).

I ordered the Ultimate Feast.  Yeah, if I weren’t pregnant, I don’t think I could finish this meal.  It comes with Walt’s Shrimp (breaded shrimp), shrimp scampi, snow crab legs, and lobster tail.  I subbed my side to get corn on the cob.  It also comes with a salad, but the salad was very generic and their balsamic vinaigrette was not very good, so I did not eat but a few bites.  The seafood was average, nothing spectacular.  I am always disappointed to see the size of the shrimp, they’re never verty plump and are always overcooked and dry.  The snow crab was not very meaty either.  The lobster was prepared well, but again, small (as to be expected on a platter) and was probably the best thing on the plate.  Corn on the cob was good, too.

photoOgre ordered another combo platter -I can’t remember the clever name it’s under, but it’s basically lobster, snow crab legs, scallops, shrimp scampi, broccoli and corn.  He enjoyed his meal and thought it verged on too much food for one person!  He did mention that the scallops were way overdone, but that doesn’t surprise me.

photoThe kids shared a macaroni and cheese and popcorn shrimp with fries and broccoli.  Obviously, our kids did not like the broccoli, but it doused in butter, so I don’t know how that can taste that bad!





The service

Pretty good.  Nothing to complain about.  Food comes out at a good tempo. 


The kids

Yes, it’s kid friendly: kids activities, kids menu items, laid back, it’s Red Lobster


We don’t frequent Red Lobster very often, but when we do, it’s always a decent meal.

The total: ~70 bucks (Ogre says we could’ve gotten sushi for this price!)

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