The experience

Well, Mina was accepted to the private school we applied for so we thought we’d reward her endurance of the testing and interviewing (sheesh!) with a special day.  We’d be going to a movie and then eating at the restaurant of her choice.  Of course she’s not going to choose a restaurant we haven’t eaten at!  We woke up early enough to eat breakfast and Benji loves Waffle House (“want wappel”) so we headed out. Of course, as we were driving, we realized that we’d need to eat lunch somewhere new since we had dinner plans set in stone.  Of course, when we got to the restaurant,we realized the logistic of trying to fit in lunch with the movie and Benji napping and then dinner would be too much.  So, you get the Waffle HouseSorry, folks.

We arrived and were greeted with their usual warm welcome, “Hello!”  they all yelled.  We would have to wait about 5 minutes and then were seated at a booth.  Ogre let them know that their complimentary coffee for those waiting was out. We ordered our drinks while we figured out what to get the kids.  Ogre and I knew what we’d want.

Benji made sure to yell “Chock-it milk!” to the waitress as she left.  She came back with two ridiculously tall to go cups with their chocolate milk.  Benji was excited to see it. The picture below was taken after he’d been gulping his milk for a good minute or so.


Benji did get in trouble for taking his straw out of his cup, which led him to a quick little tantrum.  The way he covered his eyes reminded me of how Rachel used to cry on Friends!


Luckily his big sister cheered him turning his crying into a game of Peek a Boo.  He started laughing and his mood improved.


Then the kids made “hats” with their napkins.  Benji must have thought this was pretty cool as that napkin stayed on his head for most of breakfast!



Then they played with the mustard and ketchup pretending they were having a conversation. 


Unfortunately for Benji, he started playing with his straw again, so it was taken away again, and he threw a tantrum again.  This time with his napkin hat.  Bad for him, funny for us.



Our food came out and that always cheers up every one on Team Phipps.

Ogre asked me if I took a picture of his waffle.  I replied yes since I took a picture of mine and his at the same time.  He told me he asked so we could ensure that our readers were seeing what a “real” waffle looks like and not some “charcoal” waffle.  I could only shake my head.

You see, I always order my waffles “dark” so that it comes out nice and brown.  Ogre likes his barely cooked.  Those days when they leave ours on the same amount of time and his is dark, I get some SERIOUS stinkeye!!  Hee hee.

We all ate our breakfast.  Benji was making a huge mess with his syrup and ketchup (and dipping is eggs into BOTH at times) .  Gross, I know.

I told Ogre that I could not eat any more because I was starting to feel like I ate too much, but that at least I didn’t order a sugary coffee this morning  and had milk instead(it’s my new thing, trying to cut out soda and coffee to decrease my caloric intake.  Hey!  Every little bit helps!!).  His reply, “Yeah, fatty milk.”  He got immediate chiding for his comment.  His response, “Well it is, and you want me to say ‘hey, good job!” for saying that you ate too much??”  Men.  They just don’t get it. He should feel very lucky that I have a good self esteem and that I let things roll off!!

My sweet boy stepped in to ask for hugs.  He really is the sweetest thing since Waffle House syrup.  He asked each of us for hugs 3 times around.  When he could reach Mina or me, he’d just open his arms nice and wide!



And with that, I took the kids to wash their sticky hands and headed home to get ready for our movie!


The food

They are known for their breakfast, but also have other grill items.

Ogre and I always order the All Star Special.  It comes with a waffle, eggs, hash brown or grits, bacon or sausage and toast.  I always order a regular waffle “dark” and Ogre varies between the pecan waffle and the blueberry pecan waffle.  The kids order a strawberry waffle to share.


First off, the waffles are distinct.  I won’t say that they are the best waffles ever, but they are consistent and definitely tasty!!

I don’t think that their hash browns and eggs can be beat.  I order my eggs over medium and have never ever had a bad batch.  I say that because I think that “over medium” is hard to get right (from my experience of getting them either over or under done MANY times.



The service

Today it was really good.  Sometimes we get one of the…?crankier ones.  It’s fun to watch and listen to the waitstaff call out orders to the line cook.  “Waffles on 2,make one dark!”  Overall, they have very friendly, quick service.  Food comes out as it’s ready and they keep a good eye on the coffee.

The kids

Yes, I think it’s kid friendly.  There’s kid pricing for the food (strange though because the waffle is the same size as an “adult’s” waffle, but only a buck.  No kids activities, but definitely laid back.  Sometimes I look around and there are adults being more messy than my kids!

If you haven’t already tried this place, I’m surprised.  I’m sure the quality varies from location to location.  We frequent the one in Plano off Jupiter at 14th and it’s a pretty good one.  The grill guy rocks!!  Try it and see.

The total: ?

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