The experience

Thai Iced Tea

Thai Iced Tea

We planned to have lunch with a few of our friends who we haven’t seen in quite awhile. I had to round at the hospital this morning and was on my way to my car when I received a call from a friend who needed some help. Seemed I’d be making a detour before lunch. No problem though, I like to help my friends out when they ask. Ogre called and told me they were all headed to Noodle Wave. I told him I’d meet them there.

When I arrive, there was Ogre holding a water cup in one hand in a strange way and Benjamin started screaming “Mahh-Muh! Mahh-Muh!” I miss you, too Benji! There were already appetizers strewn about and everyone was having a good time.

Benji Eating Crab Rangoon

Perfect because I was starving! I had only had coffee since I left the house five hours prior! I headed to the restroom to wash my hands before lunch where I found a nicely decorated but changing station-less restroom. When I got back I asked Ogre, who was still holding the cup, what was the deal?? Apparently, Mina stuck her fork in the styrofoam cup and it would leak unless Ogre was covering up the hole. I told him to just give that one to the waitress for a new one.

After she took our order, Ogre told her about the cup. She took it but did not seem very happy about it. She came back with a new cup and we told Mina not to repeat the incident. We were chatting about our friends’ upcoming move to India and their inability to quit their jobs because their boss was in complete denial when lunch arrived.

Chicken Pad Kee Mow

Pad Kee Maw

Chicken Pad Thai

Chicken Pad Thai

I cut up some chicken for each of the kids and gave them each a pile of noodles from my Pad Thai. There were no children’s menu items. Benjamin tried very hard to use his chopsticks and even got some food into his mouth!

Benji Using Chopsticks

Mina quickly ate up her noodles, but then stated to me that she was done. She hardly touched her chicken. I threatened carrots if she didn’t finish her chicken and the chicken was gone within 5 minutes!

Meanwhile, our friend Dipesh is breaking out into a sweat. I already heard him ask his girlfriend if she had gotten the “3″ spice level. She had nonchalantly answered yes and continued to eat on. He was panting and sniffing away and now asking his sister if she got the “3″ also. She also just kind of shrugged and said “Yeah.” Hmmmm, no one else seems to be bothered by the spice level, I guess Dipesh is just a spice wuss (I can say that because I am a real spice wuss, like, I don’t think I could handle a “1″)!

We reminisce a bit about the other Thai spot we like up in West Plano called Noodles Avenue. Unfortunately it has had some management changes and we all agree that the food seems to have gone downhill, not that it’s awful, it just didn’t have the draw for us that it used to. Our friend, Sapna, and I think that maybe we just wore it out a little. Anjali says that she likes this place better and I have to agree.

Benjamin continues to munch on lunch and play with is water right up until he completely knocks over the water and he makes a big huge mess. Ogre and Anjali try to mop it up with the napkins. I apologize to the waiter when he comes to collect our plates. He says that it’s okay. Now that the food is gone, the kids get antsy. Mina is hiding our purses and Benjamin is crying and wants out of his seat. We are still wanting to hear more about Dipesh’s 10 day meditation getaway so we let him down and he runs around our table and plays in the sand nearby. I don’t think he’s actually supposed to be playing in the sand from one of their displays, but he’s not making a big mess and he’s happy, so I let him. Mina is now playing with Sapna and we are able to hear about how Dipesh spent 10 days not talking, just eating, sleeping, and meditating (with Rivers Cuomo of Weezer nonetheless).

When it’s finally time to leave, Benjamin does not want to leave his “sandbox.” Ogre has to scoop him up and hang him upside down to improve his moods. He laughs and forgets about the sandbox.

The food

This is great Thai food! I highly recommend coming here for Thai. They have Shrimp Summer Rolls that are served with the most AMAZING peanut sauce you have ever tasted.

Summer Rolls

Shrimp Summer Rolls

I can’t tell you exactly what it is that makes it so damned good! On to the entrees, I always get the Pad Thai and it is as if the noodles are caramelized. Their sauce is not to sweet and it certainly isn’t flavorless. Ogre likes his Pad Kee Maw to have nice fat noodles that are also caramelized with sauce. Our friends tell us all of their dishes are “really good.” I have also had some of their rice dishes in the past and have never been disappointed with those either.

The service

This place has consistently good service. The waitress today was not overly friendly, but she got the job done and there didn’t seem to be a time when we missed her. At the end of lunch, our friends asked for to go boxes and she took the entrees away to package them for us. That’s always nice.

The kids

Mina and AnjaliWell, it’s not really all that kid friendly. Again, no child’s menu, but your kids should be able to share an entree with an adult or each other. I think they’d be able to find something edible and it would probably be more healthy than most other restaurants with kids menus. They did have some special plastic plates for the kids to eat off of. They don’t hand out crayons here, so either bring something to entertain the kids or be prepared for the alternative, which unfortunately can be bad behavior. We were okay with Benjamin wandering a little, and the wait staff did not seem to mind, but we were in the front corner. This could be a disastrous option if your kid is a wanderer that likes to run off!

The food here is so good, though, that I would risk the children’s behavior to eat here!

Total price: $35. We just split the bill among the 3 “couples” (Sapna and Anjali are sisters so they are not a romantic couple).

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