The experience

DSC_0140Today is Lala and Lolo’s anniversary and I managed to invite myself to their going out to dinner plans.  Mom kept saying we were eating at Best Buy.  They could not remember the name of the restaurant, but I was able to figure out what they were talking about and able to relay it to Ogre without knowing the name of the restaurant and he figured it out as well.  This afternoon, I hung out at their house and thought I would just drive with the kids and have Ogre meet us.

I’ve never been here and was impressed with the spread they had. 


The kids loved the fountain in the foyer area.


My parents got up to get their food first while I waited for Ogre.  My mom brought Benji some rice and noodles and he was quite pleased and ate very well.   When my dad returned, he brought some oranges and Benji enjoyed those as well.



When Ogre arrived, he brought Mina up to the buffet and they picked out some food for her and then I joined them.  As soon as she sat down, she stuck a noodle across her nose and told us she was Master Shi Fu from Kung Fu Panda.


Then she requested some chopsticks and I picked up some for her and Benji and they expertly used them during dinner.  Well, Benji tried, anyway!



We were equally impressed with the amount of shellfish groups at other tables were eating, which Ogre said was totally normal.  I was unbelieving!  I wish I would have taken a picture of some of these piles, but that probably would have been quite rude!

My dad was impressed that despite being the last person to sit down to eat, Ogre was the first to get seconds.  I told him that Ogre was a “good eater.”   Mina said it’s because he stuffs his face and proceeded to demonstrate:


Everyone had their fill and then filled up even more with desserts.  Mina picked jello and once Benji saw that he wanted to try some, so Mina fed him some.  And then he wanted more.  Luckily, my Mina is a sweet girl and shared with Benji without protest.


My heartburn was killing me again today so I decided to get some soft serve ice cream.  The minute I came back, Benji could not take his eyes off my ice cream.  Ogre gave me stinkeye and got up to get his kids some ice cream.  They were quite happy about that!




The food

It’s a Chinese food buffet with a lot of shellfish and fish choices, sushi, and some other more exotic choices also.



We tried quite a few different items on the menu.  My parents stuck mainly to the shellfish/seafood choices and commented that they really liked the clams and the fried fish. There is also shell-on crawfish and shrimp, fried half blue shell crabs (but theses were not very meaty and as Ogre said, “not worth the trouble”).  If you’re VERY adventurous, they also have snails, frog legs, and sea cucumbers!  None of us were that adventuresome!  Overall, it’s a decent buffet with a lot of seafood choices and on Friday, it’s all you can eat lobster!


The service

Pretty good.  Kept drinks refilled and plates clear. 


The kids

It’s kid friendly.  No kids activities, but there are plenty of choices for kids to enjoy.

This was a very big Chinese buffet with some traditional Americanized Chinese selections and some more “interesting” choices also.  We’d come back when we’re in the mood for a buffet!

The total: $49

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