The experience

So today was Thanksgiving, and I did a bit of research yesterday and only found some high end non-chain restaurants open.  I did see Humperdink’s was open but didn’t settle on anything.  We thought we might be able to pull of breakfast, but Dr. Mom was working and the kids woke up late so that idea was out.  Dinner it would be.  We figured if we started stuffing our faces with our Thanksgiving sauerbraten at 2 PM, we would be good to go for at least a light snack for the blog to meet the rules.  Thanksgiving dinner spilled over into 6 PM!  Oops.  Luckily, Benji was napping.  Gave Papa time for a bit of food coma.  Benji woke up around 7:30 and we decided on Humperdink’s after verifying turkey wasn’t the only choice available tonight. No way we could do turkey.  We weren’t sure what we could eat.

Humperdink's Plano

We packed in the car to head to our food doom.  Mina commented, “I don’t want to eat.  Why are we going to Subway?  Who wants to eat anyway.?”  No one.  I had put the camera in the back seat and we stopped for Mina to take some pictures of the Christmas lights.

Mina taking pictures

She was on a roll from there taking all sorts of pictures.  One of her favorite shots to take with a camera in the car is of her feet.  She needed two takes to get the perfect shot.

Mina's shoes take 1

Mina's shoes take 2

She was even gracious enough to take a picture of the sign that we so often forget.  We unloaded the team and headed inside.  Benji wanted down and started wandering around towards the kitchen.  I finally caught up to Grace and Mina after leading him in the right direction.  I put him in his seat but he really didn’t want to be there.  Our chair 2.0 has a belt that is no longer functional due to apparent dog chewing.  Benji took advantage of this fact to break free.  I had to fight him to get him back into his seat.

Fighting with Benji

Meanwhile, Mommy and Mina were trying to solve the kids seek and find activity sheet they gave Mina.  She was commenting on how difficult it was.  Whatever.  So I grabbed Benji’s copy and spent the next 15 minutes trying to find the boat!  It was ridiculous.  Grace claimed it was Mina’s coloring that preventer her from successfully locating the items.  Whatever.

Crazy hard seek and find

We ordered our drinks and food during this brain exercise and I told Mina she could just get dessert.  I saw they had Strawberry Smoothies which she loves so she decided she wanted that.  Grace and I decided on getting a Sampler Platter with Hot Wings, Lettuce Cups, and Fried Cheese.  Hopefully Benji would eat the cheese; hopefully we could eat the others.

Benji got antsy and I had to entertain him with my unshaven face while we waited.  The kids love my tickle face, Mommy not so much.  She calls it scratchy.

fuzzy face

The food finally arrived.  Benji was happy to be eating.  We weren’t.  I cooled off a fried cheese for him and he immediately started to chow down on it.  It was very stringy.  Mommy was concerned he was going to choke but he was highly successful eating the cheese.  He eat nearly a whole piece and all the marinara sauce in what seemed like one minute.

Benji loving the cheese

Grace and I tried our best to take a few bites.  It was all we could do.  We each ate most of a lettuce wrap and one hot wing.  I got a break to go get Mina her jacket.  She was freezing.

Mina was cold

Grace got “lucky” with some phone calls from work.  More business for her and a excuse to leave the food behind.  She was definitely not pleased with having to eat.  She’s not one for eating beyond full.  She had a look on her face the whole time she was eating.

Look of disgust

We were finished eating, or so we thought, when they brought Benji some free ice cream.  I declined the one for Mina since she just drank basically a milkshake.  She was upset at first but I reminded her that she got a stomachache at breakfast from eating too many donuts and she agreed she didn’t want the ice cream. Benji, on the other hand, was making up for lost time.  He hadn’t been eating well the last couple days and was chowing down on fried cheese and ice cream tonight.  He quickly made a mess of himself.  He ate through about half the ice cream and then gave up.  We paid up and headed home.

Messy Benji

The food

Sampler Platter: hot wings, lettuce cups, and fried cheeseOK, so we can’t really rate Humperdink’s food.  We had to follow the rules to actually go out but there was no way we could stuff our faces.  Nothing would have been appetizing to us at this moment so our judgement of the Sampler Platter with hot wings, fried cheese, and lettuce cups just wouldn’t be objective. Benji did enjoy it and Mina liked the Strawberry Smoothie though she said Hoot’s (Hooters) version is better.  I highly enjoyed their Kobe beef burger on one previous visit.

The service

Our waitress was very nice today.  She was attentive and prompt with the drink refills and food.  We did have to wave her down once, but that was just because Benji ate all the marinara sauce in about 2 seconds. Above average.

The kids

This place is definitely above average kid friendliness.  The restaurant does pack them in for happy hour in the bar but it is separated from the other half of the restaurant which is family friendly.  They had activities, kid friendly american food, and a lively, relaxed atmosphere.  Mina definitely had fun and Benji definitely enjoyed the fried cheese.  Also, kids eat free Saturday AND Sunday!

Stringy cheese

Total Cost: $20.81 (cheapest meal yet)

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